Musical Genocide

Are we losing our children.. and paying the cost?

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: May 26, 2006

Musical Genocide

I was inspired by a kaliedescope of influences to write this piece. First, a Black comedian on cable T.V, then a recent article in LatinoLA by Xiuhcoatl (Video Game Genocide at, then a scene in a movie I?ve seen several times but never noticed, some in depth observation of the many young people in my family for the past week, along with all the rhetorical crap about the immigration issue, listening to young Brown people?s music in L.A., and finally, the finale of American Idol on TV.

...and the concept of Musical genocide came upon me...

GENOCIDE: The dictionary defines genocide as ?a systematic annihilation of a specific group or race, first practiced by the Nazi?s in WW II era Germany during their attempted extermination of the Jews? ?.

...?systematic annihilation??hmmm?what does that mean? Who?s system?...who?s being annihilated?

What?s musical genocide?

I see it as a subtle extermination of social mores of a people. My people! A gradual destruction of culture. A means of gaining control & superiority over a generation by assisting this generation socially & vocationally to destroy itself, so that it has no other means of survival but to allow control over them as they slip out from under parental support?or starve.

Ever wonder where street people learned to be homeless? Ever watch those 1990 era futuristic movies in which anarchy is a way of life except for the ?evil? authority??

Let me break it down for those of you still scratching their head...Losers are not born!!

Ever watch cartoon programs with children nowadays? There?s nothing that lasts more than a minute before the images are constantly changing, promoting a lifestyle of violent, wild behavior & schizophrenic music in the most primitive of terms. The characters all talk sarcastically and never complete a full sentence without some clich? or slang term. Being stereotypical ?street? or ?ghetto? are the heroic traits of today?s cartoon protagonists. Sad.

TV being a child?s first babysitter, teacher, & surrogate parent, they sit mesmerized in front of the boob tube, while young parents foolishly content themselves into thinking their child is entertained and ?behaving?. Children are actually learning how to act in their first cognitive period of life. They are learning how significant an attention span is...

Ever watch TV with a teenager? Same rapid change of images every 30 to 45 seconds (maybe 2 to 3 in a music video), only most teenagers today cannot sit in front of a TV without a remote and leave it on one channel for more than a few minutes, before they go on a manic scan of 5 to 10 other channels. No attention span whatsoever. They talk in the same sarcastic, disrespectful, and rebellious vernacular they learned from TV and peers who watched the same programs. They act the way they were taught... and learned.

They refer to each other as ?dog? or ?bitch? openly. The most popular programs are those of young, unshaven, ?street? looking young men trashing houses, disrespecting & abusing their elders, or involved in dangerous, reckless, socially inappropriate behavior. Favorite music videos are those where young men in streets or alleys are having large parties where older, sexy, scantily clad females hump, grind, and basically submit to them, while they preach the benefits of drugs, crime, violence, and street life (they call it ?rapping?, ?cause they don?t have the talent to sing). I saw one where the pretty black lead singer was at a dance with at least 10 other Black young pretty women, waiting to dance. Then, they all submitted and bent over and allowed young men in gang attire to hump their nalgas, while she sang of being treated badly by a ?lover?.

I couldn?t believe this! One Black friend of mine was disgusted. ?No wonder Black teenage pregnancy and domestic violence are out of control,? he said angrily.

A Black comedian on a recent cable TV comedy show was giving more than a social commentary & lament about Black social behavior, and the stereotypes Blacks have developed for themselves?. but he didn?t put the blame entirely on Black people. He acknowledged how the American media corporations have exploited the natural rebellious nature of teenagers for the sake of a buck.

He also added that Blacks & Latinos are the major targets of this exploitation. While cultures are being melted away into irrelevance, somebody?s making money off this, he said. He closed his act by saying ?Remember this, my brothers & Sisters...if you act like a nigger, somebody will always pay you.? That has stuck in my craw for over 3 weeks!

That was the most significant, new, public social statement I have heard in many years and it really moved me to think & ponder.

I was watching the movie ?Boyz in the ?hood? recently when a scene hit me, and I said to myself, ?Yeah! No wonder people are crying about the high school exit exams being unfair to immigrant & low income families. WE ALLOW IT!?. In this scene, Lawrence Fishburn, who plays a responsible single parent, asks ?Do you ever wonder why there?s gun shops & liquor stores on every corner of the Black community?..they want us to kill ourselves. You don?t see this in Beverly Hills or any other white neighborhood. Drugs weren?t a problem until white kids started using them.?

I could easily change this lament to Brown in a minute! The only difference is the shades of color, and that our young people have begun to bastardize & pervert our beautiful Spanish language with street neologisms, foreign ?twangs?, and misspellings. (Intentional or just plain ignorant? Hmmm...)

Ever listen to young kid?s music today? It?s boring! It?s monotonous! The lyrics are moronic, depressing, demeaning, and filled with open sexual innuendo. The sound is repetitive, almost giving the feeling of being imprisoned in hopelessness & helplessness. This new ?R & B? sound goes nowhere, and is most uninspiring, to say the least. It gives me the feeling of being ?lost? or exhausted, no matter how hard I try to see the artistic achievement?because there is none, and like the fabled ?Emperor's new clothes? tale, I feel like the kid who exclaims ?I don?t see anything? while the community gasps in disbelief that honesty could be so stark & disruptive to collective submission.

Children learn to follow the crowd and what?s portrayed as popular on TV.

Our children are learning to be ignorant, disrespectful, non~artistic, and lazy, uneducated slugs AT OUR OWN EXPENSE! Talk about getting ripped off in today?s world!

A lot of today's music World for young Latinos glamorizes street life, crime, social rebellion, disrespect, socially inappropriate sexual bbehavior, and the degradation & subjugation of women as a way of wonder our young people get no respect...

...and are lost when they try to enter the real world as young adults!

(How would your kids survive RIGHT NOW if they suddenly became orphaned?..something a Persian friend of mine asked me when I questioned his devotion to getting his 2 children educated in America while insisting they also have part time jobs?)

Now, I have my final ?haw, haw? on the young generation. Young, handsome, beautiful, and talented young performers were beaten in competition by a middle aged, grey haired dude from a small town in Alabama on the ?American Idol? TV show.

His most noticeable attribute: He sang songs where you understood the lyrics, he didn?t need to put anybody down, he didn?t need a baseball or cowboy hat, his clothes at least fit, and he at least combed his hair & shaved. (..the latter being something even host Ryan Seacrest couldn?t do on a consistent basis)?and he wasn?t even the most talented!

Music is still the fountain of youth & life to me?so why are so many people wanting to muddy the water?....

Musical Genocide...helping our young poison themselves...

About Frankie Firme:
When not looking at everybody, Frankie Firme is an Internet Radio DJ and contributing writer.

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