Thank you, Mi Gente and the L.A.P.D.

Our point, along with others, was proven!

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: May 4, 2006

Thank you,  Mi Gente and the L.A.P.D.

Tuesday morning, May 2, 2006, and all is well in the Land of 1000 Dances, gracias a Dios.

Yesterday, a number of points were made, all in favor of the people Brown.

...but first, a couple of thank you's are in order;

First, to my people of the Brown persuasian. Regardless of what the media said (and avoided saying), it was a no brainer that the combined marches in L.A., Santa Ana, Riverside, and other Southern California cities brought out more than a million people to the streets.

Considering that (along with the millions that protested at home on the sidelines by boycotting), no major disturbances, no mass arrests, and except for a minimal number of people who don't get it yet, the majority of flags were Red, White, and Blue. You all conducted yourselves well, with dignity and self respect. While the World watched, we showed them what's up....with class! My personal thanks to you all!

That put a shudder up the spine of racists who hitherto believed they were the only "true Americans"...and who thought they outnumbered us on this issue. Ha! Whatcha think now, Clyde?

...and we make the best friends too, dude! Try us, before you fry us!

Secondly, and most notably, a big thank you to L.A.'s finest, the Los Angeles Police Department.

Known as "head busters" & bullies for the slightest provocation for many years under previous racist and incompetent leaderships, rife with politically appointed incompetent sargeants, captains, and commanders, the May 1, 2006 show of force by the L.A.P.D. was racially balanced, professional, accomodating, and almost unbelievably restrained and patient.

To me, and many others who took notice, Chief Bratton's men & women in blue seemed ever more powerful and respectable than if they had been the bullies they were expected to be. No S.W.A.T. wagons, tear gas grenadiers, water cannons, armored vehicles, or beanbag shotguns in sight to provoke anyone, no threats over loudspeakers, and no officers in riot helmuts abusing their authority by being bullies with nightsticks. The high profile of supervision on the ground, along with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other civic leaders, was very calming as well. This time, the L.A.P.D. really did "protect and serve"...and many an Angeleno felt proud!

Obviously good field intelligence and officers in the crowd helped isolate the few idiots (like the communist anarchists who wore masks like terrorists cowards, who only wish to stir things up and spoil a good demonstration, because causing trouble & chaos is easier than being intelligent & responsible) and helped the police arrest these few, while leaving the positive and respectful 99% of the peaceful crowd virtually untouched.

Considering all the women, children and elderly in the crowd, and the fact that these tontos waited till dark, put the crowd between them & the police before they started hurling rocks & bottles, that was a masterpiece of modern police tactics that needs accolades, indeed!

Thirdly, to the large African American community support. With their leaders publicly holding out their hand in support, along with many others from many different ethnic groups who joined in on the march, they publicly acknowleged that White America has practiced a policy of "divide and conquer" , mildly similar to apartheid, that has kept the large minority populations of the U.S. under the control of a few...a policy that they publicly declared (on their radio stations as well) is now obvious and obsolete.

And lastly, a big thank you to the media, especially the racist inspired portion, who thought they wouldn't be noticed, and their supposed shrewdness ignored. You actually helped the cause.

While the question mark above your head grows, first let me congratulate the honest, REAL journalists and reporters who repeatedly complimented the people and police for the peaceful demonstration, and whose cameramen accurately portrayed the racial mixture of the crowd, the unbelievably large crowds, and the beautiful sea of Red, White, and Blue flags. This web magazine, along with other respectable publications called for non-violence, peaceful demostrations, a show of unity, and a request to fly the Stars & Stripes. The people almost overwhelmingly granted our requests. The Spanish language media, who insidiously take an almost perverse pleasure in finding fault with America for their benefit, carefully & respectfully avoided offending anyone, of any language. That was refreshing, mis amigos!

And now to the fools that still live in a racist world... The TV newschannels who tried to focus on those flying the flags of Mexico , Korea, and other Countries..that was a very stupid thing to do. It made the gap between the ignorant of both sides just a little wider. I'm Glad the numbers of ignorant are shrinking. After a few moments , I avoided your channels completely, as I'm sure others did. ( You listening out there, Sponsors?) No wonder you're on the bottom of the food chain, repeatedly lying about you being # 1. (how big is the field among the stupid, anyway?)

I also want to thank some of the Caucasian Radio DJ's who supported the cause. They invited open forum, and didn't censor the ignorant comments from ignorant people, letting ignorance, stupidity, and racial prejudice be heard publicly for what it truly is...the moral decadence of a small & shrinking portion of the American people who lack self respect, dignity, and class.

One told me this morning "I'm almost embarassed of white people," he said, "I was just kidding & being sarcastic when I said that 'the commute's better, and there's no crowds...go out and buy gas and go shopping...and spend money like we don't need them!'
...and some actually did, and called or e~mailed me, bragging and thanking me ..."

(I respect his request that I not mention his name. I would be ashamed if I was him, too.)

Until white America gives the land back to the native Americans, admitting that their ancestors stole it and exploited the people out of human being is illegal!

Until the Mexican government can admit it is enbarrassed and ashamed that because of its ineptness and corruption, many of it's citizens flee the country for a better life in another country... they owe us a great big thank you & show of respect.

There's a reason why people from other parts of the World keep coming here...and a reason why we're still the most powerful Country on the planet.

...and now...I'm going back to playing my music and being grateful I live in the Land of 1000 Dances...anybody with me?

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme is an Internet Radio Personality and contributing writer to LatinoLA.


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