Volteando Guia

The hour is here! La Gran Marcha

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: March 26, 2006

Volteando Guia

Just got back from a walk. Today I took an extra long walk..I like to go out the day after it rains...smells so good...everything looks different..the air is fresh.

It was slightly over cast...which is perfect for taking photographs.

Have you ever noticed a spider web how beautiful it is ..Especially the morning after it rains...such beauty to behold...so delicate yet so strong.
I've tried photographing it but nothing compares to the real thing...
Also noticed the eucalyptus trees shedding their bark.

Change is coming and the Hour is here!

I went to Down Town L. A, yesterday for The Gran Marcha 2006 L. A.

I was running late...didn't have anyone to watch the little one, had half a tank of gas.
So I grabbed my camera, packed the kids, put on some comfortable shoes..y vamonos.

On our way there from Naranja Ville -On the 5 heading N. Too our right side a field of Strawberries was being harvested. By who? Who else migrant workers!
I asked my ten-year-old son "do those people look like criminals to You"
He replied "No" they look like hard working people. I said to him "That's what
they are Hard Working People"

When I was fourteen during summer vacation my mother sent me to my Aunt and Tio Memo?s in Sacramento to work in the tomato fields.
That was my first job-you don't forget your first job:
I remember my aunt?s nephew that came to visit (I don't recall his name, but he didn't speak a word of English). We would be picked up in the evening by this man we didn't even know, to go work in the fields.
There were about ten people in this pick-up truck. They would honk, we would climb in the back of the truck and go to work-all night sorting tomatoes on these machines.
Sometimes a rabbit, field mice or a snake would get caught in the blades and come through the conveyer belt with the tomatoes.

The following summer I went to work in the packing sheds-sorting oranges. I can pick out the best oranges in the supermarket.

Mi mama y su familia eran "Braseros? - My mother brought me to this country when I was four. She was a U.S citizen because her family were migrant workers: Her whole family worked in the fields then go back to Mexico when the work was done.

My career in the fields and packing sheds was short lived-I tried working in the cantaloupe fields-volteando guia-Good lord it is hard labor! I lasted fifteen minutes bent over at the waist turning the melons.

I know racism when I see it. We know the history

Anyone who wants to pass HR 4437:Sensenbrenner, Specter, Tancredo, Gilcrest-Minutemen, sos.
Give volteando guia a try for a few hours?

My mijos and I got to our destination: around 1:00, La Marcha was well on its way-So many people-masses.
Put the little one in the stroller-gave my other boy a sign and had him march with me.
He needs to know that our people are not going to be ?Victims of Racism?
That we have to fight and protest against Racism!

Se llego la Hora de UNIRNOS?ORGANIZARNOS..Y TENER UNA VOZ- Fuerte Y Clara
Nosotros no vamos a ser victimas del racismo.

As a Photojournalist I have seen protest before-but nothing like this. Nothing of this magnitude.

Down Town Los Angeles-was like a Big Beating Heart?You could feel the energy?and the people were the blood flowing ..Marching?pumping through the veins and arteries in Unity?This march is just the beginning of what can be accomplished!!

I believe that we the people can UNITE-Organize and bring forth chage!

About Maria Reyna:
Maria Reyna:Varied Artist-Painter/Photographer, Poet/Storyteller.
Community Activist

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