HR 4437 Hasta la Vista Baby

Immigration Reform 2006

By Alberto Marrrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: April 6, 2006

HR 4437 Hasta la Vista Baby

Immigration: "Something there is that doesn't love a wall"

With all of the hoopla, yahoo and si se puede of the last few days its time to take a deep breath and seriously look at the possible laws that will emerge from the current debate in Congress on immigration reform.

First let us establish some parameters that eliminate the rhetoric that although pleasing to the senses, lack any truthfulness or validity.


Whether useful to our position on immigration or not all countries have borders.

In Cuba before Fidel there was a problem with Haitians coming illegally into Cuba to cut the sugar cane crop. Cuban immigration officials rounded them up and deported them back to Haiti.

(Please spare me the argument of racism as at the time Batista who is a mulatto was President and General Cantillo a black was head of the Armed Forces.)

Fidel proved to be the solution to Cuban immigration problems as after Fidel came to power no one wanted to immigrate to Cuba.

In Venezuela the same holds true for Colombians. If you are caught its hasta la vista baby back to Colombia for you.

Belize has been accused of extreme cruelty when dealing with illegal aliens from El Salvador and Guatemala. In the Dominican Republic the same holds true for illegal aliens crossing from Haiti.

Ask any Central or South American and they will tell you without a doubt that crossing Mexico is the greatest problem of coming to the United States.

Last year Mexico deported over 200,000 Central Americans that were only traveling through with no intention of staying in Mexico on their way to the USA. Mexico deported more Central Americans than did the US Immigration Service.

Things got so tough in Mexico that about three years ago the Mexican government deported 50 Mexican Oaxacans to Guatemala in the mistaken belief that they were Guatemalans from the San Marcos region.

God forbid that you are a Cuban "balsero" and the wind and the currents wash your raft on Mexican shores. Mexican immigration arrests you and back you go to Cuba to the friendly arms of the Beard.

(Frankie....where can I get all this free stuff you talk about? Hook me up! I am Cuban been here for 48 years have always said that Castro is a punk and never gotten a freebie?..I feel left out discriminated by the man?. I demand affirmative action me with the addresses of where I can get food stamps, welfare, business loans, social security checks and I will share it all with you. Waiting for your reply.)

In Latin America illegal aliens cannot demonstrate, march or demand anything.

In all of Latin America illegal aliens do not have driver's licenses, work permits, schooling, emergency medical or any other right. They have the right to leave or be deported.

Mexico and the U.S. have a Symbiotic Relationship

U.S. needs migrant workers.

Only fools and demagogues can really say that the US does not need workers from Latin America. The point is not arguable.

From travel to restaurants to agriculture the garment trade there are entire KEY industries that are tied into migrant workers.

The argument that if wages in certain industries would rise that Americans would do the job is simply not true.

If field wages were to go to $100 per hour how many of Tom Tancreepo's relatives would go to the fields? None, nada, ninguno, zilcho.

If you have a highly qualified worker such as a computer engineer a nurse or a doctor there are work visas available such as the H1B.

It's interesting to hear Mayor Ray Naggin of New Orleans decry the fact that New Orleans was being overrun by Mexican workers. Why were these construction jobs not taken by the good people of New Orleans? What was it that Vicente Fox said?

Mexico needs US jobs.

Due to the innate corruption of the governing system in Mexico a country that should be rich is not.

Ever wonder why when you go to Mexico you can only buy gas at a Pemex gas station? Pemex is the oil company that controls oil production in Mexico from the time a hole is drilled until the time the gas is pumped into your car.

Pemex has no competition in Mexico. But it is hopelessly mired in corruption where thousands are employed doing absolutely nothing. They range from the engineers to the families of the engineers and the families of the "queridas" of the engineers and so on and so on.

Mexico should step up and promote a privatization of state run industries that are disasters for the Mexican economy and for the people of Mexico.

And now God help Mexico if socialist Lopez Obrador of the PRD gets elected.

As long as Mexico is run by corrupt leftist politicians and stays the hand of privatization more and more citizens of Mexico will have to look outside of their country for employment.

Why a wall will never be built.

There are a number of reasons why the wall will never be built.

1. The Senate has already sent the idea of the wall to a committee to study the feasibility.

Translation "its history".

2. A wall will turn immigrants into refugees.

The wall will never be built because it will be a disaster for the United States. The border has always allowed migration to jobs in the United States. This has been a way to relieve pressure in Mexico and to a certain extent Central and South America.

If the crossing is made impossible it would lead to all out revolutions in Mexico and Central America. The last thing the US government wants is millions of refugees trying to cross the border seeking asylum which is harder to deny and which today when you include appeals to the 9th Circuit takes about 5 years to decide.

Countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and to a lesser extent Guatemala and Panama have backed the efforts of President Bush and his war on terrorism. Constructing a wall would destabilize those regimes. Just recently El Salvador was declared a ?strategic ally? something that in the past has been reserved for members of NATO.

3. Trading Partners

Mexico (after Canada and China) is our 3red largest trading partner. As a TLC partner with the USA and Canada fencing off Mexico would hurt trade between the two nations.

4. President Bush and leading Republicans such as John McCain and even the Governator
of "Kuhlifonia" are asking for work permits for migrant guest workers.

What is politically possible?

First on the political end of this issue these are the facts.

Democrats talk the talk the Republicans walk the walk. All of the important immigration programs have come to be when a Republican is in the White House.

SAW program (green cards for agricultural workers: Ronald Reagan
Amnesty: Ronald Reagan
TPS (El Salvador): Bush Sr.
ABC (Guatemala and El Salvador): Bush Sr.
NACARA (Cuba and Nicaragua): Cuban American Congressmen South Floridad.
TPS (Honduras): Clinton.this is the exception.
Extension of 245I: Bush Jr.
NEW TPS (El Salvador): Bush Jr.

The best immigration bill is the McCain Kennedy bill. McCain is a Republican and a possible candidate for the Presidency in 2008.

George W. has called the minutemen vigilantes. Has repeatedly called for a guest worker program. He has fought the extreme right wing in his party. Tancredo is persona non grata at the Bush White House.

We believe that the following will occur.

1. HR 4437 will not pass. If it does Bush will veto.
2. Some type of guest worker program will evolve where a person can legally be here
travel at will to his country.
3. That the guest worker program will eventually turn into an amnesty as the applicants
will not be forced to leave the country in order to obtain benefits.
4. That crossing the border will not become a felony.

So apparently we will have some kind of a program with work permits that will allow for applicants to apply in this country without going back home. A full and total amnesty is not a political reality at this point.

It is much better to achieve this for now than to have nothing. As they say Rome, was not built in a day and before you can run you must be able to walk.

This is far better than what we have now. And only knuckleheads on the both extremes of the argument should oppose it.

In the next 2 to 3 months we'll see how close we came to calling the actual situation. As we all know the only one with a glass ball that can tell the future is Walter Mercado and that at $5.95 a minute. Walter is no bargain.

Thanking LATINOLA and Abelardo for allowing all of us to express ourselves in his obra de amor..... Latinola.

About Alberto Marrrero Salas:
Born in Cuba, overstayed my visa and now American by Choice. Law Offices Frank Carvajal/Nacara 2000 Immigration Law.


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