What's a Degree Got To Do With It?


By Sandra Habr-Valle
Published on LatinoLA: June 5, 2006

What's a Degree Got To Do With It?

It saddens me to read articles such as the one written by Jan P.Gomez PhD Education entitled "United States Has a Right" at It is hard to accept that there are so many in the Mexican community who have chosen to deny themselves of the historical knowledge necessary to grasp a real understanding of the political climate of today.

"What has Mexico done for the world today?" she asks. Who cares! That is not the point here. While you bathe in the American pride that fuels your hatred of your own people, you fail to see the struggles of your brothers and sisters, and yes they are your brothers and sisters no matter how hard you try to run. They come to this country because their lives at home are unbearable. This is not solely Mexico's fault. This is due in great part to the country you love so much which sets up its corporations, forcibly removes its people to build factories and plants, strips them of their natural resources and then employs them at sweatshop wages. If they try to leave these despicable circumstances they are told they have no right to.

Furthermore, your ancestors, Ms. Gomez, if you are truly Mexican, did not strictly come from Europe. They were always here and their descendants have a right to this land, too.

"My allegiance is to the United States," you say. Well, unfortunately the United States doesn't feel the same way about you. Ask the migrant workers, ask any Brown child in the ghetto trying to receive a decent education, ask the increasing number of military recruiters on majority Latino campuses and finally ask yourself: "Just because I am of Mexican decent..."

Exactly why, Ms. Gomez? The health of the tree is only as strong as its roots, and you have chosen to deny yours.

I can't believe such an educated woman would fail to see the truth, gather the facts and acquire a broader knowledge of the situation in terms of history and the present political agenda. Borders did not exist until Man decided to draw imaginary lines. They are a social construct by which people like you decide who has a right to live where and when.

If this country was in as poor an economic situation as so many countries in this world and you had no choice for the survival of your family but to leave, I hope you are not turned away at the border. After all, you are Mexican, Ms. GOMEZ.

About Sandra Habr-Valle:
Sandra Habr-Valle is an Arab woman, proud to be married to a Mexican man who would never deny his ancestory or his people for anything.

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