?Viva Espa?a!

What shameful ancestry?

By Juan D. Aquisto
Published on LatinoLA: June 16, 2006

?Viva Espa?a!

Most Latinos descend from the the mixing of the Spaniards, the indigenous peoples and of course the Africans and Chinese that were brought in to work. Our mutual language is Spanish, which comes from Spain.

There are, of course, exceptions. There are Latinos or Hispanics whose ancestors came from Bora Bora, and if you believe Art Bell, from other planets and dimensions. That would be a tiny minority.

The Argentines are a good example of that. I have an Argentine friend who did not speak a word of English whose name is Archibald McLeish. The founder of Chile had the last name of O'Higgins.

But the one thing that unites us the the SPANISH language and like it or not, as shameful as that may be, SPANISH comes from Spain. Someone in Yucatan speaking only Mayan is not Hispanic or Latino, he is a Mayan.

As far as the two shameful events that are mentioned in Spanish History let me set the record straight.

1. Cortez and 600 Spaniards were not supermen. They could not have conquered the Aztecs by themselves. The Aztecs were conquerors and their Tlaxcalan neighbors along with others such as the Chichimecas contributed close to two hundred thousand warriors and fought alongside Cortez to defeat the Aztecs.

I guess the Tlaxcalans got tired of the 'noble" Aztecs sacrificing them to the Gods. WITHOUT THE HELP OF NEIGHBORING TRIBES THE SPANISH COULD NOT HAVE CONQUERED THE AZTECS. The Aztecs were hated and reviled by the neighboring tribes they had conquered. After the conquest of the Aztecs, Tlaxcalan warriors help conquer other parts for Spain. The State of Tlaxcala which exists today was a gift of appreciation for their help.

2. Ferdinand and Isabela kicked out the Jews. Guilty as charged and let's add that they also kicked out the Moslems or Moors as they were called in Spain. This was over 400 years ago.

Lithuania 1941 to 1945, 60 years ago, close to 100,000 Lithuanians joined the German Armed Forces including the WAFFEN SS. In 1944, with the war clearly, lost the Germans asked for volunteers. They needed a total of 5,000, they got 20,000 in less than a week.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews were gleefully rounded up by Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians to be handed to the Germans who sent them to concentration camps to be gassed.
The last German camp guard to be on trial was "Ivan the Terrible" who is a Lithuanian.
On the other hand, Franco who was supported by Hitler. During his ousting of the communists in Spain, he never handed over ONE Jew to anyone.

So please if anyone has to be ashamed of treating the Jews it would have to be the Lithuanians. Google LITHUANIA WAFFEN SS and see all of the results that show up.

People of Spanish descent have nothing to feel ashamed about. Our ancestors were no better nor worse than any other people and I for one have no problem being referred to as Hispanic.

It is sad to say but there is plenty of shame for all of us to pass around and no one country has a monopoly on it.

About Juan D. Aquisto:
Juan D'Aquisto, Salvadoran of Spanish and Indigenous descent. Simi Valley California

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