The Stupidity of Stupidity

Why leaving the 9 to 5 works for real Gente

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: September 28, 2006

The Stupidity of Stupidity

I don't know why I haven't succumbed to my primitive urges to choke somebody till their head pops like a pimple everytime stupid stuff and stupid people crowd my space and invade my otherwise happy life in Aztlan.(..yet!..)

The beef of this piece focuses on something that has probably been in the back of a lot of people's minds forever: WHY DO STUPID PEOPLE GET PUT IN CHARGE? HOW DO ASSHOLES GET PICKED TO MAKE MAJOR DECISIONS THAT AFFECT REAL PEOPLE? AND LASTLY, HOW DO THESE IDIOTS SURVIVE AND LIVE WITH THEMSELVES?

Now...keep in mind that this is not to be misconstrued as a gender exclusive state of affairs, as both adult Men & Women, irregardless of age, have the capacity to really screw thing things up for people when they sit in the wrong chair...

As an adult Chicano de Aztlan who has walked this earth for over half a century, survived the mean streets of L.A., served in the U.S. military during 2 wars, raised successful kids, and has worked a a professional person for almost 30 years and am looking at retirement, I can honestly say I have seen and heard some stupid shit!

I know some of you reading this are probably at the halfway point of your careers and can't say much out loud, so let me point some out some things for you...

I'll start with the Military, for all you deserving Veterans.

Ever notice how the ass kissers, lazy, manipulative, inept, and cowardly individuals always find themselves near the brass or leadership? With some very good exceptions, of course (Latinos have won the most Medals of Honor on the battlefield), some of the most ignorant, arrogant, and highly unqualified people get promoted and placed in positions of undeserved authority and power over the truly hard working, brave, and qualified individuals that help form the shield that protects he mightiest country on Earth?

...that fact has always bothered me when I think of the brave who are no longer with us...

Is it just me, or is never having had the opportunity to serve active duty in uniform a qualification for a political appointment that puts somebody in charge of major logistical decisions that affect the well being of those who do have the huevos to put on a uniform and stand in harm's way?

Why do the ignorant confuse discipline with punishment, then wonder why they can't motivate or lead troops when it matters most?

(Some Officers were killed by their own men in Viet Nam)

I'm not putting our Military down...just some of those in charge who shouldn't be.

Hmmm...we won the first Gulf War quickly & decisively by putting experienced and qualified Veterans in charge of affairs for a change, and kept the politicians out...why is this one taking so long?

And now, the working world...

Why is there always an office or shop snitch, ass kisser, gossiper and troublemaker? Why is there always an evil, insecure, and unqualified manager that just has to screw with people in order to feel important? They usually have no life outside of work, constantly worry about being found out and replaced, and surround themselves with subordinates with characteristics similar to theirs for easy control and job security. (..can't be replaced by stupid people, especially when you point out how stupid they are behind their backs to the higher ups, a pray your stupidity doesn't get noticed, can you?)

They create problems only they can fix, and the small percentage of "real" employes who do all the work, fix all the screw ups, and take all the crap without credit usually carry these idiots till a major problem or business loss occurs. Then, they blame the employees, get promoted or transferred, and some people's lives are damaged.

Jokes about Postal employees and soldiers/officers in Viet Nam begin to make some ironic sense about this time, doesn't it?...

On the flip side, why do some voters and companies look outside of their realm when seeking resolve or new leadership without ever considering local talent? 75% of the time, they usually discover they have made a mistake, and are now stuck with dead weight they have to pay to get rid of or suffer the consequences of their bad choice...usually at the expense of good employees and a deserving public.

One of my first gripes has to do with the large, beautiful, multi-million dollar Catholic church in downtown L.A. which is a luxurious, virtually forbidden castle off limits to the general public 5 days a week.

Los Angeles is home to one of the largest Mexican-American, Catholic populations in the northern hemisphere. Los Angeles boasts some of the best colleges in the World, with L.A.'s Mexican-American sons and daughters having access to some of the best education in the world. We put out some of the best Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Business leaders, and Architects in the World.

With such a large, supportive, educated, and deserving population with a majority having roots in Mexico, a country whose population and major religious influence are the results of rape and subjugation by Spain a couple hundred years ago...why would the church reach out to Spain when searching for an architect (who was paid handsomely) whose monument will surely stand in the Mexican-American community for another hundred years?

Was this a message or some kind of sick joke?

Secondly, how did a foreign born descendent of a Nazi, who's only claim to fame was that he won a couple of bodybuilding contests, made a few movies, then schemed to marry an ugly daughter of a rich American, politically connected family... get to be Governor of California after he helped orchestrate the recall (i.e. mild political overthrow) of an American born U.S. war veteran who was voted in and serving office at the time?
Am I the only one who saw this?

Are we really benefitting from that choice?

Is it any wonder people have problems a work, and are having a hard time in life in general?

(Rich folk and lotto whiners excempted, of course!)

This may or may not influence you, the reader, into action of any kind...
...but at least SOMEBODY said what you've been thinking!

Now, let's get back to the business of living....music anyone?

(The song "We're not gonna take it anymore" plays softly in mind)

About Frankie Firme:
When Frankie Firme is not on a angry rant, he plays some fine Oldies but Goodies on Internet Radio.
website; www.frankiefirme.50megs.com

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