Happy Birthday

Tata Comandante Fidel

By Jimmy Centeno
Published on LatinoLA: August 15, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Fidel,

You have stood as a beacon of hope for a better world since you took to the Sierra. You've inspired many generations to stand and fight against an unjust economic system that isolates the human soul from loving and caring ..Your love and concern for children is a quality most world leaders do not have. Africa, Asia and Latin America all have been touched in many ways by your spirit of resistence..Your lessons to the youth are more then what some might consider as lectures of political jardon, they are humanist and spiritual. Not only have you taught us to believe that change is possible you have shown us that yes it can be done..

You've navigated through very dificult times not once ever doubting the support and unity the Cuban people have rested upon you..

Happy 80th birthday Comandante,

Hasta La Victoria,


From el Pueblo Chicano

Jimmy Centeno

Los Angeles California
CSLA student

About Jimmy Centeno:
CSLA student.

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