CALL 4 ARTISTS -2.4.06

Snap 2 It - Photographers / Digital Artists on theHot List

By RuthAnne Tarletz de Molina
Published on LatinoLA: February 4, 2006

CALL 4 ARTISTS -2.4.06


---The Durfee Foundation, ARC: Artists' Resource for Completion Grant: First Quarter Postmark Deadline is Tuesday, February 7, 2006: ARC grants provide rapid, short-term assistance of up to $3,500 to individual artists who live in LA County. Funds must be used to enhance work that is near completion & scheduled for presentation within six months of the grant application deadline. Artists in any discipline may apply. Applicants must have a secure invitation from an established organization to present their work. There are four grant cycles per year. Please note that the materials have been changed from previous cycles. The maximum grant award has increased to $3,500. There are also slight modifications to the guidelines. For more information, application, or guidelines visit www.durfee.org/programs/arc/overview.html

---Ongoing Open Call to Artists Proposals for Art in Windows Installations in Greater LA: We are a new arts organization called Phantom Galleries LA www.PhantomGalleriesLA.com that places art installations temporarily in vacant storefront windows throughout LA County. We're putting out an open-ended call for proposals. There is no entry fee. To allow for various types of work, we have engaged various curators, both independent ones & those from established galleries, arts organizations, & educational institutions. Dangerous Curve is currently the main curator. You can submit whatever you can think up that would be appropriate for public windows: installation art, sculpture, video or new media, 2D visual art, & even live art.

The temporary locations range from indoor malls to locations viewable 24/7. Some get lots of foot traffic while others are more remotely located. Some are in developed areas while others are in developing ones. Some are under construction, some are not. New properties are being added (& subtracted, when they rent) all the time. Currently, we are working primarily in Downtown LA & Pasadena, but will soon be announcing additional cities.

Here's how it works: If your proposal is selected by a curator, we place it on a waiting list for a space compatible with your requirements (determined via questionnaire).

Here are some considerations: You supply all the materials. We can supply some tools, such as hammers & some consumables, such as nails, wire, tape, etc. You will want to be prepared to remove your piece within a reasonable amount of time should your space rent. You must leave each location in the same or in better condition than you found it.

Application procedures:

For all artists: please include contact information, a resume/bio & a one-paragraph description of your proposed work, including whether or not it will be site-specific.

For installations: please include diagrams & sufficient additional description.

For video work: please include the title, credits, length, date & format. For curatorial previewing, we want QuickTime data files on either CD or DVD (nonencoded).

For 2D visual work: please include printed pictures or URLs where they can be found.

For live art: please include the same as 2D visual work & video work (documentation of previous, not necessarily proposed, work) & a description, indicating length.

Send your applications to: Phantom Galleries LA, 900 E First St #105, LA, CA 90012

For questions & entries, contact Liza Simone at LizaSimone@aol.com

The IMCE (Instituto Mexicano de Cultura y Educacion) is doing a call out for all Latin American artists.

All artists must send a portfolio package containing the following:
ONLY Digital images on a CD will be accepted (max.15 images)
-title, size, medium, date must be included with the images
-resume (exhibition history...etc.)
-artist statement

All submissions will be reviewed! If there are any questions please contact Carla Herrero at kunstcarla@gmx.de There is no deadline, but the IMCE is hoping to put up a show in February 2006. Package should be addressed to Instituto Mexicano de Cultura y Educacion de Chicago, attn: Carla Herrero, 702 North Wells, Chicago, Il 60610. Portfolios cannot be returned due to a large amount of submissions.

---Call for Entries: Art of Photography Show: Deadline February 10: The Art of Photography Show 2006 is an international exhibition of photographic art which will take place April 20 - June 4, 2006 at the elegant two-floor gallery within the Lyceum Theatre, located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego. This venue is perfect for exhibiting a large showcase of world-class photographic art. The opening reception gala for the Art of Photography Show will occur on Saturday April 22, 2006. http://www.artofphotographyshow.com

The Prospectus & entry details are available here: http://www.artofphotographyshow.com/all_about.html. The online entry process is very easy, simply filling out a short registration form http://www.artofphotographyshow.com/register.htm & then uploading one's digital files.

