Today and Yesterday

Hoy en este dia

By Jimmy Centeno
Published on LatinoLA: April 9, 2006

Today and Yesterday

Upon listening to the divisive arguments between Latinos on immigrants or reading the headline of the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper on April 5th, "Blacks Differ on Immigration Issue" or the L.A Times, I started to recall how I felt back then and how I feel today..

Today, I feel the same way as I did right after 911, when a slight skin tone variation from the majority of the population was enough to be suspicious or a potenial terrorist!

Today, I feel that the color of my skin determines how someone looks at me as an immigrant; "a burden to U.S society".

Today, I feel the same way as past citizens did during McCarthyism when a slight deviation of opinion was enough cause to be survelianced or label "Rojo".

Today, I feel like a chattel black slave forever bonded to an exploitive inhuman economic system!

Today, I feel that I'm judged not by the color of my skin or the content of my character, but by the visa I carry, "As a priviledged citizen of an empire state!"

About Jimmy Centeno:
Jimmy Centeno can be reached at jimmycenteno@hotmail.com

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