Where are the Chicana/o Artists This Weekend/Next Week? 4.22.06

Magu at Folk Tree and mucho, mucho mas!

Published on LatinoLA: April 22, 2006

Where are the Chicana/o Artists This Weekend/Next Week? 4.22.06

Where are the Chicana/o artists this weekend/next week?

This Chicana artist will be at EcoMaya selling my artworks in between dance practice for next Wednesday night's presentation at Fuller Theological Seminary & teaching Jewish folk dance in Highland Park on Saturday. &, again on Sunday, but a bit more stationary. Shalom, RuthAnne

Where will you be???


For a complete listing of this newletter go to www.LatinoLA.com or www.myspace.com/sarte_mex_jewelry where you'll also find Calls 4 Artists.

Community Meeting at Self-Help Graphics & Art: Wednesday, April 26, 7:30p: For those of us who have been involved with SHGA in the past & want to be a part of it's positively changing future, this meeting is a must. Community / artists input is more than welcome. Come here what the latest plans are for this organization. Many volunteer opportunities available to help out.

Fundraiser for SHGA: The Self Help Graphics & Art Annual Print Sale will be held Sunday, June 25, 12noon - 5p at SHGA, 3802 Cesar Chavez Ave, LA. Come meet the artists, enjoy the art & take home one of a kind prints to enliven your spirit! Available will be: Atelier 47 - Mono Prints - Special Projects - Vintage Prints - Etchings - Linocuts - Woodcuts - Silkscreens. Opening of Selected Prints from SHG at the Galeria Otra Vez 323.881.6444 www.selfhelpgraphics.com


Sucedi? en la Habana / It Happened in Havana by Ra?l de Cardenas
April 21- May 21
Teatro Carmen Zapata, Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, 421 N Avenue 19, LA
323.225.4044 bfa99@earthlink.net www.bfatheatre.org

It Happened in Havana, directed by Ernesto Miyares, takes place at Christmastime in 1902 - the end of the first year of Cuba as an independent republic. The year is 1902 in Havana. In this serious comedy, the authoritarianism of the colonial past is faced with new ideas of liberty. The play is set in the home of a recalcitrant Spanish widow who has three Cuban-born daughters. One of them has met a handsome young man who has been invited to Christmas Eve dinner. During the course of the evening we find out the young man was born to Cuban parents who were Jewish. This discovery triggers a series of clashes between the old Spanish intolerant colonial ideas & the new young Cuban independent & democratic ideals inspired by Jose Marti.

William C Vel?squez Institute presents:
Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra
Saturday, April 22, 9:30a - 4:15p
Departure: 9:30a
Chiparaki Cultural Center
McArthur Park: 10:30 - 11:30a
Organized Communities for a Better Environment, Wilshire Blvd/Alvarado Ave, LA
Ford Park: 12:15 - 2p
City of Bell Gardens, 7800 Scout Ave, Bell Gardens
South Central Farm: 2:30 - 3:45p
South Central Farmers, Long Beach Ave /41st St, LA
Arrival: 4:15p
Chiparaki Cultural Center, 1635 N Spring St, LA
Reception KPFK & WCVI: 4:30 - 6p
Strategy Session Live Broadcast: 6 - 8p
LA State Historic Park:
Eco Maya Festival: 4:30 - 10p (more information follows)
323.222.2217 cbrugman@wcvi.org
Sponsors: Earth Day Network & William C. Vel?squez Institute, Lead Sponsors; Anahuak Youth Soccer Association, Asociaci?n de Fraternidades Guatemaltecas, CA Speaker Fabi?n N??ez, Center for Law in the Public Interest, Central Basin Municipal Water District, Chiparaki Cultural Center, City of Bell Gardens, City of LA, Congresswoman Hilda Solis, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Eco Maya, Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, GCG Rose & Kindel, KIPPL LAPREP, KPFK Radio, LA City Councilman Ed Reyes, LA City Department of Recreation & Parks, LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina, LA Conservation Corps, LA County Department of Public Works, Mia Lehrer & Associates, Mi Bella Guatemala, Mujeres de la Tierra, South Central Farmers & Youth Empowered Scholastic Sports Services

Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra in Los Angles & join the growing number of activists who are creating a Latino urban-greening agenda within the environmental movement. On April 22, 2006, in celebration of Earth Day, three earth-friendly, low emission buses filled with community leaders, activists, artists/celebrities & elected officials will visit four sites, uniting with each respective community in support of their efforts to clean & green their environment. Students from urban LA will also participate in the Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra, expressing their "good will & solidarity" with their neighbors by participating in planting ceremonies & clean-up activities.

The first stop of the Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra will be Mac Arthur Park in metropolitan LA where community activist will celebrate their first Earth Day by conducting activities that draw attention to the community health/environmental needs of this community. At MacArthur Park, the Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra will be joined by a bus carrying the Anahauk Youth Soccer Association from Taylor Yards, after they conclude a clean-up at the LA River earlier in the morning.

The Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra will next travel to Ford Park where the City of Bell Gardens is hosting its second annual Earth Day Festival. This site was selected because of the recent efforts in establishing a new Commission on the Environment of the City of Bell Gardens.

One of the most exciting stops on the Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra tour is the urban garden of the South Central Farmers, the largest urban farm in the United States. The Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra participants will be given a personal tour of the 14-acre farm where they will learn about traditional indigenous/mesoamerican crops tended by the 350 tenant-families.

The Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra tour will culminate at the "under construction" Chiparaki Cultural Center across the street from the LA State Historic Park where the annual Eco-Maya Earth Day celebration will take place. The Chiparaki Cultural Center, located in the second oldest industrial building of down town LA, will be the back-drop of a special live radio broadcast of "Strategy Session" hosted by Antonio Gonzalez on KPFK radio (90.7 FM).

The goal of the Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra is to raise awareness within the Latino community on the importance of protecting the environment. It will also support events performing important tasks such as park clean-ups & environmental education. The Earth Caravan/Caravana de la Tierra will unite communities from LA County participating in Earth Day events specifically youth from different neighborhoods will be brought together in an attempt to promote understanding & solidarity among them.

XII Annual Eco Maya Festival
Saturday/Sunday, April 22/23, 10a - 10p
The Cornfields, LA State Historic Park, 1799 Baker St, LA
323.662.3750 Roman@afrocuba.org ecomaya@stageofthearts.info www.stageofthearts.info/ecomaya/otherevents.html LAMexica@earthlink.net aztecstories.com
GO METRO to Chinatown station, your bike or the train...

The Mother Earth is the center of the ECO Maya festival features environmental public education & outreach on energy, waste & water conservation, clean air, pollutants, pesticides, trash free coastal & state parks, wildlife preservation, recreation & Latino families, oil recycling, environmental health & communities for healthy ecosystems.

Get into the Circle of green life, Zero Waste & Cosmic Games.

The stage of land in the open field of the Cornfield: Music & dances from the Mayan world: Danzas Mayenses directly from Guatemala, Ajpop Tecun (great wise man) will walk from the ayes of the jaguar into the magic sounds of the hormigo tree...Midnight Theater (poetry, dance, storytelling), Wagon Burners (acoustic indigenous from Riverside), Techqua Ikachi (land & life), Aztec Stories (indigenous instruments coming to life), Freddy Morale & Jenny Lopez.

ECO Maya neighborhood (Yang-Na / Cornfield /new LA Historic CA State Park) is the starting & final destination /event for the ECO CARAVAN lead by the organizing forces of the Willian C. Velasquez Institute to clean parks & streets, planting trees & educating on the Environment.

This is a Zero Waste Event - We are Recycling & Composting!

