Gracias Fidel

Arriba nuestro maximus lider

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: August 19, 2006

Gracias Fidel

Gracias Fidel!

You have saved the Cuban people countless millions or maybe billions of dollars in useless elections as you knew the people would always choose you!

You have taught us what to think, write, do. You have taught us where to work. You have defined art and music by jailing those who would pervert revolutionary expression. You have jailed countless numbers of homosexuals who would have perverted our youth.

You are a great internationalist. Thousands of Cubans have died in Angola, Syria, Ethiopia, Grenada and in Central America. All in exchange for the support that your Russian masters were giving our failing socialist economy. You sent pesky Che to his death in Bolivia by sending a whole five men with him.

Your talents were not limited to just ruling your country. Forbes magazine in May of 2006 listed you as one of the wealthiest rulers iin the world. Just behind the sheiks of Arabia and the Prince of Monaco.

You solved all of our immigration problems. Before you Cuba had a large number of people immigrating there. Now even the Haitians don't want to immigrate to Cuba.

Then we have Fidel the enviromentalist! Cuba had to many people so 14% of the population left the Island. You have saved countless of trees by allowing the publication of only state sponsored publications. Who needs more than one newspaper when we have Granma!!!

Your love of nature in particular sharks is also well known. In the Florida Straits baby sharks cry out to their parents "what Cuban food again".

You have built casinos, hotels the tourist industry. Of course Cubans are not allowed entry into them but why should they be allowed in after all they have Cuban pesos that are worthless outside of Cuba and worthless at any "dollar stores". The only stores that have any merchandise that anyone would want to buy.

You have built a wonderful drug industry. You export drugs all over the world. But again Cubans do not have access to them. But no, my comandante, you are not to blame they have worthless pesos to buy the drugs and you need dollars to pay the armed forces that keep you in power.

Your love of our youth is legendary. Today Cuba is one of the greatest vacation resorts for pedophiles. You want everyone to love our youth.

So we say gracias Fidel. Patria o Muerte Venceremos!!

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Alberto Marrero Salas....Cuban American...said goodbye to the Beard in 1959.

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