The Summer Jam Kick Off

The Hope of Glory Fellowship brings you another brand of Chicano music, June 9

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: May 18, 2006

The Summer Jam Kick Off

As I have always said, music is one of the most artistic acheivements of modern mankind, and is a timeless, ever quenching fountain of youth that I invite all people of all walks of life to take a deep drink from, in efforts to ease the aches, pains, and financial hardships that make up our world of today.

Could be worse...but it's not..so put on some music, please!

I have a profound respect and admiration for the artists who compose, sing, or play an instrument in this distinct Art field, for they have been truly blesssed by a spirit and higher power truly unimaginable in the commercial, do-it-for-a-dollar, man made world.

Music is a salve that soothes, a message that calms, an energy that moves you, and enlightens those who can hear the magic of it's makers...

Put that in the hands of Chicanos, and it goes a step higher...

...put it all in the hands of GOD, share it with people you love, or people who lack love...and you discover why the ultimate high, and concept of heaven, is nothing but beautiful!

That being said, it gives me great pleasure to be one of the first to announce the Summer Jam Kickoff Concert at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena on Saturday, June 9th, 2006.

A free concert open to the World brought to you by the Hope of Glory Fellowship, the Christian Music World is another of GOD's blessings that will be shared with all, and only asks one thing: PLEASE COME, AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILIES!!

Featuring 2 of the best Chicano Christian Music bands in Southern California, KINGS & PRIESTS, and BROTHERS n' BLUES, this free concert will also feature special dancers and other musical and entertainment guests, as well as other celebrity attendees from the Land of 1000 Dances.

I have heard both bands, KINGS & PRIESTS, and THE BROTHERS n' BLUES, and have even played their music on my shows. They have a talented & distinct sound drawing from many musical genres, most notably Rock, Blues, R & B, Old School and Soul Oldies, and they give up a pleasurable listening experience as well as message that takes the art of Christian Music to a higher level. They have personal stories, as do all survivors of life & hard times that have received a life's blessing, and they hold nothing back in sharing them with the world...the only cost: just a little of your time.

My brother, Art Arzaga, a Captain with the L.A. County Fire Department, a devoted family man and proud servant of the Lord, has always enjoyed music. He even plays in his Church's band, along with his two sons, my nephews Chris and Jake. "Just making a little noise for the Lord" he always jokes with me. He & his wife Norma, my most beautiful & caring sister in law indeed, have been instrumental in making this event happen.

Art tells me about 5 years ago, he attended a Christian music concert outside of L.A. where the experience was uplifting, inspiring, attended by a couple thousand, and touched his heart. " Man, it was a good experience, Brother, I wish you could have been there" he told me recently. Then he said "I got an idea...an ispiration if you will. I know that you have been involved in the music happenings in L.A., and I've noticed that nothing has been more instrumental in bringing our people together for generations than music. Laws, movimientos, politics, wars, fiestas, social protests, hard times, and now the economy have always been a reason for our people to get together and bond to fight a cause...Why not just get together like a large family and just celebrate life and the love of GOD with good music? I wanted to see something like that happen here in L.A., and after 5 years of talking, meeting, and negotiating, it's coming together with the help of some heavy people, and most of it FOR FREE! So I had to give some of that back" he said.
..."and a little prayer didn't hurt either", he joked.

When he asked me if I could help out, I jumped on the opportunity but quick. My brother Art is a proud man who hardly ever asks for anything, but he's the kind of guy who rarely says "No" if you need help or a favor. I felt honored that he asked.

GOD blessed me with him as my brother, so now I'M giving a little back! (..and I admit, although me & GOD are tight homies, I still owe him, big time, for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me!)

When I began to tell my friends in the music & entertainment world about the event, many offered support. "How can we help?", some of them asked.

"Just come and be there" was the response my brother wanted me to convey.

Besides the performances of KINGS & PRIESTS and THE BROTHERS n' BLUES, along with other great entertainment for the family, the event will have food, refreshments, community information booths, FREE admission and FREE parking. It will be a beautiful summer afternoon in the City of Angels~Southside Kali, and I take great pleasure in joining LatinoLA.com in inviting you, your friends, and your family to a wonderful day of music & love under the sunshine of the Land of 1000 Dances.

FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2006
6 PM
11003 E. Rooks Road
for more info: Hope of Glory Fellowship
(562) 903-7355

And of course, tell 'em you heard from Frankie Firme and LatinoLA.com !!

Note: Eric Arzaga, who has also been instrumental in putting this show together, wants to remind everbody that the Pico Rivera Sports Arena is in the city of Whittier. For info & directions, call (562) 695-0747"

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie's website: www.frankiefirme.50megs.com

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