Earth Day Audubon
Saturday, April 22, 9a - 4p
Audubon Center, Debs Park, 4700 N Griffin Ave
Activity Schedule http://www.eco-now.net/earthday/index.html http://www.eco-now.net/earthday/index.html

Learn how you can become a "World Custodian" & help take care of the earth we all share. Bring family & join them. If you show your Metro pass, your refillable container (to-go cup or canteen) or reusable dinnerware at the festival, you will be eligible for special entry in the Go Metro! Eco-Safari Raffle.

Exhibitors Court: Master of Ceremony - Troy Evans, Actor; Diane Tasaka, Audubon Center at Debs Park & Les Hamasaki, Festival Chair; Welcoming Speech - The Honorable Councilman Ed Reyes; Green Magic - Pack Rat Frank; Flamenco Guitar - Gabriel Reyna; Cultural Dancers; Music Performance; African Marimba; Bird IQ Game Show - Carmelo Alvarez, Game Show Host; Closing Remarks - Enrique Vela, Festival Coordinator

Discovery Room: The Green Economy Forum www.tombradleylegacy.org Program Coordinator: Les Hamasaki, Festival Chair

Green Africa Tomorrow: Adopt-a-Solar Televillage Initiative.CyberConference: Malawi + South Africa + Japan - Arthur Jokela, MAFUWA & Africa Stewardship; Hydrogen Village & Green Technology River Parkway Development Opportunities - Les Hamasaki, Tom Bradley Geen Technology Institute; Urban Farms to Green Roof Gardens Initiative: Community Seeds Project - Carmelo Alvarez, Community Seeds Project Director; Solar School Earthquake Preparedness & Education Initiative - Michael Winters, Urban Teacher, Gabrielino High School & Joe Conner, Urban Teacher, Pasadena City College

Green Film Festival - Library - Presented by Path to Freedom: PTF Power Point Presentation / Q&A - Jules Dervaes; The Future Of Food - by Deborah Koons Garcia; The Power Of The Sun - by Department of Physics, UCSB; PTF Power Point Presentation / Q&A - Jules Dervaes; Kilowatt Ours - by Jeff Barrie

Solar Car Decathlon II - Garage: Solar Car Workshop - Robert Valdivia, Audubon Center; Grand Prix Solar Car Race - Robert Valdivia; Outdoor Survival Skills & Wild Food Walk - Christopher Nyerges

Court Yard: Enjoy the Green Treasure Hunting Expedition - Michael Winters & Patty Sun; Rainforest Coffee Tasting Challenge - All Day; Solar Cooking Demonstrations - All Day; Solar Electric Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal Air Conditioning/Heating; Tour & Workshop - All Day; Goldline Digital Eco-Safari Program - Ken Wyrick; Blacksmith Demonstration - Heather McLarty

Pepper Tree - Old Time String Band

This is a Zero Waste Event - We are Recycling & Composting!

Greening the Earth
Saturday, April 22, 11a - 3p
Memorial Park, 125 E Holly St, Pasadena

A great day for the kids & family in the park that is immediately adjacent to the Memorial Park Metro Gold Line station. CA ARTs, MTA & Foothill transit bus lines. Covered, observed bike parking in the Holly Street Garage next door. This year's theme is Creating an Urban Eco Village. The event features exhibits, entertainment, organic food, community gardens, art exhibits & activities, sustainable design, "green transportation, solar exhibits & more. Receive a free gift if you show your Metro pass or ticket. Visit

Celebrate Earth Day 2006
Saturday, April 22, 10a - 1p
Eagle Rockdale Community Garden & Art Park, 1045 Rockdale Ave, Eagle Rock

Celebrate Earth Day 2006 by making your community a greener place to live. The Eagle Rock Assn invites all environmentalists for a morning of sweat equity in LA's newest organic garden. Bring your energy & tools (label your items with your name) as we plant the landscape, build compost bins & clear the site of winter weeds. Meet the Garden's organic farmers, members of the Theodore Payne Foundation, the LA Conservation Corps, artist-in-resident Kacy Treadway & more. Refreshments provided.

