A Positive Story

A short history of my life

By Cory Silva
Published on LatinoLA: February 23, 2006

A Positive Story

I am taking this time to write a short history of my life in hopes that it will, in a positive way, affect someone who is in need of some inspiration.

I was born and raised in Southern California. Yes, L.A. My father passed on when I was only 3 yrs old. My mother had the difficult job of raising 11 children. I give my mother all the credit in the world for keeping ALL her children in a straight line throughout their lives.

Well, there is one exception. That is where I come in.

Although my mother did everything possible to keep me in line, I somehow found myself following the gang scene. I would ditch school and party with the homies. (I stood away from the drugs, beer only). Just like any rebellious juvenile, I started to get into trouble and I was incarcerated for the first time in my life. I did not take being locked up too seriously and I found myself incarcerated over and over again. I reached the age seventeen before I started to realize that being locked up was not as fun as it used to be. I started to miss my family and friends more and more.

I finally decided that I wanted to be a better person. I promised myself that I was going to stop acting like a criminal and start acting like a responsible young man. I was released and it felt good to be out. I was out of school but I did find work. I did this until one day I was with my brother Martin (who was on leave from the Army) and visiting his recruiting office in Montebello. Well, before I knew it, I was enlisting in the United States Army.

I did not have a diploma so I had to get a GED.(which I did). Anyways, for the sake of getting to the positive side of this story, I will skip my military part of my life. And yes that was a positive part of my life, but here comes the good stuff.

Remember when I mentioned how I would party with the homies, well, we would listen to all these great (firme) oldies. You know, Tierra, Thee Midniters, El Chicano, Joe Bataan, Malo, Rosie and the Originals, Brenton Wood and many more. Well, when I was incarcerated, I used to like to sing. As luck would have it, my brother Keith came by one day and asked me if I wanted to go with him to Shakeys and sing Kareoke. I was like, what is that. This is where my life really changes.

I had a great time. My brother and I would go on a regular basis. As time went on, I was getting better and better at singing. I eventually was confident enough to audtion for a local band. I passed and I was now singing for a real group. I couldn't believe it.

As time went on, I was getting some nice compliments about my singing, especially the oldies. I decided one day to self-produce my own CD. My compadre Henry Saavedra wrote this beutiful song entitled "My Lady" I was fortunate enough where he let me record it on my CD. I got a lot of attention for that song and it was playing on many local radio stations. I was feeling like, WOW! that's me on the radio.

One day I was approached by a promoter who heard me sing and enjoyed the oldies. He was interested in me opening up for some major artist and groups. Now remember all those artist and groups I said that I used to listen to. Well, not only did I open up for them, They are now all my friends. I can't beleive that a homie like myself who was inches away from ruining his life, is now involved in my own production company (Midnight Productions) and I am working on my new CD. In ending, I just want to say to all you youngsters, dreams do come true. I hope this story will inspire you and anyone else you know. I could have chosen to remain a criminal, but I THANK GOD that I made the right decision. You can DO IT to.




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