Take Action to Defend Academia Semillas del Pueblo

Disney Company should know their racist employee is hate mongering on KABC Radio

By Josefina Aguilar
Published on LatinoLA: June 11, 2006

Take Action to Defend Academia Semillas del Pueblo

Dear friends and fellow activists,

If the information below outrages you as much as it did me, you will want to take action on this one. Our community AGAIN is under attack by right-wing conservatives, who under the Bush administration, feel entitled and encouraged to make racist and classist attacks against Latinos in this country.

With the recent media attention on the immigration issue, they are focusing on ways to chip, slowly but surely, on the integrity of our contributions to society. The most recent attack via KABC radio is targeting Semillas del Pueblo, a charter school in El Sereno (my hometown).

Marcos Aguilar and his fabulous crew are doing a magnificent job teaching our young ones dignity and pride in their cultura along with scholastic requirements just like any other quality school in the State. His hate-mongering remarks resulted in bomb threat to the school which caused an evacuation of 250 children.

Please read the article from "Xispas" internet magazine below.

It only takes a minute to make a phone call or write a letter. I am providing contact info to various key personnel at The Walt Disney Company (which owns KABC radio) for your convenience.

Bob Iger
President and Chief Executive Officer

John Hare
President, ABC Radio

George Mitchell
Chairman of the Board

The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California 91521-0931

Zenia Mucha
The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) - Corporate Communications
(818) 560-5300

David Caouette
TWDC - Corporate Communications
(818) 560-8543

Please act as your conscience compels you.


Josefina Aguilar Rojo
Espresso Mi Cultura Books & Coffee
POB 32001
Los Angeles, CA 90032
Join the mailing list by visiting www.espressomicultura.com
"A Better World is Possible"

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------

KABC-AM Radio Attacks Eastside Charter School

Academia Semillas del Pueblo at http://www.dignidad.org/ is an LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) sanctioned charter school in the Eastside community of El Sereno with students from kindergarten through the eighth grade.

"[Academia Semillas del Pueblo is] dedicated to providing urban children of immigrant native families an excellent education founded upon their own language, cultural values, and global realities," their official website says (www.dignidad.org).

Besides meeting all requirements for students in LAUSD schools, ASDP provides an ancestral Mexican (indigenous) school environment, based on the Mexika/Aztec concept of kalpulli, which caters to the mostly Mexican/Central American community in El Sereno. Besides English, they also have language classes in Nahuatl (native Mexican), Spanish, and
Mandarin. While the majority of the students are Mexican/Central American, the Academia is open to all children of any race, culture, or creed.

Recently, KABC-AM talk radio, which the right-wing has used for years to spout their ugly divisive politics, has targeted ASDP for closure because "they do not instill 'American' values." In particular, Scott McIntyre, a morning talk show host, claims the school is part of the "multiculturalism" push in this country, which has become a particular focus of attack by some US conservative fringe organizations.

Last week, their rabid attacks against ASDP led to death threats against the school and its children (even forcing students to go home).

KABC-AM, which is apparently owned by Disney, is a disgrace to academic freedom and the celebration of a rich, cultural reality in Los Angeles and throughout the country. They argue for the homogenization of everyone in this country into what they deem is "white" American society. In essence, they are saying everyone should believe like them, act like them, talk like them.

This is fascism, pure and simple -- people walking in goose steps (literarily or figuratively, it's the same concept). It's also racist (in fact, McIntyre once stated on his radio show that it was good that Whites attacked and killed Native peoples for their land).

What makes this society truly valuable is the diversity of cultures, religions, tongues, and peoples who have come here (some out of necessity). This country was not just built by Europeans. Mexicans, in particular, have been working and fighting for this country for more than 150 years. They've helped build the railroads, pick our fruits & vegetables, and labor at all levels of industry. They've fought in all major wars in the 20th century,
garnering more medals of honor than any other ethnic group during World War II. Although Latinos (including Mexicans) are said to be 10 percent of the US armed forces, they reportedly make up upwards of 30 percent of soldiers, marines, and National Guard units in Afghanistan and Iraq (including many undocumented people).

KABC is trying to close Academia del Pueblo not on any legal basis or for incompetence or any issues of malfeasance. The sole focus of their hatred is that the school is run by Xicanos, for Xicanos, and dedicated to Xicano/Mexicano culture and traditions.

What McIntyre and some of the other KABC anchors fail to realize is that Xicanos, Mexicanos, and Central Americans, particularly the indigenous Aztec/Mayan and other tribal roots that these people come from, are part of "America." They are as native as any Native American in this country. They were here for tens of thousands of years before any Europeans arrived. American English itself has many Nahuatl (Aztec) words, including avocado, jaguar, chocolate, maize, tomato, and more. While we at Xispas are not against European culture or people in this country, we are against any imposition of European (Anglo or otherwise) culture to people who are not European (that's colonialization).

While we agree this country should have a unifying language such as English, we also should be able to be fluent in Spanish and/or tribal tongues (or any other of the more than 250 languages in California schools).

In the United States, we can agree on uniting around essential aspects for all people regardless of their origins or traditions, including following the law (when they are just and based on our healthy development, not control), support for the well-being of all children, English as a common tongue, and the freedoms all of us (not just Europeans) have fought for. We should not demand we become homogenized into one mono-culture (in the US
there's no such thing anyway).

American culture has the sighs of Jewish mothers, the scraping brooms of Italian street cleaners, the sweat of Algonquin construction workers, the callused hands of Mexican farmworkers, and the immense fortitude of African Americans through slavery and beyond. The Irish, the German, the French, the Japanese, the Filipino, and the British all belong here. So do the Lakota, the Navajo, the Pueblo, the Cheyenne, the To'hono Oldham -- and now the millions of Zapotecas, Mixtecos, Mayans, Yaquis, Tarahumaras, Huicholes,
Purepechas, Pipiles, and other indigenous groups from Mexico and Central America.

We need to stop KABC-AM's racist campaign to remove the variety of human lives and expression in this country. We ask all activists, leaders, speakers, teachers, youth, and elders to contact the radio station and demand they cease any more attacks against Academia Semillas del Pueblo and other non-European community-based institutions.

--June 5, 2006, from Xispas Magazine, Chicano Internet magazine -

About Josefina Aguilar:
Josefina Aguilar is a community activist and business owner in Los Angeles. She is the founder and owner of Espresso Mi Cultura Books & Coffee, a bookstore, coffeehouse, art gallery and community space returning to LA this Fall. www.espressomicultura.com

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