Chicano Movimiento Part II

It's a Brown Thing, Baby!

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: March 26, 2006

Chicano Movimiento Part II

By the time this is published, the movie "Walkout" will have aired across the Country to a new generation of CHICANOS. Now, some of you are begining to "get it".

The first of MANY protest marches against the new anti-immigration bill will have occured, and many a snooty, rich, caucasian Republican from Orange County and the northern San Fernando Valley will have lost their initial erection against a bill that will make it a felony for anybody to enter the U.S. MEXICAN side of the U.S. Border, after seeing almost a million people march peacefully in downtown L.A. (Bet you suckas were hoping we'd start a riot, huh?)

Hell, if you do it from the Cuban side, you get rewarded with automatic monthly Social Security benefits, home, education, & business loans, free welfare & food stamps, just to say you won't go back to Cuba and Castro's a punk. (And you can still fly his flag!)

While nobody makes public notice, hundreds of thousands of Europeans, Asians, and Middle Easterners enter the U.S. illegally through the Canadian border, along with thousands of illegal Canadians. And all these guys seem to come up with established social security cards, alien or citizenship bennies, and start attending our expensive colleges that are getting beyond the reach of many an American, and collecting monthly benefits we have to be old or crippled to get.

Funny, you never notice a Mexican talking non-stop on a phone while running a 7-11 or gas station, do you? Hmmm.......

And when was the last time Mexicans or Chicanos hijacked a plane and drove it into a skyscraper? When was the last time Mexico invaded a foreign country and committed atrocities against millions (and profitted)? When was the last time Mexicans crossing the border caused the price of gas or interest on a home loan to go through the roof? And last but not least, when the last time you EVER saw a white guy or woman picking fruit and vegetables in the hot sun 12 hours a day, or cutting SOMEBODY ELSE's lawn?

Situations in Mexico suck, so why can't Mexicans ask for "Political Asylum?" Why aren't they making a "Berlin Wall" across the Canadian border?

Why is this webmagazine page "monitored" by many a racist white group such as americanpatrol.com? (Who once called us "sophisticated Sandinistas with help of U.S. born Mexican decendants ~ just another flavor of Communist") Why does it shock many a white person who visit this fine, Brown-perspective site to gawk in amazement that we can spell, grammatize and write so well in English?

(Golly gee, Wally, they're almost as good as us!)

It came across to me the other night, if Vince Fox and the homies from Mexico started lining the President's and members of U.S. Congress's pockets with green folding paper, and started getting them (discreetly) laid every time they made a publicly financed "official" visit, or kicked Dick Cheney and Haliburton down every time they ripped off the people....would things be better for those of the Brown persuasian on the Southside? Hmmmm....

A good camarada of mine, a white guy who rode Harley's with me back in the day and married a beautiful Chicana 27 years ago, joked ironically with me, "Maybe if we just all kissed ass, all became 'latin','Spanish', or 'Hispanics', would the Prez and all his dirty cronies leave us be and go after all the middle easterners that blow shit up around the World. Home boy must be losing his ass off, so he's picking on the politically weakest...The Mexicans in the U.S."

(only because Ronald Reagan came up with that "Hispanic" word, and he totally shit on my people during the Farm Workers marches when he was California Governor, do I hate that word with a passion! Him and all the hate he perpetuated against us!)

Another Movimiento is coming, Mi Gente....make no mistake about it...and LATINOLA.com will help connect you all!

WE ARE the word of Aztlan, with your love, help, and support!

....And let everybody know you heard it from Frankie Firme de la Tierra de Mil Bailes, en la corazon de Aztlan!

About Frankie Firme:
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