To Quote Freddy Fender

A little bit is better than nada, sometimes you want the whole enchilada

By Jesse Perez
Published on LatinoLA: October 17, 2006

To Quote Freddy Fender

The first thing I'd like to do is tip my hat and say Rest in Peace to our brother Freddy Fender, who passed away this weekend.

We all lost not only a pioneer in music but also a legend in his own time. Adios my friend, your music lives on.

Speaking of legends, I was able to catch the PBS Special on Lalo Guerrero, the other night. This my friends is a must see. In my oppinion this man did a lot more than just become a successful singer and musican. His own success helped pave the way for many others and his involvement with the movimiento proved he was truly a man of principle who never forgot where he came from. I encourage everyone to watch this on television. This one you will want to tape so you can see it again and share it with friends.This is definitely a thumbs up. Now for the kicker.

I want to say not only thumbs down but also give a big patada to the writer of American Pride . I don't believe this guy is a Mexican. If he is it's definitely by name only. I don't believe a word he wrote. I was born and raised here in Los. I'm also retired military and I usually lean to the left on most issues.

This thing with the border really bothers me. Nobody can seem to find any middle ground. I don't have the answer. I do agree we need added security on the border but not by the vigilante minute men. We do need to keep out the bad guys, smugglers terrorists etc. We also need to be humane to those who attempt to cross. A lot of people get hurt, abused and even killed trying to cross. Most of them are just looking for a better life. They come over here and take all the jobs that nobody else wants. As far as paying taxes goes, Sam is always gonna get his. He taxes us every payday. We pay taxes every time we purchase something. We pay local and state taxes on all our utility bills and even the guy who's collecting rent is going to pay taxes on the money he recieves. So how does any one figure illegals are getting away scott free. The phony social security cards is lost money. They won't be able to collect. I just hate to hear people always blaming "The Mexicans" for all our economic woes.

Turn on your AM radio and listen to the Disney owned hate radio. The KKK has traded in their sheets for suits.

But back to Dingus Caldaron.

He calls himself an American and says North Korea should take over Mexico. Yeah right, bring the Red Army and all their missiles along the border. This vato is a couple of fries short of a Happy meal. That just goes to show what kind of lunatics the minutemen are. You want to change things around, get out and vote.

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