Taxi Para Tres

LALIFF film mirrors back universal issues of moral limits and conflicts

By Valeria Berumen
Published on LatinoLA: July 22, 2002

Taxi Para Tres

The dark comedy "Taxi Para Tres", directed and written by Chile's Orlando Lubbet, tells the story of a cabby (Ulises) who is kidnapped by a couple of half wit thieves to chauffeur them around the streets of Santiago while they commit a series of petty robberies in their own bario.

Ulises, being an honest working man, reluctantly accepts to partake in their activities. After the initial shock of the first couple of assaults, Ulisis is tempted by the money and joins the gang and becomes their accomplice, soon becoming the head of the trio.

According to Lubbert, this film was made with the intention of mirroring back to the Chilean people their own social-economical and moral conflicts. In doing so, and in doing it so well, he comments that unexpectedly and unintentionally his film has sent out more universal messages, that all countries, societies and individuals dealing with poverty and corrupt police and authorities must be able to identify their own moral limits and conflicts.

After a long struggle with fundraising for this film, Orlando accomplished his goal by raising three hundred thousand dollars and completing his film in about four years. He shared that this film has given him the maximum rewards, and that participating in the Los Angeles Latin American Film Festival (LALIFF) was his and any director's dream come true.

Once again, Los Angeles' own ?Golden Child? Edward James Olmos, has managed to fill a cultural void in the lives of Latinos in LA.

This being the first LALIFF film I have seen this year, I must say it was a great way to get the festival started for me. I expect that if other entries are to the same caliber as is ?Taxi Para Tres?, spending one day at LALIFF will definitely be well-spent quality time.

About Valeria Berumen:
Valeria Berumen is a writer hoping to sell a story someday.

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