United States Has a Right

(American Pride)

By Jan P. Gomez, PhD. Education
Published on LatinoLA: May 26, 2006

United States Has a Right

I?m very much concerned about the attitude of people that are not US citizens to protest what they feel is an entitlement to come across the U.S borders.

The issue should focus on Mexico and the reason for people wanting to leave and come to the US. The question needs to be asked "What has Mexico done for the world?"

I cannot find any significant historical information where Mexico has contributed "positively" to better the world. In fact, if you study the facts, Mexico has been a country that has been on the receiving end and as they say "a hand out" to the rest of the world.

What does Mexico have to be proud of when their own people cannot even make a decent living? What kind of country is Mexico?

As a Mexican American who is very proud to be an American, my allegiance is to the United States?-not Mexico. I have mastered the English language and to suggest that because I am of Mexican decent that I should speak Spanish as a primary language is absurd.

The United States has a right to control their borders and if I had to make a choice of defending the United States, I would not hesitate to defend the US against all illegal immigrants that place a burden on our social system.

It?s very simple; the US does not owe any illegal immigrant, especially Mexicans, a living. America is my country and just because I am of Mexican decent, I do not hold any allegiance to Mexico.

You abide by the law and you get the privilege of living in America.

About Jan P. Gomez, PhD. Education:
3rd generation Mexican that is an American citizen. Professor of International Cultural Studies and Social Systems. The University of Colorado, Humanities

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