Latino Puts Gay Hip Hop on the Map

Deadlee featured in Outfest 2006 documentary on gay hip hop movement

By Camilo Arenivar
Published on LatinoLA: July 6, 2006

Latino Puts Gay Hip Hop on the Map

Los Angeles? one and only out gay rapper Deadlee is about to assault Angelenos with his ?Deadlee? weapon of homo hop, a gay and lesbian take on rap and hip hop music, through a high profile movie debut and a series of special performances during the weekend of July 13th through July 15th.

Dubbed ?the Blaxican gay rapper? by L.A. Weekly, the so-called ?GayPac? is one of the key rappers in Director Alex Hinton?s acclaimed documentary on Gay Hip Hop/Rap, ?Pick Up the Mic?. On Friday, July 14, the film is being featured as part of Outfest 2006, the 24th Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Deadlee (website: www.deadlee.com), who is one-fourth black and three-quarter Mexican, is experiencing rising popularity as a result of his work in the documentary and a heavy push on MySpace, Gay Media and being featured in LOGO?s Hip Hop Homos. He recently received interest from MTV and The L Word. His performance in the film has been noted in the straight rap magazine URB and in articles in the NY Daily News as well as other sources. In June, He had a full page photo in the Nation?s number one Gay and Lesbian magazine, The Advocate

?With Deadlee, I've watched him over the years, and he's turned into such an amazing performer. That scariness is brought to the table, but he really allows audience members to accept him and to get into what he's saying. He's definitely a superhero,? says Director Alex Hinton in the June 7th NY Daily News.

Deadlee?s HomoHop counterparts land in L.A. Thursday, July 13th at 10 PM. Hollywood?s famous Knitting Factory is where the pre-party for ?Pick up the Mic? launches. You can catch the Deadlee experience live that night, as well as Johnny Dangerous, Katastrophe, and Scream Club, with others expected to be added. Admission is $10 and this show is all ages.

?Pick up the Mic? will be screened at Outfest 2006 on Friday July 14th at the Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood. Deep Dickollective (Oakland, CA), Juba Kalamka (Oakland, CA), Miss Money (Houston, TX), Johnny Dangerous (Chicago, IL), Tori Fixx (Minneapolis, MN), Dutchboy (San Francisco, CA), JenRO (San Francisco, CA), Katastrophe (San Francisco, CA), JB Rap (Oakland, CA), Scream Club (Olympia, WA), QBoy (London, UK) in addition to Deadlee will be on hand to perform live after the screening.

Saturday July 15th at 8 PM, The Stone Bar in Hollywood is the location for ?The Deadlee Show: Video Release Party for Good Soldier II?. This event will be hosted by comedian Anthony Dominguez (website: www.anthonydominguez.com) and celebrates the video premiere of ?Good Soldier II?, Deadlee?s first professionally directed video. The video is directed by USC graduate Johnny Skandros. The show will include comedy sets by Deadlee, Bobaloo, Benny Mena, CJ, and Anthony Dominguez and musical performances by Deadlee, Tori Fixx, JenRO, QBoy, Katastrophe, Johnny Dangerous, and Salvimex. The show will also be a unique opportunity for Deadlee to perform with his collaborators, who are from all over the Country, but all in Los Angeles this special night. For more info please go to www.mediaelemental.com/deadleeparty.html

About Camilo Arenivar:
Camilo Arenivar is a freelance journalist who has written numerous articles for Latinola.com and other organizations. He can be reached at camiloj@gmail.com

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