I Am An American Citizen

Worker protection for participants in the May 1 demonstrations

By M. Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: May 8, 2006

I Am An American Citizen

What I like about this Forum is that it is informative and Positive towards the Latino Community.

We as Latinos have a lot to offer, contribute and to say- As a society, artist and as a people.

We are not here to cut and put each other down. There is enough of that in this World and enough hate groups that blame and target a group of people based on the color of our skin.

As a community activist I receive a lot of e-mails. It is impossible to be involved in everything.

Like our battles we must pick and choose.

Causes that I'm active in are: Affordable Housing and Child-care, Domestic Violence, Teenage pregnancy, and lately Human Rights-Immigration Rights.

I'm an American Citizen-Why should I care about illegal's or undocumented workers marching in Downtown L.A. and around the Nation?

BECAUSE - It is not just about illegals, undocumented workers and immigrants.
We are being targeted and under attack by a group of people, blinded by ignorance, hate, bigotry and racism. I don't want to be pulled over and asked for my ID just because of the color of my skin.

BECAUSE - I can not sit idle and go about my daily task and business as usual or sit in front of the T. V. comfortably on my couch and let the Media feed me a bunch of Crap! Telling me how it happened.. What to buy..what to I should I should to speak..what to watch..where to go on vacation..what to eat.

BECAUSE- I want to see it with my own two eyes, I want to experience it first hand and document it the way I saw and felt it.
You see I don't like the edited version-I want the uncut, uncensored version.

BECAUSE- I don't want to become a shallow..starbuck coffee drinking.. closed...shut down...disconnected...un-feeling person. That thinks this has nothing to do with me!

We have the right and the freedom to express our opinion and to stand up for our rights without threat, fear or coercion.

As a service to the Latino Community please add this to my comment:

Please distribute widely

Did you or someone you know get fired or disciplined for not attending work on May 1 to attend rallies or marches?

Our law office has filed a nationwide charge at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to protect workers disciplined, and/or threatened with discipline, for participating in April 10th or May 1st rallies or marches. We are seeking names, addresses, and phone numbers of employers who disciplined and/or threatened to discipline employees in this situation, as well as any employees who were affected, so that we can bring all such employers to the attention of the NLRB.

If you have any such information, or want to discuss this further, please contact us at > or (510) 337 7351. Change to Win filed the charge with the NLRB.

Thank you,
Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld

Por favor corra la voz

Usted o alguien que conoce ha sido despedido o castigado por faltar a trabajar el 1ero de mayo por participar en las marchas o en los mitines?

Nuestra oficina ha presentado una peticion nacional al Consejo Nacional de Relaciones Laborales (NLRB) para proteger a los trabajadores quienes han sido castigados y/o amenazados, por participar en las marchas o los mitines del 1ro de mayo o del 10 de abril. Estamos buscando nombres, direcciones, y numeros telefonicos de empleadores quienes han castigado y/o amenazado con castigar a sus empleados en esta situacion. Ademas, estamos buscando los datos de los empleados involucrados.

Si tiene usted algunos datos, o quiere contactarnos para hablar con mas detalle sobre este asunto, favor de comunicarse con > o (510) 337 7351.

La peticion ha sido presentado al NLRB por Change to Win.

Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld

About M. Reyna:
M.Reyna: Varied Artist, Community Activist

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