$3,000 in Cash Awards will be given out. Images created via any form of photography will be accepted for consideration (i.e. shot on film, shot digital, unaltered shots, alternative process, mixed media, digital manipulations, montages, etc.), so long as part of the image is photographically created. A four minute QuickTime clip of the 2004 exhibit can be viewed here: http://www.artofphotographyshow.com/pages/trailer.htm. The intensive marketing & publicity strategy for the Show can be viewed here: http://www.artofphotographyshow.com/marketing.html

The entry deadline: February 10.

$25 for the first entry, $10 for each additional entry. There is no limit to the number of entries an artist may enter. The entire registration, upload & payment process can be done securely right on the website.

$1,000 1st Place Award
$ 750 2nd Place Award
$ 500 3rd Place Award
$ 250 4th Place Award
$ 100 (5) Honorable Mention Awards
Additional awards will be announced soon!

Arthur Ollman, the Director of the Museum Of Photographic Arts http://www.mopa.org, will be the Judge for the Art of Photography Show 2006. Mr. Ollman has served as the Director of the Museum Of Photographic Arts for 23 years, & he has curated over 150 exhibitions & written all or parts of 20 books on various aspects of photography. His own photographic work has been in many one-man & group exhibitions all over the world & is in the collections of more than 30 museums worldwide. Mr. Ollman is very respected in the global photographic community, so his participation will result in the highest caliber photographers from around the world submitting their work for the Show.

Mr. Ollman will view all of the images in mid-February, being projected with an ultra high-resolution digital projector in a very well organized manner. Once he has made his selections for the Show, the artists will all be notified on March 3 & then framed prints of their selected work must be delivered to San Diego by April 7th. We expect to hang about 100 pieces in the gallery space at the Lyceum Theatre. The gala reception for the artists will be on Saturday April 22 & will be world-class event!

For more information please contact the Curator, Steven Churchill: 858.793.0900 steven@artofphotographyshow.com

---One Leaf Fine Arts is seeking artwork that examines gay, lesbian, transgender & bi-sexual issues related to the coming out process: Work should create a dialogue relating directly to the concept & be visually progressive, contemporary &/or experimental in style.

Hide & Speak: Coming out of the Closet: Sexuality is complicated. Desire dominates our society; it links us & allows us to connect as well as identify ourselves within the whole. Desire is innate. It is who we are. It motivates many of our choices & often guides our decisions & destinies. Themes linked to the gay world are endless as more & more people discover that it is their preference & are willing to come out of the closet. We spend our lives resolving & coming out about our issues, facing our personal history & childhood environments in order to move beyond limited thinking & avoid repeating past mistakes. At present, humanity is in the closet on so many issues - as we hide - waiting to awaken from that which is unknown & therefore feared. Much like we once did concerning the Civil Rights movement a few short decades ago. Being homosexual is found in all races, religions, & cultures. As long as we have been part of the human experiment, being gay has been part of the equation. Yet, people who are gay often find it impossible to tell those around them the truth. They are persecuted, discriminated against & sadly harmed or killed for a natural & automatic sexual preference towards the same sex.

Conditions Of Entry

Submit according to the following formats:
Up to 4 slides with standard markings of title, date, medium, size. (No glass mounts accepted).
VHS video with title, date & running time clearly marked.
DVD with title, date & running time clearly marked.
Photographs up to 3 8 x 10 inches

Submission must include: artist resume, artist statement & checklist of materials submitted. SASE required for return of materials.

Entries must be received by: February 11.

If your work is selected: Delivery on Saturday April 4, 11a - 5p or earlier by prior arrangement.
Exhibition dates: Saturday, April 8 - March 4
Artists? Reception: Saturday April 8, 6 ? 10p during the downtown Pomona Second Saturday Art Walk.

All work excepted must be ready for display, dry & all frames must be in stable condition. All work must have proper support for hanging or installation. Please note that any work that requires pedestal or technological equipment (TV, DVD, projector) is the sole responsibility of the artist. The artwork must be in good exhibition condition & not be damaged. Artwork cannot be removed until the end of the exhibition. The artist is responsible for timely delivery & removal of the artwork.

NOTE: Artwork that does not match the slide (or reproduction) in content or quality or does not adhere to the conditions of entry may be declined when received. The curator retains the right of final determination.