Atwater Village Neighborhood Clean-Up
Saturday, April 22, 8a - 12noon
: Luis Lopez Automotive, 2751 Fletcher Dr, Atwater Village
www.friendsofatwatervillage.org www.atwatervillagecleanup.com

Join Friends of Atwater Village to help spruce up their village. Fletcher Drive will be the special focus of their neighborhood wide clean-up event; in support of the Take Back Fletcher Drive Campaign! Also, join the Atwater Griffith Park Chamber of Commerce (www.atwaterchamber.org) to help in the full restoration of the mural located at Mortarless Building Supply (2707 Fletcher Drive); restoration of the mural will be completed during the clean-up event. Please make sure to sign-in, get supplies & bottled water; please bring work gloves, lots of energy, & community pride!

Intimate Geography - getting to know a place: Curated by Deborah Thomas & Linda Anne Hoag
Poetry Performance: Saturday, April 22, 7p
The Acorn Gallery, 135 N Avenue 50, Highland Park
Thru May 6
626.794.3627 323.850.8566 www.arroyoartscollective.org

Celebrate Earth Day with LA poets Laurel Ann Bogen, Jerry Garcia & Linda Anne Hoag & the musical trio Texere. Bogen, Garcia & Hoag write in what Hoag calls "the same lineage": the work of all three poets reveals strong connection with their experienced identities as Angelenos. Texere is a trio of local women composers who sing & play stringed instruments -- their delightful original music encompasses traditional & contemporary genres. The gallery show offers a collection of imaginative & personal perspectives on how one relates to a particular locale. Themes of mapping, memory, & personal encounter with the natural & social environments thread through artwork including a scavenger hunt staged in Highland Park & a shower curtain covered with tiny photographs of the Arroyo Seco water table.

Butterfly Festival
Saturday, April 22, 11a - 3:30p
Turn Yourself into a Butterfly: 11a - 2:30p
The Very Hungry Caterpillar: 2:30p
10th annual Grand Butterfly Release Ceremony: 3p
Kidspace Children's Museum, 480 N Arroyo Blvd, Pasadena

Celebrate Earth Day & the Beauty of Butterflies in a Spring Festival. Butterflies are an important contributor to the natural cycle of pollinating spring flowers. Children are invited to explore this natural cycle & learn about the role butterflies play in it. From in the gardens there's a special activity wherein children can transform into a butterfly & learn to eat like one too. Eric Carle's classic children's book will come alive as children participate in the caterpillar's life cycles. Also, enjoy lively programs about butterflies & caterpillars, create a butterfly mosaic or mobile, research metamorphosis at the Nature Exchange Research Station & learn which native plants attract butterflies in a Kidspace Garden Adventure designed expressly for spring. Kidspace's own Flutter-By, a character with the wings & body of a Blue Morpho butterfly, will flutter in to enjoy the Outdoor Learning Environments in spring's full bloom.

The Butterfly Festival will culminate with the Grand Butterfly Release Ceremony. Native Painted Lady butterflies, cared for by children who adopted a caterpillar & observed the amazing process of metamorphosis first hand during Caterpillar Adoption Days, will be released into Kidspace's Outdoor Learning Environments, where a ready supply of food & host plants can be found in the Bee & Butterfly Garden.

Cultural Vehicles by Gilbert "Magu" Lujan
Artist Reception: Saturday, April 22, 2 - 6p
Folk Tree, 217 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena
April 22 - May 20
626.795.8733 rfolktree@aol.com www.folktree.com

Magu says of his artworks: "?my aesthetic intentions are much lighter in the scheme of things....that is to build an aesthetic case for razarte & reconnect our heritage(s) to contemporary society. It is to sing our song before all as evidence of our contributions towards cultural survival & integrity. These are efforts are my tasks as an artist who loves people in general & ethnicity specifically. The artworks are meant to celebrate & join the numerous other examples of artistic proponents. I want to be a enthusiastic voice for optimistic ideas about who we are in the family of humans."

