American Pride

Mexican American and part of the Minute Man Movement

By James Calderon III
Published on LatinoLA: October 15, 2006

American Pride

As usual every time someone speaks the truth and it happens to be contrary to those who have their stomach in the USA and their hearts in Mexico, they are labeled either a racist or some other kind of name.

I am referring to America's struggle to control its borders.

I am an American of Mexican descent and not too long ago my son was in the hospital with cancer. I work hard, pay my taxes, and enjoy my country-the United States. As I struggle paying the medical bills and almost broke, I came to realize that many illegal aliens, especially Mexicans come to my country and pay nothing for medical service.

I saw this with my own eyes and it bothered me when I saw these people abusing the system. These same people use our welfare system to get assistance and contribute nothing to paying the cost of sustaining our welfare system.

Several illegal Mexicans in my neighborhood bragged about how they used our medical system and receive free service. They told to me that they had a right to receive such services and felt the border should be open to allow them to go back and forth.

They told me America had no right to control its borders and those that supported the move to control the borders were racist.

Well I guess I am an American of Mexican heritage racist because I support the cause of the Minute Man movement.

On the first day that I went out with them, I was very surprised that there were a significant number of Mexican Americans that are united with the Minuteman initiative to help control our borders. I am wondering why the news doesn't mention this fact.

The bottom line is this.

I fully support any effort to control our borders and I am an American that will never have any allegience to Mexico. Mexico has no intrinsic value to the world. I stand ready to defend America! We will prevail. North Korea should take over Mexico.

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