Some People

Leaving a lasting impression on memory

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: February 1, 2006

Some People

We meet so many people in our life time....There are some people that I can remember details...like my elementary Art teacher...my first grade teacher....my friend Liz... the man with no legs.

Some people just leave a lasting impression on your memory....and others a blur.
Isn't that amazing.

Leaving an ever lasting imprints in our memory....something about them stands out....a light....an energy...something.

They are neither rich...or famous...just everyday ...common...everyday people that touch our lives....that evoked a feeling...an emotion..or provoked a thought...that made us think or see life different...or for the first time.

It can be anybody...a child...a homeless person...a teacher...a stranger...someone with a familiar face...a street vendor....anyone can touch or leave a lasting impression.
Some people enrage us..and bring out different sides of ourselves ...but to feel is to know that you are alive.

Like I've said before I was kind of a weird child: always had a very good imagination, was able to entertain myself for hours.

I use to get in trouble in elementary school for drawing on my school work. I can tell you in detail what my first grade art teacher looked like. She had long, brown hair and wore it in a loose bun, tanned skin, she was tall, had strong legs, not thin but shapely, she wore flowing skirts made of cotton and shirts that matched-usually wore natural colors: brown, beige, rust. She wore leather sandals. She was an Earthy looking woman. Her medium of choice was clay. She was into ceramics.

Somehow I lost touch of that side myself for a long time, the artistic, creative, imaginative child inside. Life took over and for those years I was very sad, depressed.
Then one day I met one of those people that makes a difference in one's life!
Out of all the people in my life this one person saw something in me that at the time I could not even see.

Her name was Mary Tuck, a Voc Rehab teacher at Harbor Occupation Center.

She looked at me and told me "Maria you are an Artist, that is why you see the way you see, that is why you feel the way you feel, that is why you are the way you are."

And everything made sense to me. This beautiful, precious woman gave me an identity.
I always had it in me, just nobody noticed. I had to find it and when I did a whole new world opened up to me.

I took my first black and white photography class at age thirty, I have no formal training in painting. I am a painter/Photographer, Poet/Storyteller.

We as Artists are blessed to have these talents and to be able to tap far deep within ourselves and reach deep inside places that we have never been to, where we can escape for a while and no one can touch or take that away from us.

I know that when I go there...I transform..I am at my best...happiest...complete...whole...connected in mind spirit and soul...pure energy.

I wish I could stay there FOREVER...it is the closest to heaven that I can imagine....I love that place...I love that person...I love being.

About Maria Reyna:
Maria Reyna:Varied Artist/Painter,Storyteller
One person can make a difference!

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