The exhibition features several of this celebrated artist's custom "carritos," in which he uses the powerful southern CA symbol of the car & interprets it to address the area's ethnic connections to meso-America. He also shows other two & three-dimensional works in various media that explore the Latino community's shared cultural history. The local conjunto band, Los Pochos, performs at the opening, playing music that celebrates a tradition originating in border music from Northern Mexico.

Magu has never limited himself to one medium. Instead he uses materials, including paper mache, clay, wood, & painting & drawing media, that best serve his subject matter. Among the works on view are the mixed media vehicles "Ethnic Carrito on Parade" & "Limoztlan," (both constructed with paper mache, joint compound & acrylic paint), in which Lujan pays homage to the craft traditions of Mexican artesanos. Also on view are the paintings "Angel on Board" & "Bringing up the
Past" (both acrylic on wood), & painted clay figures including "La China" & "Ancient Female Warrior".

Bedazzled IV: Contemporary Jewelry Design
Artists Reception: Saturday, April 22, 2 - 6p
Folk Tree Collection, 199 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena
April 22 - May 20
626.793.4828 mishkinftc@aol.com www.folktree.com

This is an exhibition featuring the work of approximately thirty-five artists with an emphasis on unique styles, materials & techniques. The variety of jewelry on display reflects influences from around the world, including the far east, the Middle East & Africa, from other periods in time, including the Victorian era & the mid 20th Century. From cast to fabricated, carved to beaded, the pieces on display show a
broad range of possibilities in contemporary jewelry.

Most of the artists featured are from CA, among them: Sally Bass, Bill Gallagher, Sean Hill, Maria White Mebane, Rone Prinz, Juan Sigala & Eric Silva. Artists from outside the state include: Henny Iliescu, Lily Lambert & Courtney Lipson.

Conjunto Jardin
Saturday, April 22, 9p
Temple Bar, 1026 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica
310.393.6611 www.templebarlive.com
Admission: $10

They doubted jarocho music would work in their club on a weekend. But now, thanks to all of you, Temple Bar is calling them! Come on out & bring your dancing shoes as together we continue building a beachhead for jarocho music on the club scene. Followed by Santa Cruz-based Sambada & their acclaimed/eclectic Brazilian sounds, & Latin reggae titans Umoverde.

Saul Wiliams, Poet
Book Reading/Signing: Saturday, April 22, 7:30p
IMIX Books, 5052 Eagle Rock Blvd
323.257.2512 imixbooks@sbcglobal.net www.imixbooks.org

To thousands of youth across America, Saul Williams has defined & redefined poetry as an accessible living art form. His poetry has served as the archetype for a new generation of poets & spokenword artists. He will be reading & signing his new book The Dead Emcee Scros: The Lost Teachings of Hip Hop. In the underground labyrinths of NYC's subway system, beneath the third rail of a long forgotten line, he discovered scrolls of aged yellowish-brown paper rolled tightly into a can of spray paint. His quest to decipher this mystical ancient text resulted in a primal understanding of the power hip-hop has to teach us about ourselves & the universe around us. Now, for the first time, he shares with world the wonder revealed to him by the Dead Emcee Scrolls.

Local Color Art Exhibit
Saturday, April 22, 3 - 6p
Off Rose Gallery, 841 Flower Avenue, Venice
310.664.8977 martinprehispanic@yahoo.com www.martinespino.com

This art is for all ages. The exhibit will feature a reading by Enid Blaylock from her first novel Middleground as well as music by Martin Espino.

Creative Coffeehouse on Main
Dinner Theater Show: Saturday, April 22, 8:30p
Matinee Show: Sunday, April 23, 4p
Casa de Sousa Coffee House, 634 N Main St, LA

The Story Of My Life - Episode One - The Hill of Junipero Serra. This is the first part of a short play written relate the history of El Pueblo de LA, created by long time merchant Consuelo de Sousa of Casa de Sousa produced by CS Coffee House. This episode includes an encounter with Junipero Serra, the founding Padre of LA, hence the sub title The Hills of Junipero Serra.

