Celebro Ser Madre

Para todas las Madrecitas

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: May 11, 2006

Celebro Ser Madre

Madrecita linda
Madrecita en este dia tan hermoso
En este dia que esta especialmente dedicado
para todas las Mamacitas
Te estoy estanando con todo mi Corazon
Como te estrano
y como to necesito
Quisiera poder ir a verte
en el cielo..y platicar..llorar
y reir juntas
Dios me ah bendecido con una Hija
tan linda, su ternura, su amor
su calor, su modo de pensar
y su luz que resplenda y
illumina..mi vida
Celebro ser Madre
con gusto..orgulo
y alegria!

I had my first child at the age of sixteen.
My little Marsi..She was my comfort..my little companion
We grew up together.. She was more than my daughter..she's been my friend
my little sister, my companion, my light, sanity, laughter, hope
My little Star in the dark
She was with me through it all
Sunny days..cloudy days..rainy days
and the darkest of the darkest
and now the brightest of the Brightest


I am writing this poem for you
Because today I was thinking of you
and remembering the good times and happy times
we had together.
I also remember the bad and sad times
but you were always there when I needed you

Dear God you took away the most precious person
I had in this world but only realize it till
I lost her.
So this is why I want her to get this message
I want her to know I miss her and will always
carry her in my heart and say I'm sorry for
every bad moment you had that was caused by me

Mother dear if you can see me from where you are
I want you to know " I love You" I'll always
have you in mind and I will never forget what
a good mother you were to us.
Now I know how much you loved us and how hard it
was for you to raise us by yourself..but you kept on

I'm so grateful to God for letting you die in
peace with very little pain..because you suffered
enough in life.

Mother can you see me cry..can you see the tears
running down my face. I'm sorry if I hurt you when
I cry..but I cry because I'm sad and lonely for you
buy at the same time I cry of happiness
I pray for you and for me..because I know one day
we will be reunited in a better world.
Well mother until next time
I know you can see me

I lost my mother when I was eighteen years old. I wrote this shortly after her death.
Writing has always helped me deal with my feelings. When my Madrecita died I felt so alone and lost. She died in her sleep..she got up one morning put on some music..drank a cup of coffee and went back to bed..and went to sleep forever.

By the grace of God:
Si no fuera por estos ninos..mis Angelitos-estuviera completamente sola en este mundo.
Todos los dias doy Gracias por lo que tengo! Y celebro der Madre!

About Maria Reyna:
M.Reyna: Varied Artist-Painter, Poet, Storyteller
Art Exhibit through May 21,2006
At: Tia Chuchas Cafe Cultural

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