A Gift from my Brother and God

Proof of devine interventions

Published on LatinoLA: April 22, 2006

A Gift from my Brother and God

I want to share a beautiful experience with you.

Since my brother?s passing, I?ve had quite a difficult time accepting that it had actually happened (See http://www.latinola.com/story.php?story=3372).

My oldest sister Sylvia had called me and asked me to pick up a corona that she had made for my brother Rudy and although I told her I?d pick it up, I started shaking uncontrollably and began breathing heavily. Nervous about the situation, I went into Latinola.com and to my surprise, a piece I had written had been published.

Upon opening the site, the sight of seeing that beautiful sad Cherokee on the screen made my heart begin pumping uncontrollably. I sat there stunned, and proceeded to shake. I read the piece to the end as my heart pumped like it was about to jump out of my chest. Gasping, a heavy feeling came upon me and I could not stop myself from shaking as tears filled my eyes.

Wanting to treasure the piece, I printed it screen by screen...... placing the sheets on my desk.... reading the last passage of my piece ?Good bye my brother to his flesh I say..... although you?re not here with us, your spirit is in tow. To the heavens you have gone and here we all must stay..., With you in heaven, we?ve got someone to hear us when we pray. By God?s side you will remain and through him, you?ll relieve us of this pain.? I sat lifeless with my hands over my mouth to stifle myself and as my vision blurred, I said in my mind..... Show me a sign...... Show me a sign..... and as I sat there shaking and out of breath, and just when the feeling was most intense, through my teary blurred vision..... appeared the words ?I AM HOME? Gasping for air, with a huge lump in my throat, I slowly moved my hand to grab a pencil and slowly traced the words (See attached) . Immediately, my heart stopped hurting, I was able to compose myself and as I looked up to say ?thank you? my vision was again clouded by soft subtle white almost fading fog...... and in that last image....... I knew he was responding......

My brother was a beautiful person, he never wanted anyone to hurt. He always did his best to make you happy and he loved his family and friends dearly. Therefore, I know that today (April 12), the day of his anniversary, the day he reached his destination into God?s kingdom. He saw I was hurting and therefore, eased my pain.....

So to you all of you that have lost a loved one......I tell you this........ If you?re clouded by sadness, rest assured.... They are looking over you...... just as my brother is watching over me....

At peace with my pain......

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