Dog Art Show
Saturday, April 22, 7p
Dog Fashion Show
Saturday, April 29, 7p
Cactus Gallery & Gifts, 4534 Eagle Rock Blvd, Eagle Rock
323.256.6117 semastroianni70@yahoo.com PeacockHQ@aol.com www.eclecticcactus.com

Dog art? a dog altar? a dog movie? a dog fashion show? What will they think of next? Don't miss this one!

Lo-Brown: low art in brown places & brown art in low places
Opening reception: April 22, 7-10pm
Tropico de Nopal Gallery-Art Space, 1665 Beverly Blvd
April 22 - May 20
213.481.8112 tropicodenopal.com/home/home.html

Pe?a Andaluza's Feria de Sevilla en CA
Saturday, April 22, 12noon - 10p
POA Park, 7390 Carson Street, Long Beach
Admission: $5

Great food (paella) & Andalusian horses, mucho alegr?a, ambiente. Andaluz, Flamenco, Rumba & Sevillanas all day & night! The students of Moj?car Flamenco will perform at 3:30pm sharp at the festival. Don't miss their show with 19 participants. There will be wonderful flamenco & sevillanas dancing, a Sevillanas Competition & sevillanas dancing for all. Come dressed in your favorite flamenco costume.

Heritage Empowered Arts Legacy, Inc. (HEAL) presents:
The World of Dance & Its Colors
Danza Floricanto/USA's Fiesta Mexicana
Saturday, April 22, 8p
Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, 4718 W Washington Blvd. LA
323.964.9766 www.nhpac.com 626.796.2403 floricanto@earthlink.net www.danzafloricantousa.com
General Admission: $15

Danza Floricanto/USA will open this dance extravaganza with Fiesta Mexicana on the historical site of the Ebony Showcase Theatre. This program will include selections from the Mexican states of Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, Concheros from the outskirts of Mexico City, & waltzes from turn of the century Mexico. Fiesta Mexicana celebrates the traditional music & dance styles from Mexico. The pieces range from the older dance forms of folklorico style; to newer contemporary dance pieces & compositions created by Danza Floricanto/USA, from the conchero dancing in honor of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, the vibrant skirts & fast footwork of Jalisco, to the schotises, polkas & waltzes of the turn of the century.

Chusma 6-Week Teatro Workshop
Saturday, April 22, 12noon
Tia Chucha's Cafe Cultural, 12737 Glenoaks Blvd #22, Sylmar
Saturdays thru May 20
818.362.7060 info@tiachucha.com www.tiachucha.com www.chusma.com
Registration: 818.429,6083 resistantculture@yahoo.com

Come & learn how about Teatro Chicano. Enhance your performance skills. *Bring out your talents. An empowering & educational experience! No Experience necessary. This workshop series will culminate in a performance in May.

Mary Castillo - In Between Men
Author Reading: Saturday, April 22, 4p
Live Music: Blues Straight Up! & The Old Souls
Saturday, April 22, 7p
Tia Chucha's Cafe Cultural, 12737 Glenoaks Blvd #22, Sylmar
Saturdays thru May 20
818.362.7060 info@tiachucha.com www.tiachucha.com www.chusma.com

Isa Avellan learns that her students voted her the unsexiest teacher alive & her lousy ex goes on a popular shock jock radio show, this respectable single mom unleashes her inner sex kitten with the help of a very unusual guardian angel & three blundering god mothers. But after Isa sharpens her claws on her son's sexy soccer coach, the fur flies & she finds herself with something a bit more permanent!

Blues Straight Up's repertoire features great blues standards with original compositions, plus the band also performs Blues en Espa?ol. Old souls are a focused group of pure hearts & minds. Their collective destiny to learn, play, & perform music has quickly shaped this two year old outfit into a true rock & roll entity. Come & enjoy an evening of great Blues Music!

