Coming Together for Jen

Benefit for injured rockera spurs two fundraiser shows

By Camilo Arenivar
Published on LatinoLA: January 24, 2006

Coming Together for Jen

In a tight-knit yet diverse community such as Los Angeles? Spanish Rock scene, the near tragedy of one fan has been met with compassion and unity. Unity is a rarity in the highly competitive scene, but for a good cause, sometimes it happens.

In the wee hours of the morning on December 17, 2005, Jeniffer Jaraguei (pictured with ex-Viva Malpache's Gio) was driving home from a night out with friends. She lost control of her vehicle and plunged off an embankment, landing in a ditch where she would lie for 14 hours! A man at an adjacent car dealership lot spotted the car when he reported to work to move cars around. He called paramedics and when they arrived they needed to use the Jaws of Life to extract Jeniffer from the car. Once she was out, the battle to save her life began.

Jen was a frequent attendee of Spanish Rock shows in the local L.A. area and a big fan of Viva Malpache. As word made its way through the local Rock en Espa?ol scene, people were saddened to hear of Jen?s accident and prayed for her safety. Quick thinking friends created a site, http://www.jenweloveyou.bravehost.com to rally people in prayer. One friend went a step further. Local independent promoter Teresa Wyatt and mutual friend Violeta Preciado decided they wanted to do more. Painfully aware of the high cost of the medical care Jen was receiving, they decided to have a benefit show featuring at least one of Jen?s favorite bands in an effort to raise money to help pay for medical bills and physical therapy.

Having a benefit show for Jeniffer would not be an easy thing. Bands would need to be contacted and convinced to participate; a venue would have to be selected. Always up for a challenge, Teresa took the bull by the horns and was pleasantly surprised to find that most bands she contacted were interested in doing the show. Al Hernandez offered use of his famous local Spanish rock establishment, the Westchester Sports Grill and Bar. The Westchester has been a stepping stone in almost every local bands path, and many come back to play the hotspot for the underground scene even after having played bigger stages like The Key Club and House of Blues. The Westchester was a perfect spot for the show.

Now, Jennifer?s condition has improved but the need for a fundraiser has not gone away. No longer in a coma, she is now facing the daunting task of physical therapy and the enormous financial burden left as a result of the accident. There will be not one benefit show, but two. One is more focused on ska/reggae/Latin/rock whereas the other will be almost entirely straight up rock. Both will be at the Westchester.

On February 4, 2006, La Banda Skalavera, Upground, Latin Flavors, Horny Toad, and Kemo the Blaxican will be the musical guests. Special Guests will include Noel G. (Training Day, Malibu?s Most Wanted), El Pecador (Sinful of the Mexikans) and several other artists interested in the success of the show. On February 11, 2006, Tommy Mora joins 747, Siete Gatos Negros, Fatima, El Guapo (form Chicago), and Las 15 Letras for a night of Spanish rock hosted by Carlos and Gio (ex-Viva Malpache vocalist) of LATV! Both shows are 18 and over and $8 at the door. For more information, go to: http://www.jenweloveyou.bravehost.com/, email soulcentro@hotmail, or call (310)670-2366.

About Camilo Arenivar:
Camilo Arenivar is a freelance journalist who has covered Spanish Rock scene for several years. He also maintains his own movie review site, www.Currentlyplaying.com as well as keeping a blog of his articles at http://camiloj.blogspot.com/

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