Where are the Chicana/o artists this weekend/next week? 6.24.06

They're zapateando!!! y conversando!!!

By RuthAnne Tarletz de Molina
Published on LatinoLA: June 24, 2006

Where are the Chicana/o artists this weekend/next week? 6.24.06

A Son Jarocho Weekend

If there's anything I love to do more than create artworks, it's dance. And my favorite dance is at the center of the Encuentro de Jananeros this weekend at the Olvera Street Kiosko. For those of you who don't know much about this wonderful genre, below is a bit of information about it & the LA Encuentro. After tapping my little feet off, I'll be leaving to go to participate in a Conversation with artist/activist Patricia Lazalde at Rock Rose Gallery. If you live on the westside, you can still get your dancing in at Sylmar Park where Tia Chucha's is putting on Celebrating Words: Written, Performed & Sung Festival.

On Sunday you'll find me at Self-Help Graphics & Art helping out with the Annual Print Exhibit & Fair. You can then pop over to the Artisan CaracoL Marketplace at Proyecto Jardin Community Garden for various natural products. To finish the afternoon it's on to Casa Sousa at Olvera Street for Mi Casa Es Su Casa Funkin Dance Party. Then On Monday & Wednesday there's a special treat as Tribu from Mexico is doing a Concierto de Musica Prehispanica at La Casa del Mexicano.

Of course, as always, there are other events listed below that may be more to your tastes. Just take the time to enjoy the rich cultural / artisitic offerings that are available here in LA. And, remember the wonderful on-going events listed below. Shalom, RuthAnne

The Son Jarocho of southern Veracruz is one of the variations of the musical/dance genre known as the Son Mexicano, the "folk music" of Mexico. It emerged during the colonial period as a mix in between Spanish, Indigenous & African, music and dance. The Spanish introduced to the indigenous stringed instruments such as the violin, harp & various guitar-types that became an ?instrument core?. For the next 300 years indigenous & Mestizos developed their own regional stringed instruments on the European models. Some of these instruments are the vihuela of the west coast, the jarana huasteca of the eastern-central regions and the jarana jarocha of Southern Veracruz. As a distinct regional instrumentation developed so did a distinct regional music/dance tradition. All have their own characteristics. The Son Jarocho can be distinguished by its percussive rhythms, syncopation, vocal style & improvisation in its harmonic and rhythmic framework & verse.

Besides the jarana that sets the rhythm and harmony, jarocho groups typically include requinto, a picked lead guitar that plays percussive melody lines, and often a diatonic harp that improvises sparkling arpeggios and melodies over a syncopated bass pattern. The rhythms can be underscored by the percussive footwork called zapateado, the quijada (donkey jawbone), pandero (octagonal tambourine) &/or caj?n (wooden box drum). Call-and-response vocals employ traditional poetic forms, often in the service of playful insult or sexual doble sentido (double meaning).

LA?s 5th Annual Encuentro de Jaraneros, literally ?Meeting of Jarana Players?, but more explicitly a festival celebrating the driving, high-spirited jarocho music & dance of Veracruz, Mex & named after the small strummed rhythm guitar that is the genre?s cornerstone. It?s called an ?encounter? or ?meeting? rather than a festival because it?s open to anyone who wants to play. This rootsy, culturally rich musical style best known as the source of the original ?La Bamba? is undergoing a resurgence on both sides of the border, showing up in the movie Frida and figuring prominently in the work of such artists as Lila Downs, Quetzal, Caf? Tacuba and Los Lobos, who incorporate its strains into their own repertoire and champion the music and its interpreters. This year?s event is produced again this year by a coalition of musical groups and organizations under the banner of the Movimiento Jaranero de California (Jarana Players Movement) & is patterned after the annual Encuentro de Jaraneros in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, which celebrated its 27th year in January.

Where are the Chicana/o artists this weekend/next week?

This Chicana artist will be zapateando at Olvera Street before running of to Rock Rose Gallery on Saturday. On Sunday it's volunteering at SHGA's Print Exhibit & Fair. Shalom, RuthAnne

Where will you be???


For a complete listing of this newletter go to www.LatinoLA.com or www.myspace.com/sarte_mex_jewelry where you'll also find Calls 4 Artists.

