Nintendo and Sony's Turn

Big announcements are expected to be made regarding the new systems and many popular games at E3

By Anthony Balcorta & Jeffrey Reyes
Published on LatinoLA: May 9, 2006

Nintendo and Sony's Turn

Nintendo and Sony will finally reveal the specifics about their much anticipated new video game systems, including the cost and what the real games should look like on them. This will all be revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, in Los Angeles starting on May 10th.

E3 is essentially the principal videogames convention where videogame companies from all over the world gather to show off their latest and greatest new games, systems, and innovations. The expo this year promises to be one of the best, as each of the ‘«£Big Three,‘«ō which are Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, will be firing on all cylinders.

Big announcements are expected to be made regarding the new systems and many popular games.

Nintendo‘«÷s new system will most likely get an official name, as it was previously codenamed ‘«£Revolution.‘«ō Sony‘«÷s Playstation 3 should have a relative price point and a redesigned controller. Although Microsoft‘«÷s Xbox 360 is already in stores, news about new peripherals, such as a webcam-like camera, and games that will be released soon will also be displayed. News on the extremely popular game franchise ‘«£Halo‘«ō might also make the news headlines of the day.

Since the Xbox 360 has been out since November, this leaves the Playstation 3 and the ‘«£Revolution‘«ō to play catch-up. Those systems come out later this year, and E3 will be important for each in that it will show off what the systems can really do. All the rumors and speculation about whether or not the Playstation 3 will display graphics that are leaps and bounds over its competing systems will be seen in its demos.

The ‘«£Revolution‘«ō will show off games that will work with it‘«÷s much discussed about controller, a controller that resembles a TV remote and contains a light sensor on the end much like the light gun found with the very first Nintendo system. The Playstation 3 will demonstrate that it is a full fledged entertainment system with its Blue Ray DVD compatibility, included hard drive, and ability to operate with a number of other devises and peripherals. The ‘«£Revolution‘«ō will reveal how it‘«÷s making strides in putting gaming first before anything else, and should show just that with extremely innovative games that will truly show if it is in fact a ‘«£Revolution.‘«ō

If you‘«÷re a videogame fan or just want to know what‘«÷s coming up in the next months regarding your favorite systems and games, stay tuned for more information then you could hope for come May. The Playstation 3 and Nintendo‘«÷s next will not disappoint.

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