Living Large in the Land of 1000 Dances

Anther great weekend in the City of Angels, Aztlan

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: February 28, 2006

Living Large in the Land of 1000 Dances

Ahhh...another Monday, and it's back to the grind of making a living. But that "living" takes on a whole other meaning when you are fortunate enough to live in the Land of 1000 Dances...that is Los Angeles, Califas, Southside Kali.

So it was, another great weekend in one of the Brownest cities on Earth, and it was ALL good! The music was flowing, my people were glowing, and the action gave no hint of slowing, on my side of the planet.

The City of Angels...

SATISFACTION and TIERRA went head up in an old fashioned Eastside "Battle of the Bands", that had the Gente movin' and groovin' till closing time in Downtown L.A., with a suprise stage debut of Natalie Rene as lead singer of SATISFACTION, and Steve Salas coming back to join his brother Rudy and the homies of TIERRA for a sold out concert that has been talked about for months.

San Fernando Valley's THE COMPANY BAND invaded the Eastside and performed in uptown Whittier, and thought nobody noticed. Ha! Word was out!

The L.A. RHYTHM KINGS hit it hard at the Shiloh Inn in Diamond Bar, a new spot in the Eastside's San Gabriel Valley, where the Inland Empire starts at the edge...and where Frankie Firme and LatinoLA will soon venture...

The open arena of Chicano Music gladiators , The Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, hosted the IMPOSTERS on Saturday afternoon, and SUAVE packed 'em in on Sunday afternoon, as the Gente (yours truly and Lady in da mix) kicked out and enjoyed a nice spring afternoon of music & dancing before Monday's rainfall.(great bands, good food, ice cold beer, and great Gente just kickin' it on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and having a party all day long for just $1.50 admission...spread the word!)

Of course, weekends in L.A. start off on Thursdays, with my Radio Show "The 2nd Time Around" on internet Radio, followed by Rudy Moreno's "Joker's Comedy Club" at the Commerce Casino, and now, we're joined by Richard "Thee MR." Duran, bringing shows to The Montebello Inn for those with a 4 day work week, and anybody else who just loves having a good time in Aztlan !

But the "Big one" was the "Bad Boyz of Eastside Oldies" Show at the Montebello Inn on Friday, featuring Rocky Padilla & Co., Cory Silva, SPICE, DJ Johnny, DJ Al, yours truly as host and Emcee, and a host of guest stars that packed 'em in, and made it an outright party. I know I was supposed to be working, but the music & atmosphere got so good, my Lady and I HAD to get some boogie time in...know what I mean?

Although the Montebello Inn usually draws a good sized, good looking crowd of hip Veteranos y Veteranas, tonight Cory, Rocky, and I decided to open up the show with some new, young, Brown talent...and open up they did indeed!

Three of L.A.'s upcoming Chicano Rappers, "Mr. Look", "HAYZ", and "TORO" took the stage one by one, and made their stage debut with the help of Rocky Padilla, proud papa of "Hayz", who even joined them on stage for a couple of numbers. This being no easy task, being youngsters and performing in front of an older crowd, especially someplace as Veterano oriented as The Montebello Inn....but the guys did alright, and I for one, was proud of them as I interviewed them on stage. Off to the side I could see papa Rocky Padilla and his parents beaming with pride as "HAYZ" did his thing for an appreciative audience.

Next, a suprise band that included Alfonso Smith of SUAVE, and Patrick Montes of TRIBE, brought CORY SILVA on stage for the opening salvo of Oldies that got the crowd in the mood but quick...me being one of the first on the dance floor!

CORY tried to end his set early, to make room for Rocky Padilla and SPICE, but the crowd and I weren't about to let him off that easy...and we made enough noise to bring CORY back for an encore performance of his smash it "My Lady" , which of course, earned the homie a standing ovation!

Next, Rocky Padilla came on stage to thundering applause and opened up with his Eastside Chicano anthem, a hot latin Soul version of "Suavecito", then a couple of Oldies his way, then he hit a peak with "Crystal Blue Persuasian" that had the crowd singing along at his behest. Rocky too, tried to cut it short to make room for SPICE and keep the program moving speedily along...but he forgets that the "Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul & The Al Capone of the microphone" was the Host & Emcee, and when I see a crowd happy & in "da zone"...I try to work it for all it's worth for my Gente...so the crowd and I again made some noise, and we brought Rocky back for an encore performance of "Nena".

...I do stuff like that, know what I mean?

I bumped into Thee Midniter great, drummer GEORGE SALAZAR, out there on the dance floor with his Lady Lisa, dancing the night away. Through the large crowd, I thought I spotted Music promoters/producers Steven Chavez and Ruben Molina getting their boogie on, but I couldn't get to them if they were there, the crowd was so thick, so I missed saying hello. Both these guys were spotted all over L.A. this week~end...hmmm...what up?

**( Rumor has it that Steven is assisting with the promotion of the upcoming WAR concert in Montebello in March, and that he had a pocket full of tickets he was giving away this week~end. Ruben is also said to have a killer concert coming up.~Keep your eye on LatinoLA.com)**

I also ran into Christina Chavez of KUCR FM, Riverside, and Ernie Pintor of the group LIL' BIT OF SOUL, out there boogying their bootiies off.

DJ's Johnny & AL took turns showing their stuff ~ 2 of L.A.'s best!

Then, I had the privilege of introducing SPICE, featuring lead singer, L.A. diva RACHEL ARMENTA, who, along with the band that intermittently called up Alfonso, Rocky, and Patrick again, simply kicked the rest of the evening into high gear, with me & Cory Silva bumping into each other on the dance floor with our Ladies all night long, the night was that good...

...and you would have NEVER guessed we were working! Gracias, Cory! Let's do this again!

CORY SILVA and MIDNIGHT PRODUCTIONS continue their commitment to bringing the finest in CHICANO Entertainment to the Montebello Inn. For more info, log onto:

or call:
(818) 806-2379

And be sure to tell 'em you heard it from Frankie Firme and LatinoLA.com!

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme spins the finest Chicano music on 3 World Wide Internet Radio Stations.
website: www.frankiefirme.50megs.com
e~mail: FrankieFirme@yahoo.com

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