Brother ,Where Are You?

They told me that you came this way

By Jesse Perez
Published on LatinoLA: August 10, 2006

Brother ,Where Are You?

Despite all the well intentioned warnings from family and friends, my wife and I ventured out this past weekend.

We told everyone we wanted to go to El Sereno Park to attend the fundraiser Peace and Unity Concert and Car Show.

They told us we would get shot.

Hey I'm a fifties kid who's managed to stay alive all these years so what the hay, off we went.

We heard the East L.A. Revue Band, Rocky Padilla, the Salas Bros. and Brenton Wood, would all be there performing. At $10.00 a pop how could you go wrong?

There were low riders and bikes on display, food booths up the ying yang and plenty of other stands selling CD's, t-shirts, hats and other what nots. We made the rounds and checked out all the vendors.

I gave my DOORS baseball cap to my wife and bought me this nice cachucha that really added a strut to my step. Hey the old boy was feeling cool!

I kept scoping out the scene in the hope that I might run into an old camarada or two. It was not to be, so we went and sat down to listen to the music. We missed the East L.A. Revue but were in time to catch Rocky and his crew.

Before his show we bought his latest CD and homeboy was gracious enough to say hi extend a handshake and autograph it for my wife. Rocky rocked the house. A while later Rudy and Steve Salas joined the crowd and I told my daughter and younger sister finally someone I recognize.

We strolled over and exchanged pleasentries with my old school chums (Lincoln Tigers YEAH!!) being the gents they are they even took the time to pose for pictures with us and others in the crowd. As expected they also put on a great show.

Last but not least it was Mr. B Wood himself. It's hard to believe after all these years, that man can still get out there and put on a show. The entire crowd was on it's feet.

We called it a day after that and casually made our way back to the car. The old neighborhood didn't quite look the same but for a little while there it was almost the sixties again.

I went home tired, sunburned mustard and guacamole stains on my t-shirt and just as I told everyone no one shot me. It was truly a day of peace and unity back in the hood with the Raza chillin' in the park on a Saturday afternoon.

About Jesse Perez:
Grandpa, Retired Teamster, Retired Air Force Reservist working full time as a travel agent enjoying the second chapter in my life

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