Beyond the 25th

Still Marching on...May 17 & 18

By Xavi
Published on LatinoLA: May 15, 2006

Beyond the 25th

Beyond the 25th - Still Marching on?

An artistic manifestation of solidarity with all peoples that make up this divided nation.

@ Casa 0101
2009 E. First Street. Boyle Heights, CA 90033
May 17th & May 18th at 8pm



On March 25th and May 1st, we showed the world that our force, our strength and our voice cannot be silenced from this moment on! This is the birth of a new civil rights movement for the 21st century, and we will fight for our demands until we prevail.

May 1st was one of the most important days in U.S. history: ten millions of immigrants, activists and allies in over 200 cities from across the country chose to skip work, school, and the normal daily routine to participate in "A Day Without Immigrants." We held a national boycott, general strikes, rallies and symbolic actions in order to demand basic rights for all immigrants, and to build a new multi-ethnic united civil rights movement for the 21st century!

This could be the biggest civil rights/social movement ever seen in U.S. history. Millions flooded the streets of Los Angeles and essentially shut down the city. In New York City like Los Angeles Latino, African and Asian immigrants marched into the heart of the city together in solidarity.In Chicago, hundreds of thousands mobilized for this May 1st march.

We have shown the world that our force, our strength and our voice cannot be silenced from this moment! And we'll fight for our demands until we prevail.

- No to the anti-immigrant HR4437 and any other "copycat" legislation from Congress
- No to militarization of the border
- No to criminalization of immigrant communities
- No to the planned immigrant crackdown across the country
- No to the guest worker program

- Yes to amnesty for undocumented immigrants
- Yes to immigrant family reunification
- Yes to a humane path to citizenship
- Yes to labor rights and living wages for all workers

United We'll Win! Together We'll Achieve Our Dreams!

Join us community artist Karen Anzoategui, Fanny Garcia, Javier Moreno,
Samuel Hernandez and Oscar Basulto as we share our experiences through art, spoken word, poetry, photography & theatre; from the historic "Gran Marcha of March 25th to the "Day Without Immigrants." and beyond. History is in the making.

Casa 0101 Theatre / Art Space
Is situated in the heart of the immigrant community, ever since the late 1800's the land east of the Los Angeles River has and continues to be home to thousands of immigrants from numerous nationalities.

For more information visit us at www.myspace.com/beyondthe25th

About Xavi:
Boyle Heights Historian, Poeta, Activista, Teatrista de la communidad del este del Rio de Los Angeles

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