America 101

Hilariously charged film about immigration gets released Oct. 3

Published on LatinoLA: September 22, 2006

America 101

One of the hottest topics in every political race is the issue of illegal immigration, but how many Americans actually know who these people are?

AMERICA 101 addressed this issue as no other film has ever tried, through honest, heart-felt comedy. Tucson native Mark A. Russell, the writer/director of the film, chose to educate through laughter.

When speaking after a screening he told a packed theatre that "Most people would rather be tickled than hit over the head with facts. You (film-goers) are smarter than that. You recognize when someone is trying to force a point of view on you. I would rather you come to your own conclusions."

The film-makers never trivialize the dangers facing undocumented people making their way across a dangerous desert. All the hard work paid off when the film started winning Festival Audience Awards and filling theatres across the country.

Carl Hanni of the Tucson Weekly called it "A Top Draw" and Sue Goodman, the Executive Director of Humane Borders said, "Delightful, funny, entertaining, and very revealing about the experience of many undocumented people in the U.S." and videoretailer.com wrote "this good-natured film is light-hearted and entertaining!"

A little about the film; Angel is bored with life in his small Mexican town and has no interest in working in his father's bakery, so he makes plans to cross the border and live the great "American Dream." His more practical older brother, Carlos, has no such fantasies, but when he learns of Angel's grand scheme, he decides to tag along, not only to keep Angel out of trouble, but also because it might solve the family's money problems.

Their journey gets off to a rough start when they are abandoned by their smuggler and forced to fend for themselves in the Arizona desert. Following a strange and hilarious adventure involving cowboys, Indians, hallucinogens and things that go boom, the boys arrive in the sprawling modern metropolis known as Tucson, where they work as day-laborers, sleep in the park, and get treated like social outcasts.

If this is the American Dream, Angel and Carlos need a wake-up call!

This thought-provoking comedy puts a human face on the illegal immigration debate.
Starring Miguel Castro (Holes, Crazy/Beautiful) and Richard Azurdia (Kingpin), "America 101" hits shelves across the country October 3rd at your local Walmart, Blockbuster and other fine retailers.

Official Webite: Fobia Films

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