The Spanish Are Coming!

El Aviador Dro, pioneering Electropop band from Spain, make L.A. debut, 4.7.06

By Camilo Arenivar
Published on LatinoLA: March 19, 2006

The Spanish Are Coming!

The Spaniards are coming, the Spaniards are coming! Again? Well this time they are not armed with guns, rifles, and mines. They come in space suits and are armed with synthesizers and sequencers. Just when it seems every kind of music had been played in Los Angeles? Latin Alternative scene, El Aviador Dro (website: www.elaviadordro.com) arrives not a minute too soon with their blend of electronic music ranging from new wave to industrial. They are coming both on CD and in person.

There are several interesting things about El Aviador Dro. One of them is that they are not another new band exploiting another underground scene. They are actually pioneers in this field of music. They formed in the late 1970s as a punk rock band to push the limits of their newfound freedoms as 40 years of Fascist dictatorship were crumbling. Initially they called themselves Alex y los Drugos (after the main characters of A Clockwork Orange). Then, someone gave them some Kraftwerk and Devo albums. They dropped their guitars, and didn?t pick them up again for quite some time. They instead delved into electronic instruments and synthesizers. The old name was abandoned and before it was even 1980, El Aviador Dro was born. They donned alien monster outfits and made politically incisive songs for the times. But they grew a significant fan base with a very large following in Latin America, Germany, and Scandinavia.

The other most interesting thing about El Aviador Dro is that when electronic synthesizer based music initially swept the United States in the early 1980?s, they were not a part of that wave. Their counterparts like Human League and Depeche Mode (and later Front 242) all had something in common that they did not. They sang in English. So for the next 2 decades they remained a ?Latin American? thing. Something you could only get in Spain or as an import. That all changed when El Aviador Dro signed a deal with cutting-edge electro punk label Omega Point Records. They put together a ?Best Of? collection of their music over the last 20 years and added a couple of new tracks as well.

In 2006 they launch their North American Tour, with an existing fan base in America in English electro audiences; they wanted to also reach the people who, like them, prefer their music sung in Spanish. They had no experience with this so while surfing the net their label came across Nefalim (website: www.nefalimmusic.com) and realized some of their music was in a similar vein and in Spanish also. Before you knew it, Noche de ElectroPop/SynthRock en Espanol was born.

El Aviador Dro returns to the United States for their first ever Southwest Tour, launching in the hotbed of all things eclectic and in Spanish, Los Angeles. They are joined in their first ever Los Angeles show with Nefalim, Torino (website: www.torinomusic.com), and Nucleo (www.myspace.com/nucleomusic), who is coming up from Mexico to participate in this show celebrating synth or electronic based music.

Latino comedian Anthony Dominguez (website: www.anthonydominguez.com) will emcee the show for the evening, marking the first time a show at this venue mixed any type of comedy with music.

Catch them all on Friday, April 7, 2006 at the Westchester Sports Bar and Grill, 5630 W. Manchester Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90045. Doors open at 8 PM and the show begins promptly at 9 PM. Ages 18 and above will be admitted, admission is just $7.

For information about this show call 323-945-6458 or email mediaelemental@gmail.com

About Camilo Arenivar:
Camilo Arenivar is a freelance journalist who has had previous articles published at Latinola.com, Rockeros.net, RottenTomatoes.com, and more. He can be reached at: camiloj@gmail.com

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