Disclaimer: There is NO submission fee nor does the gallery take any percentage of sales. However, accepted artists will be required to contribute $40 for installation, publicity & reception costs & be responsible & eager to work in a non-commercial forum with emerging & established artists. One Leaf Fine Arts is non-commercial & privately funded by director/curator. At this time, we do not carry or offer insurance to our participants.

Please submit artwork to: 153 West Second Street, Pomona, CA. 91766

*For early consideration, e-mail submissions are also accepted in addition to slide or photograph.

Fair Trade Call-For-Proposals/Extended Deadline: Calling All North American Artists: Outpost for Contemporary Art is pleased to invite artist proposals for a group series called "Fair Trade" that will take place in LA in Fall 2006 at sites appropriate to each accepted proposal.

The deadline for proposals has been extended to February 13.

The goals for "Fair Trade" are:
1. To activate untraditional &/or underutilized space in LA to promote artistic experimentation to a broader public
2. To develop positive & productive collaborations with artists to produce projects that are speculative, intellectually challenging, & risk-taking
3. To consider how the three nations of the North American continent assert strong identities while simultaneously engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships

As with Outpost's past collaborations with individual artists & artist groups, appropriate sites will be found for each accepted proposal we facilitate. Projects that are event-oriented & either participatory in nature or geared toward activating public space will be favored. All projects will be coordinated to occur over a set period of time in Fall 2006 & to take place in untraditional spaces &/or in collaboration with other organizations throughout LAs.

Download guidelines at www.outpost-art.org/calendar.php

Established in 2004 as a non-profit organization, Outpost for Contemporary Art does not have a fixed location but instead develops & facilitates artists' proposals in a variety of locations throughout LA. Outpost for Contemporary Art, POB 50780, LA, CA 90050; 323 899 3533; info@outpost-art.org

---Bus Shelters Seeking Artists: The City of Brea is seeking artists to create original paintings for the City?s unique Art Shelters. The Art Shelters are actually bus stop shelters, specially designed to display two-dimensional art pieces throughout the City. Each Art Shelter holds two 3? x 5? acrylic paintings on panels, totaling in size to 3? x 10?. Artists will paint both 3? x 5? panels for a commission of $700. The Art Shelters are just another aspect of Brea?s notable public arts program. For more information 714.990.7177 or diannam@cityofbrea.net http://www.ci.brea.ca.us/article.cfm?id=1181

All entries must be submitted by February 16.

Artists residing in Southern California are eligible. All entries must be original work.

Art Commission
A $700 art commission will be awarded to the selected artists when they complete & deliver the two 3? x 5? panels. The number of artists selected will be based on the availability of Art Shelters. The City of Brea will provide the art panels & the artist provides the supplies. All artwork becomes the property of the City of Brea when the artwork & the commission is completed & delivered.

Photo Information
Submit photos of paintings, in JPEG format on CDs, which best represent your style of work. Applicants will be judged on conceptual sketches in addition to past work. Please limit your submittal to six photos/images. Please mark each CD with the artist?s name, title, medium, image size & year completed. CDs will be returned.

Sketch Criteria
Entries will be judged on the colored conceptual sketch & the photos of paintings that represent the artist?s style of work. The jurors are looking for artists whose work could be described as powerful, strong & graphic in their approach to color & character. The themes or content should be easily viewed & engaging to people in automobile driving by the shelters. Artists must select the theme they find most appropriate for this audience.

A colored conceptual sketch no larger than 11? x 14? is required for each entry. Please note the 3? x 5? horizontal art panels will be displayed side by side, separated in the middle. These panels provide a large 3? x 10? area which should depict one central theme or two complementary images.

Jury Process
The City of Brea?s Art in Public Places Advisory Committee will jury all applications. The committee will select artists based on quality & originality as demonstrated by conceptual sketches & photos submitted. Entries missing the application form, photos, &/or colored conceptual sketch may be disqualified. Results of the jury process are scheduled to be mailed towards the end of February.

Entry Procedure
All entries must include:
A completed application
A CD with JPEG images representing the artists? work (6 images maximum)
One colored conceptual sketch on paper no larger than 11? x 14?
Resume (optional)

Please submit entries to: Art Shelter Program, City of Brea, Community Services, 1 Civic Center Circle, Brea, CA 92821

Call for Entries: UNIONartspace announces: enigma?healing?revelation: An exhibition exploring where we are at & where we are going.

