Juarez: Stages of Fear

A movie about the murders of young women in the border city of Juarez, May 31

By Cesar Zamora
Published on LatinoLA: May 27, 2006

Juarez: Stages of Fear

"Juarez: Stages of Fear" - Finally a movie about the situation that has been going on in Juarez, Mexico for the past twelve Years, and continues still today: The killing and raping of young women (over 375 unsolved murders). It premieres May 31, 2006 at Laemmle Fairfax 3, 7907 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles 90048.

We are having a roll-over-limited theatrical release with up to 35 copies in the United States. The movie already opened in El Paso, Mcallen, Harlingen, Mission, Brownsville, Las Cruces, Laredo, Austin, San Antonio, Miami, Dallas, and New York. When it opened in El Paso, it was fifth place in sales among other 17 "Hollywood Movies" in release, which is very, very good for an Independent Film. Home video in the United States, and Canada has been acquired by Twentieth Century Fox. It opens at the following theatres on June 2.

Laemmle One Colorado, 42 Miller Alley, Old Pasadena, CA 91103; (626) 744-1224

AMC Norwalk 20, 12300 E. Civic Center Dr., Norwalk, CA 90650; (562) 864-5678

Cinemark at the Pike, 99 South Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802; (562) 435-0353

M&M Cinemasl 6528 Pacific Blvd.; Huntington Park, CA 90255' (323) 581-0777

Cinemas Palme D'or, 72840 Highway 111, Palm Desert, CA 92260; (760) 779-0430

Cinemark 22, 2600 W. Ave. I, Lancaster, CA 93536; (661) 940-7086

The cast of the movie: Chris Penn, Cesar Alejandro, Maria Rebeca, Jose Solano, Rick Bornemann, and Elizabeth Cox. It is a drama, and it is 87 Minutes long.

Actress Laura Zamora portrays a maquila worker, with dreams of crossing to America, who is
being stalked by the Serial Killer.

"Juarez: Stages of Fear" touches upon three of the most talked-about problems in Mexico: the murders of young women in the border city of Juarez (375 women in 11 years), kidnappings, and the corruption within the Mexican police.

The story centers on what goes on inside the mind of the people being kidnapped, what is happening (mentally) to the citizens of Juarez, Mexico, and a serial killer on the loose.

Being kidnapped is an experience similar to impending death, because you always think, and are told by the kidnapers, that you are going to die. That's why a person being kidnapped goes through the stages of death: Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

Since the whole xity of Juarez is going through these stages, a serial killer is taking advantage of this situation, and is responsible, according to the FBI, for at least a third of the victims. On the other hand, corrupt policemen are taking advantage as well.

"Juarez: Stages of Fear" is a very realistic look at the "business" of kidnapping in Mexico, as well as the lackadaisical attitude of the Mexican Police towards the
murders of many Mexican Women (the value of human Life is "cheap" in Mexico if you area low-income Mexican Woman). Based very closely on real kidnappings and girl-killings, "Stages of Fear" is a psychological study of a city with a chronic illness, that keeps getting worse, and is in desperate need of a cure.

The movie features a song I wrote, along with lyrics by Alejandro Lerner, called "De Mariposa a Cruz." It is sung by Ruben Blades, Alejandra Guzman, Jose Feliciano, Alejandro Lerner, Diego Verdaguer, Emilia Navaira, Carina Rico, Little Joe, Jenni Rivera, Fernando Arau, Eduardo Palomo, Colin Hay, Cesar Alejandro, Rogelio Martinez, Celeste Carballok, Amy Pietz, Joe Jackson, Cecilia Noel, Andy Lauer, Taylor Negron, Laura Zamora, Ignacio Elizavetsky, Juan Namuncura, David Shark, Francisco Romero and Marcelo Rod-Che.

Proceeds from the sale of the CD soundtrack go to The Fund for the Orphans of the Women of Juarez.

About Cesar Zamora:
Cesar Alejandro is at alexfilms@elp.rr.com

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