A God Not in Her Image

The Pledge of Allegiance negates culture and gender

By Cheryl Quintana-Leader
Published on LatinoLA: July 2, 2002

A God Not in Her Image

The following is a response to "Removing God From the Pledge" by Fernando Oaxaca at

First off, "Under God" wasn't even in the pledge until 1952 when Eisenhower added it. The original writer/artist DID NOT originally make this addition to his originally written pledge. So, for someone to change it without consent of its author and/or family, trustees, et. al. is as always "the American Way" -- "shoot first, ask questions and/or permission later (if at all)". Those that believed in true Democracy -- some of our founding fathers fought to ensure that the United States would, in fact, maintain that we as a country separate state from church. This action would best ensure everyone's individual freedom -- for even those who chose/choose not to believe in a myriad of "man-made" religious practices -- all stemming from a male image, a male pronoun (he, his, and him) and numerous male only (powerful) deities. Always un-inclusive of powerful female images to which 52% (and more in times of war) of its populations were massed well above and beyond.

Is Judge Ferdinand Fernandez a pure Spaniard?? Does he hail from Spain without any genetic coding via the country of Mexico? How is it that we as Latinos are now fighting on behalf of preserving the notion of "a God," that our indigenous ancestors did not believe in and were forced by death to adhere to? How is it that many a people in history and in biblical stories had to denounce their own beliefs (which was inclusive of both men and women, and animal-imaged forces) and brainwashed to embrace the European conquerors created entity to become civilized and saved!! Religions who repeatedly (even today in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, et. al) base their teachings solely on the humans using the
most power (mostly by force and/or physical dominance) to interpret and force others to either believe, be ostracized, be killed, be tortured, to be eliminated from books of historical basis, to be extinct within the imaging through movies & television (unless adhering to the "popular" sects). All this treatment based solely on MEN who deem what is to be interpreted to general masses of people (again, 52% of which include Women who have no entities in HER image that SHE can indentify with).

Instead of being brainwashed by political parties that continue to choose to brainwash the public, let's allow our children not to be brainwashed by conquering religions but to be afforded the equal opportunity to get educated (by a party that while it talks about the importance of education of our natural resource in our country -- it's people, they have yet to put this money ("In God they trust" -- all with
dominating Male Imaging) where their mouths are, and ensure that those "so help me God" acceptors -- have yet, to fully educate all of its people properly -- nor for that matter -- fully embraced our Country with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL PEOPLE! Afterall, we are still a country that fights within and among itself to be inclusive, despite our religious practices and/or beliefs. And remember, our country DID NOT BECOME A DEMOCRACY by unanimous decision and there are those still within our country that continue to shred at the very fibers that those
of our founding fathers who abhorred slavery, though many other founding fathers maintained it....why? For their own personal gains and not for the collective well-being of all.

Choose your battles wisely...not for "Under God" additives by those who chose to presumptively change a writer's original works to satisfy their own personal agenda, and without regard to its (the pledge's) creator. Let's look to best evolve toward not becoming sheep but by embracing and maintaining each of our own personal and universal power....regardless of how others enforce it upon us as how it (our spiritual and religious beliefs) is be perceived and used.

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