Valentine's Day Weekend in Aztlan 2006

Cory Silva & Co. rock the Montebello Inn

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: February 17, 2006

Valentine's Day Weekend in Aztlan 2006

Valentine's Day weekend...a time for love, smiles, and romance...a time to get right.

In the City of Angels, in the Land of 1000 Dances, Aztlan, we add music and dancing, and do it Chicano style...ever the Brown thing, baby!

Another hot weekend in Aztlan, Valentine's Day weekend, 2006. With SATISFACTION at the Norwalk Ramada Inn, CHICO playing in San Fernando, Art Laboe's "Love Jam" Oldies concert at The Greek Theater, BOB DeSENA kicking it up with Latin Jazz in Whittier, The TEMPTATIONS at the Ramada Inn, SANGRIA at the Santa Fe Springs swap meet, the BLUES STRAIGHT UP BAND at Steven's Bar-b-que Restaurant in Whittier, SOTO entertaining mi Gente at CAMACHO's, and talk that The Goddess of Ritmo will be waging WAR at the Quiet Cannon in Montebello in the near future, there was NO shortage of excitement in L.A. this weekend!

...and of course, the hot happenings in the heart of the Land of 1000 Dances, the renown MONTEBELLO INN , on the border of East L.A. and Montebello, on Whittier Blvd.

Having been honored to be asked to host & emcee Cory Silva's Valentine's Day Dinner-Dance-Concert to remember, I was joined by a host of good people and performers, and we partied down the way it's supposed to be done, when good people get together for a great time at the Montebello Inn. (also known as The Club Montebello)

So it was, on a mellow Southern Califas Saturday night, I was joined by the groups AFTER DARK, KAOS, DJ AL "In da house", and singer CORY SILVA for a dinner party that had the Gente dancing & smootching till closing time.

Opening up the action was DJ AL, one of L.A.'s most popular club DJ's, getting folks in the mood with his hip mixes of R & B, cumbias, Oldies, disco, and house music.

Next, I was privy to introduce another one of L.A.'s up & coming Chicano dance music groups, AFTER DARK, who kicked it up a notch with some hot opening Rock en Espanol and Latin Soul, easily filling the dance floor.

Then, one of the Stars of the evening, MR. CORY SILVA, came up on stage and joined AFTER DARK, and immediately got the romantic "slow dance and grind mood" started with some killer renditions of favorite Oldies, which has became his trademark in L.A., making him one of Aztlan's rising stars in this department.

Cory was showing his stuff with some popular THEE MIDNITER covers like "Sad girl", "The Town I live in", and "I need someone", that had my lady and I joining the crowded dance floor for some slow dancing snuggle time. I spotted THEE MIDNITER great and original drummer GEORGE SALAZAR with his Lady , dancing and smootching like teenagers while Cory was singing HIS tunes. Afterwards, George told me that Cory's rendition of "I need someone" sounded better than the original one, and I quote the brother, too! A better compliment CORY couldn't have receieved that night.(eat your heart out, Lil' Willie G !) Afterwards, Cory and the band kicked it up another notch and got down to the boogie tunes, changing K.C. and The Sunshine Band's "Shake your booty" to "Shake your nalgas", which had the crowd smiling, dancing, and of course, singing along.

In a suprise moment that caught me off guard, CORY and AFTER DARK suprised and complimented me by dedicating and performing "Please Mr. DJ" , a classic Chicano Oldie that brought sentimental "awwws" from the crowd as my Lady and I took the floor for this one, surrounded by a multitude of couples, all embraced and hypnotized by the moment. At this time, I bumped into music producer/promoter and record company executive Steven Chavez, out on the dance floor cuddling with his lovely wife Juanita. (I told you it was Valentine's Day weekend, que no?). Smiling, Steven told me "This guy Cory's good". I saw Steven out there all night long after that!

Always a showman with a trick up his sleeve, Cory then called Rock & Roll legend Mr. Jewel Aiken (who had just left another gig, and came by with members of the group REDBONE to check out the show) up on stage, and Jewel stepped up and performed a hot version of "Johnny B. Goode", with AFTER DARK getting a chance to show their stuff, and the Gente enjoying it all.

As if that wasn't enough, CORY noticed my friend and invited guest Mr. PEPE MARQUEZ , who made the trip down from Santa Barbara with his Lady Yolanda after he heard about the party. Ever the generous showman, CORY called PEPE up on stage, and PEPE gave a killer romantic performance of "That's all", that had George Salazar on the floor with his Lady once again. George later told me that he felt honored to have popular singers like CORY SILVA and PEPE MARQUEZ still keeping alive tunes that he recorded over 40 years ago.

Closing off his set with style, CORY performed his smash hit "My Lady" off his new CD, which left us at a loss when we ran out of the few that were for sale. CORY later told me with a smile "...gotta make some more, Frankie!". (I'll take 2 homie!)

After another hot set by DJ AL, the group KAOS stepped up on stage, featuring the beautiful and multi talented Mareva Allen, and wowed everybody with a sizzling performance of Oldies, Cumbias, R & B, Classic Disco, and Latin Soul, and announced the release of their new CD entitled "Respect". With their great performance, they earned MY respect that night!

I also ran into Christina Chavez of KUCR FM, and Ernie Pintor of the group LIL' BIT OF SOUL, out the dance floor and having a great time, along with some very nice Gente who listen to my show regularly...

...thanks for being there, Mi Gente! We had a great time, huh?

The following morning, my Lady and I woke up with sore feet and big smiles, knowing fully well we'll be doing THIS again in the Land of 1000 Dances...especially if CORY SILVA decides to throww another great party at The Montebello Inn !

...and so... who knows where Frankie Firme will show up next, or where the party will be?...check in with LatinoLA and find out!

note: for more info on Cory Silva, the group AFTER DARK, or happenings at The Montebello Inn, check out www.midnightproductions2.50megs.com

...and tell 'em you heard it from Frankie Firme and LatinoLA.com

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