Coincidence or Miracle

I believe there is a purpose for everything in life

Published on LatinoLA: June 11, 2006

Coincidence or Miracle

It had been a few months that I felt so depressed, just living and trying to find happiness in my kids and grandkids, but there was something missing to make me feel worthwhile.

I believe there is a purpose for everything in life. How many times have we asked ourselves, why did this happen?, or what a coincidence. Well, no one can tell you why, or if it was a coincidence. Maybe angels, or who knows even God.

The story that I am about to tell you in unusual and unexplainable and I'm going to share it with you.

A friend invited me to have a drink after work. We were to meet at 5:30. I arrived at 5:40. I looked around and saw a few winter Texans (elders who visit our state in the winter) were sitting by the windows and a few people around the bar, I realized she was probably running late. I got worried because she was always on time. I decided to wait and asked for a drink. I noticed a beautiful young girl sitting by herself a couple of tables away. A few minutes later, the girl approached me and asked if I was waiting for friends. I said yes, she also was waiting for someone so she asked if it was ok to wait with me. We started talking about our jobs, families, our hobbies, and it was such a "coincidence" that it turned out that we had so many things in common.

Time went by and around 6:30 her friends called telling her they were on their way. My friend hadn't arrived either. We continued talking. She mentioned that she was a writer among other things. I told her I had been writing for quite some time, even though only for my kids and myself. She mentioned to me a website where she had her stories published. I was very excited to hear her tell me these things. Who sent her to talk to me?

We continued talking, and forgot about our friends who didn't show up. Before we knew it, it was 9:30. We exchanged e-mails and phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. When we got to the parking lot, I realized she was very beautiful, but not as young as I had seen her inside. I left the place full of energy and happy.

The following day, my friend called and asked me why I hadn't joined her like we had agreed. At first I thought she was joking, but when she described the people that were at the place, I got chills. She said she had been waiting for me till 7:30. She tried calling me but she couldn't get an answer. When I hung up with her, I tried calling the number the girl had given me the night before, but didn't exist. I have e-mailed her several times, but have never received a respond.

What happened? Was it an angel who helped me see how much I can still give? Who was this beautiful girl I met and spend almost four hours with? I will never find out, the only thing for sure is that this unusual evening motivated my life.

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