Hard to Hold On To, Yet Harder to Let Go?.

A love that lost its way?

By Roxanne Acosta
Published on LatinoLA: June 14, 2006

Hard to Hold On To, Yet Harder to Let Go?.

One day you?re feeling the natural high that love brings
The next day your heart feels like a ton of bricks fell on you
Love is a powerful emotion.
The right person will hold your heart with gentle hands
Fill your soul with kind words that make all the birds sing in harmony
Uplifting and cheerful smiles as you bounce around in your happiness
At least that?s what we hope it is. That?s what we all want to feel someday.
But it isn?t always that way. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out that
The one you love doesn?t love you the same way.
And it?s hard to let go, it?s hard to face the truth
But you have to stay true to yourself.
You deserve to be loved and you deserve a whole heart
Trying to fix someone else?s broken heart will only make it worse
It?s hard to hold on to someone, who doesn?t want to be held on to
So let it go. Let it go slow if you have to, but let go
Soon you?ll be hearing those birds in the air and
The scent of flowers will surround you
And when you hear those beautiful words again
You?ll know that love has found its way back to you.

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