Deadline: Entries must be received by February 18.
Exhibition Dates: April 1 - May 6

Eligibility: This exhibition is open to all artists working in all media

This exhibition is curated by Co-Owner & Co-Director of UNIONartspace Andrew Lo Russo.

Exhibition Statement: The world is in need, it has a great wound that our apathy keeps from healing. It is this enigmatic schism that every human being embodies & that many artists seek to heal through their work. This exhibition reveals the candid, naked & often vulnerable dialogue artists enter into with their work as they transform revelation into form.

Submission Guidelines

All entries must be received by February 18.
CD-ROM, DVD, or e-mail submissions only. No slides accepted. Installation & performance artists may submit proposals in addition to documentation of previous work.
Please indicate date, title, media, & dimensions for each work submitted
All submissions must include resume, artist statement & S.A.S.E.
Maximum of 5 entries
E-mail no larger than 4mb
E-mail work to unionartspace@gmail.com
Artists will be notified of acceptance by February 25, 2006
All Artwork must be delivered by March 18, 2006

Mailing Address: UNIONartspace, c/o Andrew Lo Russo, 212 E 3rd St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Call for submissions: Mujeres de Maiz Zine is back! We will be publishing a yearly Mujeres de Maiz Maga-ZINE in honor of Women's International Month of March, 2006. Let us publish your expressions in the form of art & poetry once again...

Deadline for submissions: February 20
Zine will go to final print March.

General Guidelines for submissions: Each artist may submit one poem & a visual art piece to complement.

In your email? Please include:
1.Your name
2.Title of submission, (visual art: year, media, dimensions)
3. Two sentence autobiography- (no-run on sentences!?haha!)

Guidelines for poetry & visual art submissions (attachments):

A. Poetry (500 words max) Please save as a Microsoft word document: Save as Type: Rich Text Format

B. Original artwork, photos, drawings, etc (color or black & white)must be scanned/ digitized: For best quality, files must be saved as: EPS or jpeg File format: RGB, 8 bit, 300dpi, resolution:1688 x 2588

The Zine will be sold through http://www.tolteca4love.com/mujeresdemaiz.htm
or you can pick up a copy at Antigua Cultural Coffee House in El Sereno in March 2006. All profits will go toward publishing. questions & submissions: Margaret Alarcon quica@prodigy.net 323.221.5394

RFQ R-006026: LA Unified School District announces an RFQ for artists for the Central LA Area New Learning Center at the Ambassador Hotel site: The LAUSD invites professional artists or artist teams from So Cal (LA, Orange, Ventura, Imperial County, SB, SD, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo or Kern Counties) to submit their qualifications for several art opportunities at the Central LA Area New Learning Center #1 being constructed at the site of the historic Ambassador Hotel. This innovative project will create a K-12 learning center on the 24-acre property currently occupied by the Ambassador Hotel, providing continuous educational experience for students from kindergarten through elementary, middle & high school.

LAUSD is looking for artists who have had experience working in the public sector to create site-specific artworks that commemorate the social, political & general history of the Ambassador hotel within the broader context of LA from 1921 to 1968.

The deadline for submission is February 22, 3p

VIP: View & download RFQ. Registration to LAUSD?s Facility Contracts Services website (http://laschools.org/employee/fcs/rfqs-rfps ) is required. Further it insures that you receive all postings & any update materials related to this request. Please direct questions about accessing this RFQ to Corinne Weitzman corinneweitzman@aol.com or 310.788.3884.

Call for Entries for its Confessions exhibition at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA). The exhibition is open to all artists in all media. The OCCCA is located in the heart of the Artists Village, 117 N. Sycamore (at Second Street), Santa Ana, CA 92701, 714.667.1517 occca@sbcglobal.net www.occca.org

Jurors' Statement: Confession is often a reference to wrongdoing or the concept of "sin," but in the broader context, confessions can be any revelation. We are looking for work that discloses or reveals something about the creator, or perhaps about the process of confessing. The "act" of confession allows one to examine something that has been hidden. We hide things because we feel ashamed or inadequate & this causes psychic blockage. By re-introducing them later in our lives we can re-examine experiences with maturity - hopefully to release them & the stress they cause.