Southwest Museum Is Closed* / Future Use Remains Uncertain: Re-opening as a vibrant museum plus more.... Depends on all of us. It is now time to be seen and heard on this issue. The first meeting will be Thursday, June 8. See below for location & full meeting schedule. Attend one of the upcoming meetings to voice your opinion and ask your questions. The fate of the Southwest Museum & Casa de Adobe will be shaped by the results of these meetings. Mayor Villaraigosa needs to hear from you. At the request of the Mayor's Office, the Human Relations Commission has scheduled & will host the following "Informational Gathering Public Meetings":

Thursday, June 29, 6:30 - 8:30p, Ramona Hall (4580 N Figueroa St, Sycamore Grove)

This is a City-sponsored Public Meeting process repeated at five different locations.

The Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition is assisting in the outreach to our membership & all the concerned people across the nation who want this museum resource to continue & flourish in its original location. Please pass this information along & encourage people to attend. For more information, the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition's website is: www.friendsofthesouthwestmuseum.com

* All exhibitions of artifacts from Southwest Museum collection will close to the public on June 30. No more tours for tens of thousands of area schoolchildren.

This Weekend/Next Week:

El Movimiento Jaranero de California presents:

5th Annual Encuentro de Jaraneros de California:

Homenaje a los Grandes Soneros / Honoring the Great Soneros

Saturday, June 24, 12noon - 8p

El Pueblo Historical Monument, Placita Olvera Kiosko, LA, CA

213.485.8372 jherrera@lacity.org www.olvera-street.com movimientojaranero@yahoo.com www.encuentrodejaraneros.com www.conjuntojardin.com

Celebrate the Music and Dance of Veracruz, Mexico! The Encuentro features the finest Son Jaracho musicians and dancers from California and Veracruz. The Encuentro is returning to Olvera Street for its 5th annual installment. Look for the free all-day jarocho-fest to be better than ever! This year's honoree is legendary harpist and teacher Mario Barradas, coming from Mexico City. The ceremony to honor him at 3pm will include the governor of the state of Veracruz. There are 19 groups confirmed on the bill, including several coming from Veracruz.

MCs: Betto Arcos & Rafael Figueroa Hernandez (Xalapa)

12:00 Bienvenida/Welcome
12:05 Costa Verde (Los Angeles)
12:30 Alumnas de OCCTAC (Santa Ana)
12:55 Son Real (San Bernardino)
1:20 Son Mestizo (Los Angeles)
1:45 Son del Centro (Santa Ana)
2:10 Armando y Yolanda (Veracruz)
2:35 Conjunto Alma Grande (Santa Paula)
3:00 Ceremonia en honor a Mario Barradas
3:30 Sol y Mar (Santa Barbara)
3:55 Xoloitzquintli (Los Angeles)
4:20 Violeta Quintero y su Grupo (Los Angeles)
4:45 Conjunto Jardin (Los Angeles)
5:15 Guillermo Chazaro Lagos / Guatim? (Tlacotalpan)
5:50 Tenocelomeh (San Fernando)
6:15 Alberto de la Rosa (Xalapa)
6:50 Desierto Son (Baja California)
7:25 Hermanos Herrera (Fillmore)
7:50 Conjunto Hueyapan (Oxnard)
8:15 Mario Barradas y Conjunto Tierra Blanca (Mex DF)
9:00 Fin! (Fandango abierto)

Conceptual Cabaret on Main

Acoustic Musical Performance: Saturday, June 24, 3:30p
Casa de Sousa Coffee House, 634 N Main St, LA, CA 90012

This is a musical & theatrical performance exposing our history in the art of "NOW" - bringing each other to a higher consciousness of our own existence. This week?s cabaret features Julio Ramos & Company - Acoustic Musical Performance.

Rock Rose Gallery & the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council Recreation, Culture & the Arts Committee present:

Talk is cheap...Passion is Priceless!
Patricia Lazlde retrospective 2006: looking back...moving forward

Conversation & Celebration: Saturday, June 24, 7p
Rock Rose Gallery/Productions & Arroyo Books, 4108 N Figueroa St, Sycamore Grove
Thru June 25

323222.4740 rockroseart@yahoo.com www.rockrosegallery.com
Co-Sponsors: www.casafinance.com www.gilmoret.com

They invite you to a Rare Conversation with Artist / Activist Patricia Lazlde while enjoying her reprospective show covering over 20 years of artworks. This is a part of her perspective:

?My work as an artist has been to reflect on heroic events of life portrayed by the simplest of deeds. Artists are often called upon to reflect the consciences of humanity and to bring out the obvious to those that are oblivious or apathetic to crimes against humanity.

