Ditching the Real Issue of Walkout

Organize and not vandalize or disrupt L. A.'s daily activities

By Oscar G. Rosales, LCPL/USMC (ret.)
Published on LatinoLA: April 1, 2006

Ditching the Real Issue of Walkout

Once again I am wake up, shower, get dressed, eat something, watch Good Day L. A. and I hear High School Students are walking out of there classes in HP, South Gate and Bell?

I know they mean well, but what ticks me off (like others in L. A.) when the media decides to interview some of the protesters of the reasons why he/she walked out - they give vague answers. Yet some protesters speak their mind against the new measure of immigration. The issue of immigration reform(s) is nothing new in this state. I remember about 11 years ago or so when I walked out of class to protest against 187. I do admit it was an opportunity to leave because I did not want to go to class. Yet I was against Prop 187 because I felt it was not fair for the rest. Now that I am older and alot wiser, I do my research before I react to an issue.

I just wished an adult - whether it be a teacher, a mentor, or even a parent or older sibling to have raised their voices to these youth and educate them more of the measure. These type of demonstrations just gives those politicians whose support immigration laws more reasons to push the issue. Students say let "us" the immigrants able to have an education but you and your peers are out disrupting traffic, others throwing rocks at police, and lastly disrupting themselves from an education. I am sorry but the heart was there but no plan whatsoever to organize a protest correctly.

Do I agree these misguided youth be fined under the Truancy Laws? Yes I do. I feel the system should fine the student - not the parents. The Mayor of Los Angeles was able to speak to the students to return to class, that the protests were over. I am glad he did that at least. Although my younger brother - Jon (Senior @ Hamilton High) and I are citizens - we cannot forget the purpose we are here. Our parents crossed (3) borders from El Salvador (Guatemala/Mexico/USA) to be able to live a better life. I have been asked why should I be concerned when it does not affect me or my parents or brother in any way. However it does; I have friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances possibly even co-workers who are undocumented and will be affected. Of course if this measure passes you have an illegal in your house and they get caught you are fined and may even be thrown in jail (citizen or not).

My advise to High Schoolers do not be another statistic. I do give you credit for speaking your minds but do not protest during a very important period of your lives. In the U. S. is difficult to advance your studies elsewhere without a diploma. I say demonstrate on a weekend - peaceful and be serious of the facts. Organize and not vandalize or disrupt L. A.'s daily activities. Finally educate the rest especially those who just want "ditch" class for "x" reason(s).

About Oscar G. Rosales, LCPL/USMC (ret.):
Management Clerk, Housing Authority City of Los Angeles

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