Jurors Nancy Harlan & Pamela Grau Twena invite artists to submit work that might not be able to be shown anywhere else. The jurors are hoping to see work that speaks to the personal, to the artist & the act of creating & revealing. OCCCA is devoted to the development & exploration of ideas in contemporary art in an atmosphere that promotes experimentation & risk-taking, without censorship.

Download prospectus at http://www.occca.org or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to OCCCA.

Slide/Fee/Entry Deadline: February 22
Artwork Delivery: Shipped work must arrive by March 24
Hand Delivered: March 24 to 26 12 - 3p
Exhibition: April 1 through 30
Reception: April 1, 7 - 10p

Open Call for Digital Art & Photography: LA Center For Digital Art Top 40 Juried Show: Enter our Top 40 juried competition for digital art & photography.

Entrants submit three JPEG files of original work. All styles of 2D artwork & photography where digital processes of any kind were integral to the creation of the images are acceptable. Open to all geographical locations. Forty (!) selected winners receive one print up to 24x36 on museum quality paper to be shown in an international group exhibition in our gallery from March 9 - April 1. The show will be widely promoted & will include a reception for the artists.

Entry fee is $30.

Direct link for registration: http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=103863

Complete information & prospectus: http://lacda.com/juried/juriedshow.html

LA Center For Digital Art, 107 W Fifth St, LA, CA 90013 http://www.lacda.com

Deadline for entries: February 26.
Winners: Winners will be announced February 28.
All entrants will be notified by email. No phone calls, please.
Show Dates for winners: March 9 ? April 1.

Winners will be asked to FTP, overnight or express post high resolution files to the gallery for printing.
Rex Bruce: Director & curator, LA Center For Digital Art.

Submission Rules:
Registration & submission are done through our web site only. File uploads are the only accepted submissions maximum of 2MB each. Please do not send materials to LACDA. All materials sent to LACDA will not be viewed & cannot be returned. Images must be under two megabites in size. Winners will be asked to provide high resolution images for final output. Entrants may be asked to provide more examples of their work & more detailed descriptions for consideration.

Sales of Artwork:
All artwork will be offered for sale. Gallery retains 50% of all sales. Winners retain ownership of all unsold works. All artwork remains the intellectual property of the winner. Winner agrees to allow use of their images for promotional purposes only.

Applications are now available for the Palos Verdes Art Center's 2006 Beverly G Alpay Memorial Awards in the Visual Arts: 5504 W Crestridge Rd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-4998 Kathy Shinkle, Public Relations Director, 310.541.2479 FAX 310.54.9520 info@pvartcenter.org www.pvartcenter.org

Completed applications are due February 28.

For both visual arts students & professional visual artists, the grants reward artistic merit & excellence. Alpay Awards are made in five categories ranging from children through undergraduate & graduate visual arts students to professional artists. Maximum grants in the various categories range from $500 for youth to $3,000 for MFA candidates. The awards focus on traditional visual art media, such as painting, sculpture & printmaking. Not included are film, video or performance art, photography, art history or art education. Applicants must live, or have once lived, within 25 miles of the Palos Verdes Art Center.

The Arts in Downtown LA Grant Information & Application: Hollywood Media ONE & Downtown LA Life Magazine Grants: Please find the link to the Information & Application here: http://downtownlalife.com "$5,000 in Grants"

In support of the development of the Arts & Non-Profits in Downtown LA we are offering two grants as follows:

Grant 1. The Arts in Downtown LA. Grant amount: $2,500.00
Grant 2. Community Non-Profit in Downtown LA. Not arts related.
Grant amount: $2,500.00

Due by: March 1, Midnight.

Distribution Dates: Grant #1 April 2006; Grant #2 July 2006

The dates for the issuance of the grants are approximate & may be changed without any prior warning or notice. Grant designation will be based on the judgment of the selection panel & the panel's decisions will be final. If the panel is not able to select grant designates/winners a new notice & dates for the grants will be sent to interested parties & published at Downtown LA Life Magazine.