UC Riverside Chicano Student Programs presents:
88.3 FM KUCR Radio Aztlan
10th Annual Music Festival
Saturday, April 22, 6:30p
University Theater, 900 University Ave, Riverside
Tickets: $15 Advance; $20 Door
951.827.3821 www.kucr.org

Performances by: Tierra (featuring) Steve & Rudy Salas; the Blue Satins; Westside Soul de San Antonio (featuring) Joe Jama, Dimas Garza, Rudy T; A Little Bit of Soul; Rich Garcia & the Midnight Cruzzers.

Their Spirit Lives Within Us
36th Annual Chicano Park Day
Saturday, April 22, 2006, 10a - 5p
Chicano Park, Barrio Logan, SD
619.563.4661 cpscchicanopark@ixpres.com

Established by Chicano activist on April 22, 1970, Chicano Park has received international recognition as a major public art site for its commanding mural paintings of the past & present struggle of Mexican & Chicano history. This year's Chicano Park Day Anniversary celebration is dedicated in memory of Chicano leader, Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales & long time Chicano Park Steering Committee member, Marco A. Anguiano who dedicated so many years of his life to Chicano Park. Marco & Corky will be honored during the flag raising ceremony.

The Brewery Spring Artwalk
Saturday/Sunday, April 22/23, 10a - 6p
The Brewery Artists Lofts, LA

There are over 100 artists showing this spring. There is free parking at UPS.

Chumash Day Pow Wow 2006
Saturday, April 22, 10a - 7p
Sunday, April 23, 10a - 5p
Malibu Bluffs Park, 24250 W Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu

This is an intertribal pow wow & gathering with family-friendly activities including dancers, native foods, arts, crafts, storytelling, children's activities & other attractions. This year's theme is Honoring the Ocean.

Topanga Earth Day Benefit Celebration
Sunday, April 23, 10a - 5p
Concert for the Earth 4p
Topanga State Park; Nature Center, Trippet Ranch 20825 Entrada Road, Topanga
topangaearthday06@earthlink.net www.topangaearthday.org
Admission: $10

This a day long celebration & a union of music, arts, science, healing & ceremony featuring a concert by the Yuval Ron Ensemble with guest singer: Ahmed El Asmar & guest dancers: Maya Karasso & Melanie Kareem. The day will include numerous activities, workshops, booths, bazaar, environmentalists, displays, yoga, music & dance shows & more for the whole family

Proceeds will benefit Turtle Project & Stream Team & the Center for Land Base Learning - two local community, not for profit working to educate, preserve & restore the natural environment.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics Presents:
Sunday Film Series at the Watts Towers Arts Center
The Farm & Pelican Bay State Prison: Sunday, April 23, 1 - 3:30p
Prison Nation: Posters on the Prison Industrial Complex
Watts Towers Art Center, 1727 E 107th St, LA
Thru June 4
323.653.4662 cspg@politicalgraphics.org www.politcalgraphics.org
Funded in part by the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of LA

The Farm: Life Inside Angola (Louisiana prison) Produced for A & E Network Jonathan Stack & Liz Garbus: This documentary was the winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival; named Best Documentary of 1998 by the National Society of Film Critics & the New York Film Critics Circle. The Farm is the chilling, incredible & heart wrenching story of six inmates at Angola, one of America's most infamous prisons & a former slave plantation spreading across 12,000 acres of Louisiana farmland. Angola incarcerates 5,000 men, 85% of whom will never leave, who die while serving life or 100 year sentences. This film follows six inmates, interviews the warden & guards as they callously go about their "duties", shows Angola's death row, reveals the humanity of the prisoners & confirms that Angola is a place where there is no hope of second chances. It is a place where freedom is a distant memory.

