Doom is Here....GMAT

A former student of Josefina Lopez tells the tale of....

By The Great Gazooo!!
Published on LatinoLA: July 27, 2006

Doom is Here....GMAT

It's 1:25 as I enter the Starbucks with a good while to kill...

Should I sit over by the newspaper section...or next to the window facing "the Big A" (in Anaheim)...or should I grab my Green Iced Tea and head for the door....

I have 4 min's before the overjoyed coffee maker gives me my 'grande'....

Damn, that girl just took the couch next to the newspaper rack...and a couple is now at the table with the view to Angel Stadium....so I better just go to my car and let the final minutes dwindle down before the 2pm appointment time....

Sitting in my car...air condition, full-throttled...taking a sip of my ice cold tea in at least 100 degree weather...wow...who knew for the OC to get so "hellishly" hot...I better check my "what I need to bring" check list printed off their website...

Let's see:
~Legal form of Identification (as listed on page...) ~ Check
~Name of Institutions where you want your results sent to ~ Check
~Your confirmation email notice with your appointment ~ Check

ok...I have these three...and nothing else....great!...I'm in the clear...right?

Wait...what's this?..."Make sure you know where the..." and "arrive there at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.


and next line reads:

"If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, you may not be admitted, and your test fee may be forfeited."


Looking over at the 1:39 shining bright in the dashboard of my car...Eyes wide open...

It gives me 6 minutes to get from point "A" (on one side of the Big A) to point "B" ~ test site (opposite side of Big A)...

I shifted the car in reverse, then screeched my Goodyear's on my way to cutting one, two, three cars off in the mini-mall to get on to the main street, Katella. I was dragging luck by a thread as I jumped passed the yellow-red traffic light to make the turn. Great! Two more signals in 5 minutes should be no problem....Lucky for me they're both green...like the colors of my alter ego "gazoo"...it's like he was watching over me, I thought! (ok...I didn't, but I thought it'd be funny to write it here)

I finally make the site...looking at the clock.."1:43p"...great! 2 minutes to spare...120 seconds should've been enough to rush up 3 floors to the location, right?...well...not if the elevator has to make stops in each floor for this "unusually" busy day in this building in the middle of nowhere...it felt like an episode of the "24."

Wishing time froze at all cost here, I enter the site at 1:46p according to the wall clock....

Receptionist (50-something, with peppered hair and a no-smile policy on her face): "Hi, may I help you?"
MM: Yes, I have an appointment.
Re: You're late! sorry, but it's now 1:47 and within your 15 minute cut-off time.
MM: I know, but please, I'm so sorry, I came from far.
Re: Sorry, everyone else was here on time.
MM: Please, I really need to take this today!
Re Assistant: We can take him, but he would be missing the instructions.
MM: I'll be ok without the instructions, I've been practicing all weekend. Please?
Re: Fine, take him in quickly. Please empty out all your belongings in the locker behind you and bring me the key.
MM: Everything?
Re: Everything!

...walking into the next room...

Assistant: Don't listen to her, you're in. You'll be fine...
MM: Can you take my pulse before I go in? I might need medical assistance!
Assistant: (smirking) you'll be fine. I need your fingerprint - left index finger.
MM: What about my vital signs?
Assistant: (still smirking) Here's what you'll need. If you need anything, go ahead and raise your hand and I'll come and assist you. Follow me.

I enter the glass doors facing the room full of half open cubicles...The assistant helps me find my seat and logs me into the system.

I find myself facing a computer screen, along side 10 others, and ready to face: Doom.

Welcome to the GMAT!!

About The Great Gazooo!!:
Screenwriting 101 with Josefina Lopez
Saturday, July 29, 2006
Course Fee: $25($20 for Boyle Heights Residents).
2009 East First Street, LA
Information: (323) 263-8344


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