1. All application information must be sent electronically. No hard copy will be accepted.
2. We confirm applications by telephone only.
3. Applications must be completed in full & sent by due date for grant consideration.
4. Application responses must be in MSWord format only.
5. Those who do not have their main office in Downtown LA or do not serve the Downtown community directly will not be considered for grants.

Please send in MSWord format ONLY. Name (Business/organization) & number your pages, & send to: Grants@downtownlalife.com

Seeking Artists: Participate in a Traveling Exhibition on the Housing Crisis in L.A.! The Southern California Library (www.socallib.org) is seeking artists including: performers, musicians, spoken word & multimedia artists to participate in a traveling exhibition. If you have work or if you are interested in creating work related to the ?housing crisis? in LA, we are looking for you!

We are reviewing submissions with content related to these issues:

Housing: history, memory, oral history, mapping, activism
Land: space/public space, (re) development, urban planning
LA stories
Concepts of sustainability
Environmental & social justice, past/present local political movements
Zapatista/Indigenous movements: Global comparisons of land, space, housing, urban planning
Work that will inspire dialogue & activism on the current housing crisis

We are currently accepting proposals for review. Artists who have an interest in creative political education, whose work deals with social/political issues of land/space & urban planning, graffiti & conceptual artists that will help tell the story of the ?housing crisis? in L.A. are encouraged to apply. For more info & application please contact:
Joy at (323) 687-6743 or lunakul@yahoo.com

Deadline for submissions is March 1.

Southern California Library Traveling Exhibit on Housing in LA

The housing crisis in LA has reached major proportions. The topic is high on the new mayor?s agenda & is emerging as part of public discussion. It is especially critical for poor & immigrant communities of color because they are the ones most affected.

The Library?s traveling housing exhibit will focus on the historical roots of this current crisis by examining the shifting racial, political & economic ideologies that brought about the housing & welfare policies which are largely responsible for today?s circumstances. The exhibit will focus specifically on the diminishing role of the federal government in the administration & provision of housing & social services.

The exhibit will also explore how important community organizing efforts have mitigated the harsh impacts of such government policies. The end to racially restrictive covenants, the Fair Housing Act, Community Reinvestment Act, Rent Stabilization Ordinance, the Living Wage, Housing Trust Fund, & Community Benefits Agreements are some of the major victories that have been won by the people of LA. This exhibit will not only convey the power of public policies in constructing the urban landscape, but it will also show that with effective organizing strategies communities have the capacity to shape an alternate reality.

The exhibit will explore history, policies & activism in each of five themed sections:

Early 1900s: Racially restrictive covenants
History of public housing/Chavez Ravine
Rise of homelessness
Snapshots of LA Neighborhoods
Activism/ Resistance: From Local to Global

Call for Artists: City of Beverly Hills Affaire In the Gardens Art Show: The City of Beverly Hills, 501 Doheny Road, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, 310.550.4796 kmclean@beverlyhills.org http://www.beverlyhills.org is seeking artists to exhibit & sell art. The show is more than 30 years old & expected to attract approximately 40,000 patrons.

The deadline to submit an application is March 1.
Affaire in the Gardens Art Show: Saturday, May 20 & Sunday, May 21, Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills.

P.S. The ?breakdown policy? has been relaxed! Artists may now set up their art & their equipment on Friday & leave it up until Sunday evening.

Artists? work must be in one of the categories: Painting, Sculpture, Drawings &/or Traditional Printmaking, Ceramics, Glass, Jewelry, Mixed Media (hard & soft), New Media (digital or partly digital art), Photography

To receive an application, call us or log on to our website at http://www.beverlyhills.org. In the shortcuts box, click on ?Affaire In The Gardens Art Show.?

Applications for 2006 Cornerstone Institute: Artists! Activists! Educators! Grads! Undergrads! Professionals! Are you interested in the intersection of theater & community? Cornerstone Theater Company?s Institute Summer Residency is now accepting applications for 2006. For detailed info go to www.CornerstoneTheater.org/institute

It's a unique hands-on collaborative experience creating theater & exploring strategies for community engagement, while living, studying & working with Cornerstone artists & staff for four weeks. In a departure from the previous two rural Institute Summer Residencies, Cornerstone Institute will be an urban residency in 2006. In partnership with University of San Francisco's (USF) Performing Arts & Social Justice program, Cornerstone Institute is collaborating with Seniors & their Caregivers in San Francisco.

