Bozo's on the Right

The nuts are running the nuthouse

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: July 24, 2006

Bozo's on the Right

The immigration situation is simple. There are people here doing work that needs to get done. They are here because we hire them.

The Republican mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, stated that "Although they broke the law by illegally crossing our borders ... our city's economy would be a shell of itself had they not, and it would collapse if they were deported. The same holds true for the nation."

The right thing to do is what President Bush has suggested. Match willing workers to willing employers. Give them a path to legalization and let them join the party.
That is the right and decent thing to do.
s stated by our President: "Family values do not end at the Rio Grande".

On websites such as VDARE.COM, you get all the nuts on the right. America is in peril because some inner city school kids are being taught NAHUATL. Its obvious to them that this is a serious threat to the USA.

HUH? Little kds learning NAHUATL? WHO CARES? Personally I'd opt for Mandarin as China is and up and coming industrial power. We survived Stalin, Hitler, Tojo, the Cold War, Nam, 911, but America's downfall will be caused by a bunch of 6-year-old kids speaking NAHUATL!

Here is another gem. Senator Mel Martinez's (Republican - FL) mom doesn't speak fluent English. According to the whackos at VDARE, this has some type of sinister meaning as he is sponsoring the immigration compromise bill in the Senate. Martinez being of Cuban descent is viewed as some kind of a traitor who is conspiring with the traitorous George W. Bush to sell America out to the illegal aliens.

HUH? WHO CARES! Has anyone investigated if Tancredo's people still speak Sicilian? What a bunch of HOOEY!

Next on the same web site we have Michelle Malkin. This is a person that makes Ann Coulter look civilized. She wrote a book titled "In Defense of Internment." The main point of the book is how Japanese Americans should be grateful for being rounded up and sent to concentration style camps during WW2.

HUH? Maybe her next book should be on how thankful the Jews should be to the NAZIS for the Holocaust as by killing the weakest it made them as a people stronger. Another suggestion would be the Armenians thanking the Turks for the genocide of 1915 or the American Indians thanking the US government for the disease-ridden blankets that caused the death of hundres of native americans.

On VDARE a common complaint is that Hispanics do not assimilate.

HUH? What Hispanics are they talking about?

The first generation pays the due. They are the gardeners, the field workers, the janitors. The second generation reaps the rewards. My father worked the tomato fields in Florida. My mom worked in the garment industry doing what they called piece work.

We all used to work in the middle of our one bedroom apartment and cut out embroideries from these huge rolls that were delivered to our homes. We got 3 cents a piece. At age 8 I sold tomatoes door to door. At 10 I got into a great racket. Cleaning large refrigerator cases at mainly Jewish bakeries.

They both learned English but still navigate better in their native language. As you can see by reading the articles in LatinoLA, most of us prefer English. I have eight children. Four speak Spanish (a strange combination of Salvadoran and Cuban...Oye chico, donde estan los vichos).

I have 10 grandkids, 4 speak Spanish and 6 do not. They are a mixture of Cubans, Salvadorans, Mexicans and Guatemalans and yes even a token Anglo. So to all of those that say that Hispanics do not assimilate I say BULL****. We assimilate just as well as Jews, Italians, the Irish and Germans. We have our little Habanas, our East LA's but they had their little Italy's and their Chinatowns too.

As far as the recent laws passed in Hazleton, Penn, give it time. Economics cannot be legislated. Supply and demand are still king. When the undocumented workers move out you will see apartment rental rates drop. Real estate prices drop. Sales by merchants will
drop. They same people that voted this law in will vote it out.

Someone will challenge the law on the free speech clause of the Constitution and you will see advertising come back in Spanish. Hazleton is a matter of "We have met the enemy and they are us".

Right wing whackos: The game is over. Your last hurrah was with Pat Buchanan. Stop yelping and start helping. Support comprehensive immigration reform. Support our President Goerge W. Bush.

Gracias once again to Abelardo and LatinoLA for allowing us to express ourselves, left right and in between.

Next Bozo's on the left!

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Born in Habana Cuba. Left the Beard's paradise in 1959. Law Offices Frank Carvajal/Nacara2000 Immigration Services. Email

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