As a citizen of the universe I often feel responsible to awaken those needs, as mankind becomes too complacent in his/her own world of indifference. It is through my art that I feel liberated, and empowered to move the world just one person at a time through my paintings. In life there are no guarantees and happiness is fleeting, struggles are constant. My work is to capture those moments in life, hopefully creating awareness.

My choice of media is acrylic and my palette is filled with intensity and hues of passion. My style is figurative similar to the impressionist. The marriage of my political commitments and my colorist come out in my love to paint. The pain, the joy, the anger, of feelings in alienation and vulnerability all come with this package that is me.?

This is a retrospective of work by artist Patricia Lazlde including paintings, mono-prints, calligraphy & sculptures.

Cuadrilatero II: paintings, drawings, prints, video & performance
Artists? Reception ? Saturday, June 24, 7 - 10p
Tropico de Nopal Gallery-Art Space, 1665 Beverly Blvd, LA, CA

June 24 - July 22

213.481.8112 nopalarte@pop.earthlink.net tropicodenopal.com/home/home.html

Featured artists: Charles Glaubitz, Jose Lozano, Thomas Lee Bakofsky, Damon Robinson, Reyes Rodriguez, Vincent Valdez also with Carolyn Casta?o - "La Estranjera" a film noir & Jose Ruiz - "El Angel de la Guardia", a Lucha fortune teller.

B(yikes!): Eccentric Mobility & 2025: Personal Mobility
Artists? / Opening Reception: Saturday, June 24, 6 - 9p
Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design, 1700 Lida St, Pasadena, CA
June 24 - August 31

626.396.2246 http://xrl.us/artcenter

Apropos to rising gas prices and a national dialogue about developing sustainable energy sources, two side-by-side exhibitions explore new concepts for mobility -- from innovations of the past to designs for the future.

"2025: Personal Mobility" is installed in the gallery's perimeter spaces, featuring work accomplished by students during a Spring-term studio led by faculty-members Mark Ashcraft and Gaylord Eckles.

"B(yikes!): Eccentric Mobility" includes the admirably unconventional. Forgotten designs from the past and current feats of backyard engineering provide a glimpse into serious tinkerer/designers' creative depths & pay homage to the ultimate simplicity of the bicycle as an icon of non-polluting sustainability. Objects in the exhibition range from antique bicycles employing innovative drive trains, to contemporary human-powered all-terrain machines.

MOVE! Housing & the Struggle for a Livable LA: A Traveling Multimedia Exhibit
Artists? Reception: June 24
City of LA So CA Library for Social Studies & Research, 6120 S Vermont Ave, LA, CA

May 23 - July 29

323.759.6063 move_stories@yahoo.com. www.socallib.org

Support provided by: the California Council for the Humanities, the California State Library, the LA Department of Cultural Affairs, LA Councilman Ed Reyes, Union Bank & Washington Mutual Bank.

Artists' reception with performances and youth arts workshops / Spoken Word / Performance Art/ DJs

Creating Livable Spaces: The exhibit will gather and present stories of how the daily fabric of people?s lives have been altered by shifting housing and welfare policies & how communities have responded to create livable spaces for themselves and their neighbors. It will feature photography, artwork & multimedia, including materials drawn from the Library's collections of housing activist Frank Wilkinson's papers, as well as photos documenting the restrictive covenants that used to bar people of color from buying or renting homes in many areas of LA & photos from the LA Housing Authority showing slum conditions. Interpretive artwork and multimedia stations will help to illuminate the stories of how housing issues in LA have impacted people?s lives, especially in poor & immigrant communities.

