Showdown in D.F?

Dr. Armando Navarro leads Mexican-American delegation to Mexico

By Vitual Chicano
Published on LatinoLA: September 6, 2006

Showdown in D.F?

National Alliance for Human Rights Director and Cal State Riverside Chicano Studies Professor, Dr. Armando Navarro will be heading the Mexican-American delegation to El Zocalo on Sept. 14, ?06.

Lopez Obrador plans to speak to his millions of supporters on the 16 of Sept., Mexican Independence day, on what his future intentions are as leader of the left. International delegations will be present as observers and human rights activists, although President Fox has vowed to stop any foreigners who attempt to involve themselves in Mexican politics.

Many people fear that the Mexican government agents, embedded into the millions of peaceful supporters, will attempt to incite riots which will give the government the excuse it needs to order the military on the people.

Flashback to Mexico City, 1968: The Tlatelolco Massacre of October killed hundreds of people. And then there were the arrests were demonstrators were indiscriminately beaten. Then President Ordaz ordered the Mexican military on their own people. The Army fired live rounds into the crowd while hiding in tanks and armored vehicles. Their official body count was even more demeaning: 4 dead, 20 wounded.

Now in the age of live feeds and blogger software President Fox would be ill advised to attempt to follow Ordaz?s example. Even if they do control the Telmex network they should still smile for the cameras because they will most likely be able to see themselves on within just a few minutes. Whether or not this is enough to stop the Mexican military from firing live rounds on their own people remains to be seen, however.

One possible outcome might be that a new revolution begins in Mexico, killing possibly hundreds of thousands of people. But if the left wins there will be a much faster move towards resolving the gross inequalities in the income distribution curve.

Another possibility is that once Calderon takes office (assuming he does take office), deals are made between the illegitimate regime and wore out factions of the leftists coalition; hence, getting the wheels of day to day Mexican life back to normal once again.

Recently, leftist politicians rose up from their seats and marched down to the podium in the Mexican congress preventing fox from delivering his State of the Union speech to Congress. Avoiding confrontation, Fox left, but returned later to deliver his speech by television. Standing, he looked like a guest on the Tonight Show.

There is little doubt that Calderon didn?t win the election, but that Andres Lopez Obrador was robbed of it.

The Mexican-American delegation returns on Sept. 18, ?06., hopefully unharmed.

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