Happy Birthday...I Suppose

Moderation is best.

By Carlos Chavarin Chavez
Published on LatinoLA: August 19, 2006

Happy Birthday...I Suppose

In my response to "Happy Birthday - Tata Comandante Fidel" at I say this:

I suppose it's customary to wish someone well on their birthday, in particular when they've reached such a milestone of an 80th birthday, However, while the actions of one Fidel Castro may be interpreted by some as the actions of a proletariat hero of the masses, I see a different man.

I see a man who has likewise done as much damage, if not more, as his predecessor, Gen. Batista. I've lived in San Francisco for 11 years and in that time, I've had the good fortune to meet a number of Cubans who for the most part were exiled.

Some were exiled along with their parents, others left Cuba after initially being a part of Castro's Cuba( e.g. The Mariel Boatlift of 1980). In all these cases, people either spoke of having family members on opppsite sides of the political spectrum thereby splitting the families apart, or they spoke of the lack of freedom in Cuba. Those who have tried to forcibly form a Marxist subculture,( e.g. 'sendero luminoso" in Peru) have been brought down...and don't get me started on Hugo Chavez (no relation, Ay, Gracias, Virgen!)

Now, there is a tendency by some to believe that if one does not support the extreme leftist politics of a country, one must support the extreme right-wing politics of another. Not so.

As Fidel Castro, is ailing, I am struck by the irony that Gen. Agusto Pinochet is also ailing, his crimes against the Chilean people well known. As for Gen. Stroessner of Paruguay, he's already dead, and we also see the beginning of the trials of the participants of "la guerra sucia" in Argentina. I believe both sides of political extremes should be avoided, someone always gets oppressed.

Bottom line moderation is best.

About Carlos Chavarin Chavez:
Carlos Chavarin Chavez is currently a senior at San Francisco State University pursuing a degree in Speech & Communication, and former resident of the Southland.

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