For four weeks: July 9 through August 6, Institute students, faculty & guest artists will live, work & study on the USF campus. The Institute offers hands-on participation, mentorship & classroom curriculum in Cornerstone Theater Company?s unique methodology working with experienced professionals to gain an understanding of the community collaboration process from beginning to end.

Institute students are individuals seeking to study & collaborate with professionals, well versed in ensemble, community-based theater. Theater experience is helpful but not required. Students must be 18 or older & can be at any stage of their education or career.

Applicants may include theater artists of any discipline (performers, writers, directors, designers, administrators, etc.) as well as educators, community organizers, activists, artists or anyone else interested in the intersection of theater & community.

Application deadline: March 15

Learn more about Cornerstone Institute & download an application at www.CornerstoneTheater.org/institute

Contact Paula Donnelly, Cornerstone Institute Director, with specific questions to learn if the Institute is right for you! pdonnelly@cornerstonetheater.org

Lee Lawlor, Communications Director, Cornerstone Theater Company, 20 years of telling our nation?s stories, 708 Traction Ave, LA, CA 90013, 213.613.1700 x15 llawlor@cornerstonetheater.org www.CornerstoneTheater.org

Call for Entries for Death Penalty Art Show: Texas Moratorium Network announces a call to artists for an international, juried all-media art competition & exhibition on the death penalty entitled: "Justice for All?: Artists Reflect on the Death Penalty". Please forward this message to artists, arts groups, non-profit organizations, schools, art students & your friends. We are organizing this art show to foster the creation of new artwork on the death penalty, to celebrate artwork that may already have been created & to encourage & enhance civic engagement & dialogue about the death penalty.

Democracy is animated when an informed public is engaged in the issues of the day. We hope this art show will reach new & diverse participants & audiences & will stimulate public dialogue about this contemporary social issue & inspire action to make change. Art is a wonderful medium for the
transformation & awareness of the world. We welcome submissions from artists who engage the issue from all sides.

"Justice for All?: Artists Reflect on the Death Penalty" will be held May 6-22, 2006 in Austin, Texas at Gallery Lombardi.

Eligibility: All artists, living anywhere. Artwork must address issue of death penalty. Original work - all media.

Deadline for submissions: March 20
Opening Night Reception: May 6
To submit visit: http://www.deathpenaltyartshow.org

Jurors: We are very pleased to have Annette Carlozzi, Malaquias Montoya & Lora Reynolds as jurors.

Annette Carlozzi is Curator of American & Contemporary Art at the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas at Austin.

Lora Reynolds is owner of Lora Reynolds Gallery in Austin, Texas.

Malaquias Montoya is an artist & professor of art at the University of California, Davis. In January 2005, he brought his own works of art dealing with the death penalty to Austin?s Julia C. Butridge Gallery at the Dougherty Arts Center, in a show entitled " Premeditated: Meditations on Capital Punishment, Recent Works by Malaquias Montoya".

Entry fee: $15 for up to three images.

Prospectus available online at: www.deathpenaltyartshow.org/prospectus.html

Awards: The jury will select works for the following cash awards totaling $1,300: Best of Show - $500; Second Place - $250; Third Place - $175; Youth Award - $175; (2) Merit Awards - $50 each. Viewers' Choice Award - $100 (Viewers' Choice Award will be chosen by people who attend opening night of
the exhibition at Gallery Lombardi on May 6). To be eligible for the Youth Award, artists must be 19 or younger.

Gallery Talk: Conducted by Annette Carlozzi, May 11, 2006 at 7 PM in Gallery Lombardi.
Death Penalty Issues Discussion Forum in the Gallery: Date & Time to be announced.

Questions? 512.302.6715 info@deathpenaltyartshow.org

Sponsors: This project is funded in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division & by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Other sponsoring organizations, businesses, & individual donors include: Texas Moratorium Network, Texas Death Penalty Education & Resource Center, Texas Students Against the Death Penalty, Alison Dieter, Delia Perez Meyer, Jeanette Popp, Marjorie Loehlin, Jeff Cockrell of Keith Warren Design, Paul
Whitener Jr. of Empowered Media LLC, Abe Bonowitz, Director of Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty & David Kaczynski, Executive Director of New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty.

