Villaraigosa, God and a Crystallizing Moment in LA

Where were you July 1, 2005?

By Dianne Segura
Published on LatinoLA: July 6, 2006

Villaraigosa, God and a Crystallizing Moment in LA

Where were you July 1, 2005?

If you were like most of the in-the-scene progressives, tapped and intertwined in the Latino political fabric of LA, then you were like me - attending the inaugural ceremonies of our acclaimed rock star, Antonio.

What a day, what a moment and what a year since.

Bonding with three on-their-way, kick-ass, making-a-difference Latinos that are putting their thumbprints on our city and nation. Here they are:

Felipe Aregando-Lozano - Harvard educated, former staffer for Senator Jack Scott who within the year rocked ELA with a landslide win to be a voice for smart, educational equality and access for the children and families of the Garvey Schools. This 30-something social mover and shaker is truly the one you want to be on your side to get the word out within a 24-hour period, and that's no joke!

Valerie Cuevas - USC Chicana who not only rocked her alma mater for Chicano Studies inclusion but put Assemblywoman Carol Liu further onto the Latino map as a former staffer. This down-to-earth chica, who's the one who will have your back as only a true girlfriend should, has within the year joined the non-stop, smart LA NALEO team to keep the progressive train a-moving!

Alouette Cervantes - MBA in-hand, fresh off fundraising for MAOF, this fun and sweet chica has not only worked the LA area, but most notably the San Gabriel Vallery for political inclusion. She has turned around in circles she'll only keep for that personal (and hello, business) rolodex. Now this year was all about focusing on personal and spiritual growth. You go Ms. I-Have-to-see-Europe in 25-days!

And me you might ask? Well, those that know me, know I'm the work-the-room, focused and adventurous Latina marketing business-owner. Some things stay the same as some things inevitably get more focused.

With this past year being my most significant in terms of personal happiness, God has opened doors towards Pasadena, and I can't shut nor just keep them ajar. I thought I could do what I do best - connect the dots, provide some local activist structure, but think that hasn't proven to be enough for The Man upstairs.

Pasadena, you say? Yes, the City of Colorado Blvd., Rose Bowl championships and the art of beautiful living. The Pasadena everyone knows and some don't know enough about - gentrification, racism discussions, lack of educational equality and realities that demand continued open dialogue and solutions.

This all in a year where we see our rock star continue to be a true leader. A year that we also saw ourselves live in dualities across the country. March 2006. The historical pro-immigration rallies, our LA kids taking to the street, all simultaneously, as one of the state's best loved, young and educational equality focused-driven politicians ? Marco Firebaugh ? was being buried.

The rest of 2006 and 2007 - what will YOU do to make this year and next continually count for you and your community?

I know four Latinos who are not only great friends, but are a text away from making your voice count.

About Dianne Segura:
Dianne Segura, Segue Enterprises. Civic Engagement, Education and Social Justice Focused: Marketing. Entertainment. Business Consulting group.

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