Milly, Elena, and Edie

The Del Rubio Triplets will never be forgotten, living forever in their music

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: October 20, 2006

Milly, Elena, and Edie

I want to tell a story about three sisters: Milly, Elena y Eadie, "The Del Rubio Triplets.

Three of the most amazing..wonderful..unique..unusual people I have ever met in my whole life.

I went to one of their performances in 1986: I was working at the P. V. News as a Graphic Artist. The newspaper was running a feature story on them for a special section. The photographer invited me and some of the staff to a show. He said you have to see these three ladies. I had nothing planned, so I went.

OMG! These three amazing ladies in mini skirts and white ankle boots, blond bouffant hair-do's and three guitars came on stage-my mouth dropped to the ground in amazement when they started playing and singing "Like A Virgin" by Madonna, "Whip It" by Devo, I Cant Get No Satisfaction,These Boots are Made for Walking, Neutron Dance."

I fell in love with them...

I had never seen anything like that in my life..they really lift your spirit and put a smile on peoples faces-no matter what age.

After the show I got to meet and talk to them - such darling, precious, beautiful people.

They used to know Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Hedda Harper, Bob Hope - they knew a lot of old Hollywood or should I say early Hollywood. They had been is show life all their life's.

The story ran. The Del Rubio's were on the Cover of "Our Town" that year. I later saw them on 48 hours. They did a documentary on them and on The Huell Howser Show. They were making a comeback - especially in the gay community - probably because they are so different.

During the day they would visit Convalescent Homes, sometimes five shows a day, and play their music and visit with the elderly. They loved them and looked forward to their performance: they clapped and bounced and wiggled in their wheel chairs and thanked them for visiting them. It was amazing and beautiful to see. God bless them! Believe me I worked in a nursing home once when I lived in was one of the saddest places, next to an orphanage.

I became their groupie and their friend. They would pick me up before a show and I would sell CDs and T-shirts for them at their performances.

On my 36th birthday The Del Rubio Triplets performed a set and sang Happy Birthday to me at my Birthday party. It was my best B-day as an adult.

They also came to my little angel Angelo's baby shower.

You might have seen them on "Married with Children" or "Pee Wee's Playhouse"

They never married or had any children of their own. They out-lived every relative and spent their entire life together. They completed each others sentences, went to school and to church every Sunday.

They lived a good righteous life.

On December, 96 Eadie died...It was a very sad day.

I went to the funeral. A part of them died that day - they never performed again without their sister. On March 19, 2001 Elena passed on. My children and I went to the funeral.

Milly has been grief stricken ever since.

I keep in touch with Milly Del Rubio. She wants to write a book..she seldom goes out. Continues to attend Church service every Sunday.

This past December, the City of San Pedro invited her to be in the Christmas Parade to be on the Warner Grand Theater Float in celebration of their 75th Anniversary.

Millie called me: She really didn't want to go out in public. I encouraged her to do it. I told her "You have a lot of fans, you and your sisters. People remember you, they want to know that your OK - they love your music as I do." She said, "I don't know, you think so, OK I'll do it if you ride on the float with me, they said I could have one guest on the float with me"

I replied, "Are you kidding? I would be honored, privileged to do this. You can't imagine how happy you have made me by asking me to do this with you".

Milly went to the beauty shop had her hair and make up done. Everybody was waving and throwing kisses at her-asking her for her autograph, saying "We love you."

Even Antonio Villaraigosa was there.

I have to say that was one of the most fun days of my life...Me on a float with Milly Del Rubio-waving, dancing, singing, blowing bubbles on the Warner Grand Christmas Parade Float! I can't tell you how wonderful that felt.

Towards the end of the parade, Milly looked at me and said, "I wish my sisters could have been here." I said to her "They are here with your the music." Her eyes filled with tears and she smiled.

In Memory of Elena and Eadie Del Rubio-The Del Rubio Triplets

May they never be forgotten and they live forever in their music.

They cheered me up many times.

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