We are One/ Somos Uno

We March For Many Things

Published on LatinoLA: April 15, 2006

We are One/ Somos Uno

Walking down the streets of L.A.,
Enemies all of a sudden become friends.
Those who once use to hate,
Begin to claim the same thing.

And a feeling of true strength.
Si Se Puede!
And I know we could,
Walking down these streets,
There is no rival neighborhoods.

We are one!
As we walk and run.
To let our voices and our pride,
Express it?s true power.

We see City Hall,
We see the sky scrapers.
And the fact of our mortality,
Becomes a thought for later.


And our united strength,
Can not be beaten.
We are subjugated children screaming

WE want justice!
We want peace!
Not the constant scare,
Of political brutality.

We want equality!
We want to be heard.
So we walk like Moses did,
Looking for something better.
WE want an end to unconstitutional,
Incorrect behavior.
We want reforms to be passed with thought,
Not political innuendo.

No queremos palabras,
Queremos cosas verdaderas.
Hechas y derijidas,
Por personas verdaderas.

We want to see the truth,
Don?t hide it behind lies.
Because it is political nonsense,
That disturbs the pacifist mind.

"The sleeping giant slowly reers its head",
"Yo soy Joaquin" once again.
As we walk with pride, there is no need to bow down,
We have stood up, LOUD and PROUD.......... again

Dedicated to Corky Gonzales....... "Yo Soy Joaquin"

High School from South Los Angeles. Immigrant parents from Michoacan. Can contact me at: rodriguezrs1988@aol.com "SI SE PUDO"

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