Tia Chucha?s Centro Cultural, the Youth Policy Institute, LA City Councilman Alex Padilla?s office & LA City?s Department of Cultural Affairs present:

Celebrating Words: Written, Performed & Sung Festival

Saturday, June 24,12noon - 7p

Sylmar Park, 13109 Borden Ave, Sylmar, CA

818.754.2402 centroemail@aol.com tiachucha.com www.myspace.com/celebratingwords

Featured artists include the world renowned East LA bands Quetzal and Upground as well as local Northeast San Fernando band Noxdiei & Tia Chucha?s Son Jarocho. Performers include acclaimed poet/writer Luis J. Rodriguez; Tia Chucha Press author Ariel Robello; Poets of the Round Table; D-Lo, Tezozomoc, and others. Other acts include musicians Big Joe Hurt and Alfredo Hidalgo, the Hazze Hip Hop Dream Center, conscious Mexika Hip Hop group El Vuh & more. Original, organic, natural food from Mexico and Central America will be sold by Xanahuact Collective. There will be live silk-screening by Blue Chips. Vendors of original art, T-shirts & music will also be on hand.

Self Help Graphics & Art Annual Print Exhibit & Fair
Sunday, June 25 11a ? 5p
Self Help Graphics & Art, 3802 Cesar Chavez Ave, LA, CA
323.881.6444 www.selfhelpgraphics.com http://poetasypintores.com http://lospochos.com/gigs.html

Opening of Selected Prints at the Galeria Otra Vez: Atelier 47-Monoprints-Special Projects-Vintage Prints-Etchings-Linocuts-Woodcuts-Monotypes-SilkScreens

SHGA, renown for its exceptional fine art prints, invites the community to their annual print fair in East LA. A wide selection of unique mono-prints, etchings, linocuts and silkscreen prints by established and upcoming artists are available. Prices are set to please the serious & beginning art collector. Come meet the artists, enjoy the art & take home one-of-a-kind prints to enliven your spirit!

11a - 5p Poetas y Pintores Exhibit: Artists Conversing with Verse, Main Gallery

11a - 5p Annual Print Exhibition in the Side Gallery

12Noon - 5p Poetry with Aleida Rodriguez, Maria Melendez &

Francisco Aragon and musical performances

1 - 5p Print Fair, Upstairs Salon

2 - 5p Otono y Lorenzo of Los Pochos: Amplified Acoustics

Work by artists in the current Atelier XLVII (2006) are: Shizu Salamando, Javier Hernandez, Douglas Miles, Laura Norton, Raphael Navarro, Laura Molina, Carlos Saldana, Lalo Alcaraz, Erica Cho & Asyl'm will be available & exhibited.

Poetas Y Pintores: Artists Conversing with Verse is a collaborative project sponsored by the NEA, initiated by the Center for Women's InterCultural leadership at Saint Mary's College & the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame. The interdisciplinary project will present the work of both established & emerging poets as inspiration for the creation of original artwork, allowing Latino/a artists to enter into "dialogue" with the work of Latino/a poets.

Artisan CaracoL Marketplace

Last Sundays

Sunday, June 25, 10a - 3p

Proyecto Jardin Community Garden, 1718 Bridge St, Boyle Heights, CA (bet State & Boyle, behind White Memorial Medical Plaza I)

323.687.0795 caracolmarketplace@yahoo.com www.myspace.com/caracolmarketplace

Healthy & delicious foods, music, mellow vibe. The market features organic produce, books, jewelry, art, clothing, natural body care products, herbal medicine /natural health care, plants, candles & more. Community participation in healthy living & conscious consumerism is encouraged. Free Community Workshops.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa
Funkin Dance Party: Sunday, June 25, 6p
Casa de Sousa Coffee House, 634 N Main St, LA, CA 90012

A multi-media artist dance party: a dash of the past, a pinch of the future & a tall cup of the NOW - Dining, Film, Music & Dance with LA's real underground movement, taking it back to the birth place of El Pueblo de Los Angeles.

Mexican Benefit Organization presents:

Tribu: Concierto de Musica Prehispanica
Monday, June 26, 7:30p

Wednesday, June 28, 7:30p

La Casa del Mexicano, 2900 Pedro Infante St, LA, CA

323.264.1428 323.223.0098 www.casadelmexicano.org

Donation: $10

Tribu is one of the most important exponents of Prehispanic music. They have been dedicated to the research & analysis of indigenous music. They combine ancient prehispanic instruments with contemporary sounds to rescue, reproduce & create music that represents the indigenous roots of Mexico. This concert gives one the spectator the opportunity to experience the ritualism of ancient traditions.

