Maria's Garden

I want to see the metamorphosis as the seasons change

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: October 30, 2006

Maria's Garden

What I want to accomplish before I die:

I want to have my own garden..with gardenias, rosemary, jasmine, roses, lavender, a eucalyptus tree...a lemon tree, fig tree, persimmon tree...and I want to eat from my trees and enjoy the beautiful flowers from my garden before I die.

I want to water my plants and trees..water the grass till the earth cant possibly soak up anymore water and I can feel the marshy earth and grass between my toes as I did as a child...as I do in my dreams.

I want to be able to sit under a shady tree, feel the gentle breeze and enjoy the sight and smell of the earth and fragrant flowers to fill my nostrils and awaken all my senses.

I want to close my eyes and imagine a far away place that only I can visit in my imagination...someplace I can escape and retreat when needed.

I want to tell my grand children and other children stories of people I've met throughout my life and stories of where cotton candy comes from.

I want to spark a child's interest a child's imagination with a tale that I spin and invent as I go along this journey of discovery within.

I want to see the metamorphosis as the seasons change.

I want to become part of the garden and live forever as the garden flourishes with life even long after I have gone and parted and live as a wise old tree.

About Maria Reyna:
Maria Reyna-Varied Artistt, Painter, Photographer, Poet, Storyteller.To contact: Mmiaculpa@aol.com MReyna.deviantArt.com Copies of paintings are available

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