Adios - See You Later

Para Mi Papa

By m.j.padilla
Published on LatinoLA: June 9, 2006

Adios - See You Later

Brut, the wind blew a whiff my way and I thought of you.
Rubbing alcohol (91% the best) sprinkled on bed linens.
The sound of popping knuckles and toes.

Red ripe garden tomates just plucked off the vine, shared with salt.
Fresh cooked pinto beans- de la olla- with chopped onions.
Ice cream, ice cream, the cure all for whatever was wrong or right.
Chile pequine, tomates, and a clove of garlic mashed in the molcajete.
Tortillas de maize hechos de mano.

Knees folded in prayer, early morning or late night, at home or the church alter.
Scented manly handkerchiefs.
Science books, nature books, encylopedias, prayer books, sermon books.
Roses, yellow, red pink, lavender, bushes and bushes and bushes.
Li'do, li'do kitty.

Potaje of potatoes, onions, tomates y chiles- delicious!
Fish soup: fish heads simmered, taken out, the meat of the fish with green Spanish olives,
sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, and black pepper corns.
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.
New Years Eve tamales, your mother's recipe from memory.

Fishing from a boat at San Pedro Harbor- the first time I went I was sick, the second you won the "jackpot" and I baited my own hook and didn't tangle up the lines.
And Bosco the mutt, did you find him, is he up there?

Well papa you did good, you kept us in prayer.
Each of us felt unique, you had a way of making us all feel special and some of us caught on and lean on the same source, Jesus.

I can let you go home, a Dios, see you later.
That which was comitted to the Lord is redeemed.
That which was set aside will be cleansed.
That which was crucified unto Christ will rise in the resurrection.

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