Film clips on Pelican Bay State Prison: Segments of life in the most infamous state prison in CA shows the racist brutality & psychological violence of solitary confinement. In one section of Pelican Bay, prisoners are kept in cells with lights on throughout the day so guards can view their every movement, they are unable to talk to anyone. If there is any opportunity to exercise it is at the most, 2 hours per week, & in small areas that resemble cages. In addition strip searches & shackles are placed on their bodies whenever they leave the cells. There is a total neglect of their psychological & spiritual needs, & it is almost impossible to be transferred to the general population.

12th Annual De Colores Art Show & Festival
Festival: Sunday, April 23, 12noon - 8p
Veteran's Park, 10th & Ventura Ave
Art Show: Thru May 21
CA Oil Museum, 1001 E Main St, Santa Paula
805.525.8961 Xavier 805.890.0001 Carmen cguerrero@DeColoresArtGroup.org
www.DeColoresArtGroup.org www.decoloresartgroup.net www.XavierMontes.com
805.933.0076 info@oilmuseum.net www.oilmuseum.net

This, Ventura County's oldest Latino/Chicano art show, features work from 35 artists dedicated to Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta. See this year's show with art that spans all genres & mediums to express cultural, contemporary & human rights topics important to Latino artists. In addition to the art, there will be a festival with music, dance, vendors, food & kids' art activities.

Featuring Trio de Colores; Rondalla Anawim, Barrio Norte?o; Grupo Nahui Ollin; Jazmin Morales, La Huastequita; Conjunto Hueyapan, jarocho music; Ballet Folklorico Mestizo accompanied by Conjunto Hueyapan; Mariachi Nuevo Cuicatl?n, with soloists Xavier Montes & Albert Rodriguez; Debby & Anysa Oliveras; Maria Teresa Chavez & Lencho Moraza; & foklorico by Ballet Folklorico Mestizo; salsa dancing with Orquesta Charangoa

El Mercado, vendors with quality Latino themed-merchandise. The Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce will have drawings for restaurant & lodging gift certificates . . . lots of goodies for our guests! El Rincon de Ni?os, the Children's Corner with art activities for children. Veteran's Memorial Park has a playground for children & a Skate Park (remember to bring helmets, elbow & knee pads if using the Skate Park). Food & beverage booths & various great restaurants within one block of the park. Bring your dancing shoes & a chair.!

Exhibiting Artists: De Colores Art Show Muralist: Daniel Perez; Artists Exhibiting Paintings: Richie Arrellano, Gus Becerra, Daniel Chavez, Juliette Chayet-Cole, Ray Cirerol, Hope "Esperanza" Bartmess Doering, Lalo Garcia, Lety Garcia, Luiz Genaro Garcia, Ana Marini Genzon, Parmlee Gomez, Dolores Gonzalez Haro, Debbie Green, Joe Hernandez, Maribel Hernandez, Sergio Hernandez, Ernie Herrera, Robert Herrera, Cyndi Hidalgo-Knies, Michael Kelly, Judy Klement, Patricia Lazalde, Chris Lemon, Javier Magallon, Jesse Melgoza, Nick Mendoza, Laura Molina, Louie Moreno, Xavier Montes, Denis O'Leary, Rick Ortega, George Rodriguez, Laura Vazquez Rodriguez, Aurelia Ruvalcaba, Hector Silva, Otto "Tito" Sturcke, Coy Thomas-Guevara, Veronica Xochitl Valadez, Manuel Unzueta, Richard Valdez, Pamela Venegas; Artists Exhibiting Photographs: Alex Cooper, Margie de la Torre, Fernando Flores, Carmen Guerrero, Victor Guerrero, Jess Gutierrez, Gabriel Lopez, Joan Monroe, John Nichols, Antoinette Thorburn, Alberto Varela, Fernando Venegas; Artists Exhibiting Sculptures: Victoria Abram, Anna Bermudez, Rosa Maria D'Alvarez, Manuel Gonzales, Marina Herrera, Irma Montelongo, Carlos "Charlie" Paez, Sylvia Raz, Arturo Rivas Jr,

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