Dos Tipos de Cuidado
Screening: Wednesday, June 28, 8p
Historical Million Dollar Theater, 307 S Broadway, LA, CA
310.659.0245 310.650.8741 marcelagasanz@yahoo.com

The Latin American Cinemateca of LA in collaboration with LA Conservancy as part of the "Last Remaining Seats" 2006 Series announces the presentation of "Dos Tipos de Cuidado", a glorious film from the Golden Age of Mexican Film, is in Spanish with English subtitles & was filmed in 1952 by Ismael Rodriguez.

Cine Chicano on Main
Cine Sin Fin: Friday, June 30, 9p
Casa de Sousa Coffee House, 634 N Main St, LA, CA 90012

Screening the best of the best ? archives of the world renowned East LA Chicano Film Festival, powered by Tamales.


Huayucaltia in Concert
Fridays by The Fountain
Hollywood & Highland Center, Central Courtyard
Friday, June 16, 12noon - 2p
inti@ix.netcom.com www.hollywoodandhighland.com www.myspace.com/cirohurtado

La Tocada Latina: Free radio SAIC with La Veneno Cortes
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Fridays, 5 - 6p Chicago/Mexico, 3 - 4p LA
312.345.3805 carminacortes@hotmail.com Freeradio@artic.edu www.freeradiosaic.org

Listen to Carmina Cortes, a local Chicana artist, as she broadcasts from art school in Chicago. Go to the website, click on Listen Now, then an orange box will pop up ...you can send your hellos & even see Carmina on this little orange box. She'll be playing music en espanol. You can call her & be on the air as well.

Susie Hansen Latin Band
Fridays, 6:30 - 9:30p

Thru September 29

Radisson Hotel Whittier, 7320 Greenleaf Ave, Whittier

562.945.8511 e-mail@susiehansen.com www.susiehansen.com

Come & dance with them--enjoy a night of great Salsa dancing. This is their 13th summer of "Dancing Under the Stars." Buffet grill dinner available.

East LA Rep presents:

The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico Garcia Lorca

Fridays & Saturdays, 8p; Sundays, 2p
El Gallo Plaza Theater, 4545 Cesar Chavez Ave, LA, CA 90022
Thru July 2
Info/RSVP: 323.788.3880 jreyes@eastlarep.com eastlarepertory@hotmail.com

www.eastlarep.com www.myspace.com/eastlarep

Admission: $8 - $15

Flamenco por la Playa with Cuadro Flamenco Rina Orellana

Saturdays, 7 & 8p
Top Shelf Restaurant and Nightclub, 403 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA
www.randmmusic.com www.rinaorellana.com

Cover: $10 after 7p (Avoid the cover by coming for dinner early!)

Join Cuadro Flamenco Rina Orellana every Saturday night for a tablao show of flamenco puro. Please check www.rinaorellana.com for upcoming lineups of musicians and dancers. Enjoy delicious international fare with an electrifying flamenco performance followed by salsa.

Community Drum Circles
Sundays, 12:30 families, 1:30p adults only
Rock Rose Gallery/Productions & Arroyo Books, 4108 N Figueroa St, Sycamore Grove
323.222.4740 rockroseart@yahoo.com www.rockrosegallery.com

Drum Circle - Bring your own drum or percussion instrument or use one of those provided by the gallery. Taught by Mr Blue, a versatile artist from New York.

Jazz Composers Workshop
Sundays, 3 - 5:30p
Rock Rose Gallery/Productions & Arroyo Books, 4108 N Figueroa St, Sycamore Grove
323.222.4740 rockroseart@yahoo.com www.rockrosegallery.com

Son Jarocho Classes
Tuesdays, 4:30 - 6p
East Side Caf?, 5469 Huntington Dr N, LA, CA
Donations are accepted

Son Jarocho Classes! Learn to: Play Jarana: String Instrument from Veracruz; Dance Zapateado; Sing & compose Sones-songs; & Gain Knowledge of Son Jarocho music, Children, teens & Adults welcome!


Free Salsa Dance Class with Miguel: 7 ? 8p
Live Music: 9p - 1:30a

Steven's SteakHouse, Commerce
323.723.9856 Fay@charangoa.com www.charangoa.com

There are lots of great dancers & surprises. They hope to see you there soon.

About RuthAnne Tarletz de Molina:
RuthAnne Tarletz de Molina is an artist/jeweler/ activist y mas.

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