Pink and White Lace

And the stains left behind

By Fanny J. Garcia
Published on LatinoLA: March 8, 2006

Pink and White Lace

Muchos a?os and generations filled
With abuso and interlaced with belleza y
Sonrisas falsas but there is nothing bonito about
Incest and rape and hitting a woman but yet the world
Wants to see all this wrapped in a pretty little bow of
Rosa and white lace but there is nothing bonito
About incest and rape

Las palabras usadas are too nice and they say nothing
About cut lips y gritos y brazos
Held up in defense and the glassy eyes
And the moments left in a corner
Is it possible to wrap up this up
In pretty pink and white lace?
No, instead pain and shame
Cover her beautiful brown skin
And leave her to wash away the stains
Left on lace

About Fanny J. Garcia:
In honor of Women's History Month, March 2006.

Fanny J. Garcia is a writer, actor and activist living in Los Angeles. She can be reached at fgarcia@eastlarep.com

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