That?s Rican

PuertoRoc's flagship artist Rican set to release first CD

By Isandra Gonzalez
Published on LatinoLA: February 25, 2006

That?s Rican

Someone who has been through struggles and hard times has emerged from out of a sea of hopeful young artist to make his mark on the rap game. He can?t be defined by titles such as English or Spanish; he simply is Rican.

As the flagship artist of PuertoRoc Records, Rican is set to release his first solo album in March of 2006. In it, Rican experiments with different styles of music ranging from Hip Hop to Latin. ?I would define my style of music being a mix of Reggae, Hip Hop, and Latin. It?s not really a style though, my music is my life. Depending on what is happening will change the tone, the vibe, and the intensity of my whole sound along with all of the different producers that are down with PuertoRoc,? Rican says.

With production by Snoop Dog?s producer, Battlecat, and Lil Rob?s producer Fingaz get ready for some bangin? west coast beats mixed with Hip Hop and Latin vibes for a sound that is sure to rock the clubs.

Born in Long Island, NY he lived there until the age of 14. During his freshman year of High School, Rican moved to California settling in Santa Ana. Part Puerto Rican, Black, and Cherokee Indian, he has been influenced by and experienced many different cultures. Growing up in New York he was down with B-boy break dancing groups. Coming to California got him more into rap than break dancing. His close friend, Jason Floyd, gave Rican one of his first opportunities to get into a studio and begin recording.

After honing his skills in the vocal booth for a couple of years, Rican was ready. He knew that rapping was his talent and entertaining people his passion. Rican?s work is hugely influenced by rapper Eazy-E, ?Eazy-E was hard and real and by himself, just like me. Growing up listening to him just pushed me because I wanted to be just like him. When I had the chance to meet him it really made it clear for me that I wanted my music and raps to be able to stand up there with the best of his works that he had ever put out.? Rican has used his unique flow to start building a personal career and open doors to the industry, a feat that has landed him on albums such as Viva Hip Hop V.2, produced by the legendary Art Laboe, and Low Rider Oldies compilations on Thump Records. To this date Rican has been spun on major radio stations all across the United States prior to his upcoming first solo album release. He has also had the pleasure of opening for hip hop moguls Run DMC, A Lighter Shade of Brown, and many others.

Living in Orange County Rican would rap in both English and Spanish. As people began to wonder who he was some of his friends and followers would simply say ?That?s Rican.?
Since Rican refuses to be type-casted, he has found a way through his music of merging all the races he represents into a lively blend of music that everyone, regardless of nationality, can enjoy.

So get ready to be rocked by the Rican and his hot new album Faded due out June 2006.

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