Attention Southern California Art Quilters: The Folk Tree Collection, a retail gallery space in Pasadena, is accepting submissions for a quilt show. The focus of the show is contemporary art quilts. To be considered for inclusion, pieces must measure no more than 5 square feet total. Work can be any shape as long as it falls within this size parameter. The goal of the show is to present a varied selection of work reflecting current trends & highlighting unique styles & techniques. Thematic content is open.

In order to be considered for this show, submit images of up to 5 pieces indicating titles, materials & sizes, along with a bio/artist statement to The Folk Tree Collection, attention Gail Mishkin. Images can be e-mailed to: mishkinftc@aol.com or if you send regular photographs or slides, mail them to The Folk Tree Collection. Please make sure to include a SASE. Materials that are sent without a SASE cannot be returned.

Send by: Friday, April 14.
Quilts will be on view: Saturday, July 15 - Saturday, August 12, 2006
Opening Reception: July 15, 2 ? 6p

The Folk Tree Collection takes pieces on consignment (60% to the artist/40% to The Folk Tree Collection) for the duration of the exhibition. All work must be for sale. It is the responsibility of the artist to deliver or ship accepted work to The Folk Tree Collection.

Please direct your submissions & any inquiries to: Gail Mishkin, Gallery Coordinator, The Folk Tree Collection, 199 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105, 626.793.4828 FAX: 626.793.4841 mishkinftc@aol.com www.folktree.com

Artists & Vendors: 12th Annual De Colores Art Show & Festival! Santa Paula. The art show is scheduled to run at the California Oil Museum from April 2 through May 21. The festival is scheduled for Sunday, April 23. Xavier Montes & Carmen Guerrero, De Colores Arts Group, 590 West Main Street, #139, Santa Paula, CA 93060, 805.525.8961 Xavier, 805.890.0001 Carmen, cguerrero@DeColoresArtGroup.org www.DeColoresArtGroup.org www.XavierMontes.com

Deadline for inclusion in program: April 7.
Deadline for participation: April 14.

2007 Project Grant Applications (Neighborhood Project & Community Project Grants): Arts Council for Long Beach: Eligible disciplines include: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Traditional or Folk Arts, Multi-Disciplinary or Interdisciplinary Arts.

Application Deadline: May 17, 4p.

Applications (pdf only) available on the Arts Council for Long Beach website, www.artslb.org.

To receive an application in Microsoft Word format, send an email request to ed@artslb.org.

Note: All new applicants are required to attend the free spring Grants Workshop or an individual consultation with the Arts Council of Long Beach's director of grants.

The spring workshop will take place on April 19, 10 ? 11a, location TBD. Reservations are required & space is limited so you must RSVP by April 14. To make a reservation for the workshop or to make an appointment for an individual consultation, call 562.432.5100 x237.

Note: There are changes since the 2006 application. Please read the guidelines & application forms carefully & contact the Arts Council if you have any questions.

Calling all Vendors: Reserve your space now. Calling all Native Musicians, Visual Artists & Filmmakers: Join Us at the NA AU Native Music, Arts & Film Festival on May 12-13 at the Lake Perris Regional Indian Museum & the Lake Perris State Recreation Area. Two days of art, music, film, food, bird singing & dancing & more! The main event will be held at along the shoreline of Lake Perris. On Friday - A Members Only Artists Reception for the featured artists. On Saturday - We're hosting a native flute circle Saturday morning. A Native Flute Concert-Under-The Stars at dusk. For more information: naaufestival@thelivingmuseum.org www.thelivingmuseum.org

Call for Latino artists from the Inland Empire: The Millard Sheets Gallery is collaborating with the Riverside Art Museum to produce a joint exhibit this fall that will focus on Latino artists from the Inland Empire, so I?m looking for artists, curators, writers, scholars, etc. who might be interested in working with us, either directly participating or as advisors. Daniel C Danzig, Executive Director, Millard Sheets Gallery, 1101 W McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768; 909.865.4563 danzig@fairplex.com http://www.fairplex.org

About RuthAnne Tarletz de Molina:
RuthAnne Tarletz de Molina is an artist/jeweler who believes in giving a hand to help others artists up, instead of stepping on them. And, she hopes that others take the same attitude of lending a helping hand.

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